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  1. This poll is too generic really... I voted for both vet & non vet because we should have the option to play either and we can filter what we are willing to play... I also voted none in the mod map section because in my opinion maps like Giants of War and Big Bluntz Green and the like are not "ladder worthy" but don't get it twisted its just my opinion... I didn't think it related to "map fixes" & "patching/editing" faction properties. A better path would be to have flexibility to play standard versions and "patched" versions of a good selection of maps that the majority of the community can take into consideration and agree on. The "Balance & Veteran" updates is and has been a work in progress for several years now and will probably be on-going, we could go into detail here about the game being rushed and unreleased properly etc etc but we don't really need to... Humble wanted to get the Balance & Vet updates to a "good state" so we have been testing it in typical game play to get it there. We have made a TEXT file readily available on DISCORD that is in a clear and concise format while things are still being worked on for now... the plan is to post it to this forum with more information and possible with pictures or something when humble has the time I believe. If anyone who would like access to the information but couldn't be bothered to get onto discord obviously doesn't care enough for it anyway, but for those that would you can join our Tiberian Sun specific discord https://discord.gg/yQuMYPh and click the # vet-bal-update-info text channel to download the current version text file. People have too much expectation and think something is gonna be finished and perfect overnight... maybe instead of being narrow minded and calling everything "trash" it would be better to have some input to help with direction and understand that it is an "experimental option".... TRZ you seem to approach everything so negatively dude... aside from calling everything TRASH and being TOXIC why don't you bring something good to the table in a positive manner? Maybe everyone will stop roasting you man and your opinions could be helpful for once. Clearly Balance & Vet version is favored by the majority even those that voted for both are open to having either versions playable on the ladder. To my knowledge, Hitman casted his vote incorrectly and wanted vet and/or both. Also you have access do the discord and people have tried explaining the updates to you and others, but you seem to either just purely hate everything or you are not willing to read and understand the file yourself. Nobody forced you to play and test them with us, I believe people asked for your input also but I'm not sure what happened there.. If you're gonna complain about literally everything then host your own game to play with someone who wants to play what you are willing to. I play the non vet version of Terrace with the map fixes with people from time to time too but I'm keeping an open mind in hopes the updates do positive things for the game play. If these maps are so trash then why do the majority of players prefer to play them?
  2. Did you play westwood maps or mods or the lot? if you get online come and join our discord channel
  3. Thought I would post some of my Terrace training maps if anyone wanted to utilize them... Basically you progress through the maps with Level 1 being the easiest and Level 8 being much harder... The goal here is for anyone wanting to get a feel for typical attacks from online play and basically you should try to survive and defend against attacks and try not to lose your Construction Yard & War Factory and preferably the least amount of Refineries possible... Beware: Empty carryalls heading into your base are actually carrying a disruptor or mk2 into your base... unable to make this work clearly. instructions: - download the map file and place into your game directory (C:\TiberianSun_Online\Maps) - place an AI in Start 2 in the bottom left area (required for the map scripts to work or it will cause internal error) - pick Start 1 and test your survival skills with GDI or Nod ATERRACETRAINLVL1VET2.40v3.1.mpr ATERRACETRAINLVL2VET2.40v1.5.mpr ATERRACETRAINLVL3VET2.40v2.3.mpr ATERRACETRAINLVL4VET2.40v1.5.mpr ATERRACETRAINLVL5VET2.40v1.2.mpr ATERRACETRAINLVL6VET2.40v1.2.mpr ATERRACETRAINLVL7VET2.40v1.3.mpr ATERRACETRAINLVL8VET2.40v1.1.mpr I also threw in the bonus version of 2 players on the same team (Start 1 & 2 and put AI on Start 3) AZTERRACETRAIN2PLAYERVET2.40v2.1.mpr You thought that was it? Well I also threw in the extra special bonus version where 1 player is on the AI team vs 2 players. For this version 2 people take Start 1 & 2 and whoever is playing on the AI team they should take Start 4 and put the AI on Start 3. AZTERRACETRAIN3PLAYERVET2.40v1.8.mpr Warning: This version can be extremely annoying for the person on the AI team if they are playing with game sounds on high volumes.... you will constanly be spammed with "reinforcements have arrived". Happy Training!!
  4. If your gonna 1 ref, make sure you use that coconut oil on em real good 😆 I don't think 1 ref attacks are as much fun as playing a game that involves anything more then a strict 1 ref with either any combo of 1-3 harvs. In saying that, 1 refs can be extremely powerful when used right by the player attempting to do so if they have the knowledge and skill to pull it off. You can completely wipe a player's main buildings early game if they are not expecting it and don't keep any means of defense... usually this is a lower skilled player or less commonly a good player that has been caught off guard. You will find the salt usually comes from the player that does not have the level of awareness nor the skills required to defend such attacks. Personally though, I don't like 1 ref early game attacks and I don't "enjoy" doing it myself either... I will only use it in team games where the other team has a stronger line up of players and it may or may not give my team an advantage or better chance of wining. I also think that using a 1 ref engineer attack as GDI or Nod in an APC to capture an enemy player's Construction Yard is completely Bad Manner!! but that is just my opinion...
  5. these are old now but i added the updated versions and even the spiral versions too for anyone who may want them to play
  6. interesting... was this ever released?
  7. Hey Grant, please add my Tiberian Sun stream @ https://www.twitch.tv/therizingdragon thanks =)
  8. Will be online shortly hopefully!
  9. Hi, will try to get on sometime in future a bit busy lately
  10. it is still early yet as to what style tournament (if any) but as i said i posted early for interest and to get the word out so plenty of time for people to be aware or even lower skill lvl players to train up to possibly be a good contender. I know some people will be thinking the intelligence of TS community players is not that great or w/e but if there is going to be enough interest for a tourny and I have said I will sponsor the cash prize if there is I think it is great to give everyone time to prep beforehand before it gets started.
  11. why u guys spamming this topic? this is about interest in tournament...
  12. After this week or next week i won't be so tied up with business hopefully but yes I do want to really sponsor cash prize tournament to hopefully generate some activity also and if there is enough interest just want to get the word out early so there is plenty of time for people to know beforehand
  13. Hi, I have been inactive for a week or so now just busy with some work stuff but I am wondering how much interest there is if I was to sponsor a cash prize say $100AU or so for a 1v1 or 2v2 Westwood Maps Style Tournament. If people could perhaps register their interest for the tournament here and their preference (1v1 or 2v2).
  14. All players work as a team to stop the 21 waves of different units from reaching the other sides of the map (waves get harder as game progresses) v12.5 - unit count must be set to only 1 to get the map to work or you will get an internal error because the extra units cannot spawn - firestorm game option must be selected for the final boss to spawn - on 2, 4 or 6 player map there must be an AI player set to the central position and opposite team to the defenders to get the map to work (the AI player does not actually do anything it just idles if their mcv deploys) - on 8 player map AI player not necessary with full lobby, just no score screen shown afterwards if you win the map and the game crashes - waves shown in top left middle box so you know what is up next - player that lets any units through to the end of the other side of the map will be shown to everyone and the game will be over!! - do not 'block' your grey maze path with your hero units (annihilator & destroyer) to ''TEST YOUR MIGHT" - tick tanks are unable to drive onto the grey path and grey spawn areas they must drive around the grey paths - for the 'KILL' control the host must select GDI and pick the color Gold for it to work properly (you are given the repair vehicle when game starts and you send it over the green number to kill a player's construction yard on that starting position) download 2, 4, 6 or even 8 player versions below & happy gaming SKYSTOWERD2v12.5.mpr SKYSTOWERD4v12.5.mpr SKYSTOWERD6v12.5.mpr SKYSTOWERD8v12.5.mpr New Versions SKYSTOWERD4v13.7.mpr SKYSTOWERD8v13.7.mpr SKYSSPIRALTOWERDEF4v2.0.mpr SKYSSPIRALTOWERDEFHARDv3.5.mpr
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