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Terrace Training Maps


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Thought I would post some of my Terrace training maps if anyone wanted to utilize them...

Basically you progress through the maps with Level 1 being the easiest and Level 8 being much harder...

The goal here is for anyone wanting to get a feel for typical attacks from online play and basically you should try to survive and defend against attacks and try not to lose your Construction Yard & War Factory and preferably the least amount of Refineries possible...

Beware: Empty carryalls heading into your base are actually carrying a disruptor or mk2 into your base... unable to make this work clearly.



- download the map file and place into your game directory (C:\TiberianSun_Online\Maps)
- place an AI in Start 2 in the bottom left area (required for the map scripts to work or it will cause internal error)

- pick Start 1 and test your survival skills with GDI or Nod










I also threw in the bonus version of 2 players on the same team (Start 1 & 2 and put AI on Start 3)



You thought that was it? Well I also threw in the extra special bonus version where 1 player is on the AI team vs 2 players.

For this version 2 people take Start 1 & 2 and whoever is playing on the AI team they should take Start 4 and put the AI on Start 3.


Warning: This version can be extremely annoying for the person on the AI team if they are playing with game sounds on high volumes.... you will constanly be spammed with "reinforcements have arrived".

Happy Training!!

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