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Tiberian Dawn - Dirt City (single player)


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Dirt City 61x60 Desert theater


Mission Description


An unlucky town rests in a strategically valuable valley.  Nod is supplying both

sides of a civil war with weapons with hopes their conflict will decimate the

village.  If need be, they will do the dirty work themselves.  Utilize both local

factions resources and destroy any Nod presence.  If too many civilians are

destroyed, you fail.  Hurry, the brotherhood is amassing a strike force!!


A GDI mission where you are pitted against 2 warring factions (multi1/6) and utlimately you must use their resources to destroy the massive Nod fortress.  Wanted to go for simple teamtype commands this time and I think it's pretty effective.  Let me know if more enemy 'harassment' should be added!!





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