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RA1 Tornament on Xwis


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hmmm, they describe to download and install westwood chat 4.221...



[i:238wsauw]To Sign up and participate:


1) Click Yes on the poll


2) Go to: http://www.myleague.com/ra1/ and join the league for free.


3) Go to: http://cgi6.igl.net/tourney/ra1/5744011/ and join the tournament for free.


4) Visit this posting 3 days before to make sure the tournament is a go ahead.


5) Download Westwood Chat from: http://xwis.net/downloads/Westwood_Chat-4.221.exe


6) Show up in the Red Alert lobby by 3 pm EST on March[/i:238wsauw]



...so u have to play red alert with the 1.08 version via westwood chat, not with the 3.03 version with the integrated internet menu of ra...


is that right?


and i think that u need a ra cd or dvd (TFD) to play it, especially for those ones who dont have a no-cd-crack (fix) for 1.08 or 2.00, maybe also for 1.04 or 1.07...


well forget about the cd/dvd for ra...

[u:238wsauw]in fact:[/u:238wsauw]


if they want to play red alert (v1.08/v2.00) via westwood chat not with the red alert (v3.03) internet menu,

should i create a new minira/fullra with the 1.08 version (maybe v2.00) <well, these versions what u need on westwood chat> so u can just play without cd/dvd and via westwood chat?

because the most online/lan players play red alert with the 3.03 version, only 5 <max. 10 people> play red alert with the 1.08 version with westwood chat !!!


did u see my display case? i got red alert 1.08, so it will be not a problem to create a minira/fullra with the 1.08 version... ...especially for that tournament! :P


minira (v1.08/v2.00) ~10mb

fullra (v1.08/v2.00) ~ 150mb


[i:238wsauw]...requesting orders...

...requesting informations...


...update complete![/i:238wsauw]

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