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1) Disruptor:

Giants: A) Use frequency: 9/10 As long as the Gdi player isnt using a more defensive approach (like Ender or Francesco do), you will always see a diss rush.  B) Efficiency: 10/10 Nothing makes Nod players more uncomfortable than the possibility of a diss rush. The faster, the better. You can easily destroy 2 refs or mcv + warfac with them and almost ending the game for the opponent. But you have to scout the opponents base first: And sams and rokets can be a problem for that. If only one player is scouted, others will send help. Then there are emps, but most of the time, they are built too late for a quick first diss rush. The next problem is the defense: If you attack the front guys, they will have many roket men, some tanks or art - but good players like Firestar still get 2 major buildings with the diss attack. Sams can be a problem too. Ah: And lasers.

GSO: A) Use frequency: 7/10 Used in late game or as a quick rush, if you survive the inf battle. B) Efficiency: 10/10 In GSO, the "back door" (refs) and the whole base are most of the time weakly defended, sams are missing and the army is in the front. So one diss can decide ca game. But Emps, Lasers and C&Cs can be annoying. 

Terr: A) 10/10 Terr = Dises B) 10/10 A good dis rush decides the game. In the whole game (from early to late game), the diss micro is essential. Destroying opponents refs, mcv or warfacs, while defending against his diss attack at the same time - thats, what Terr players love; and thats the reason, why Nod is weak against Gdi on Terr.

FF: A) 10/10 Like Terr B) 10/10 Like Terr

2) Mammuth MK:

Giants: A) 1/10 Almost never used. B) 3/10 Most of the time, a Mammuth rush is weak because of the opponents sheer force of roket men. Kossuth is a master of a weird 1 diss and 1 mammuth extreme rush tho. In later game, Mammuths are worthless.

GSO: A) 2/10 Very rarely used. B) 8/10 Depending on the situation, Mammuths can be even worse for a Nod base than a diss rush. Because of the lack of defense, they can easily destroy 2 refs together; they are more flexible, too: You can destroy harvs, force fire blue tib and use them for a front assault or for defense.

Terr: A) 8/10 Used many times. Beloved by many players, like MammyMk, Zenetusken, TopRush, Tigerr, and so on. B) 9/10 Mammuths are the perfect choice to reduce the amount of harvs your opponent has - because of the limited access to tib, the eco is much more important in Terr than on Mod maps, so losing harvs is much more harming for the opponent. They can attack refs or main base as well or pick 1 or 2 titans off guard and kill them. The possibility to repair them makes them even more dangerous. Can be outempted, outbombered or outtitanted tho. 

FF: A) 8/10 Like Terr. B) 9/10 Like Terr


Devils: Giants: A) Use frequency: 10/10 Used in every game. B) Efficiency: 7/10 A fast devil rush (7 or 8 devils) can crush your opponent - Attila and DGT love these kind of attacks. An Emp tho, and the fun is over. Some smart players send an emp distracting vanguard, before the main attack. If you have not scouted the players in the back, you risk getting empted by them. Then there is the possibility of an engineer on good position and a defending C/C, which will make puree out of your devils. Tanks wont prevent your devils from getting a mayor building, but then, say goodbye to your devils. Same with arts, but you can try to outmaneuver the tanks atleast. A big roket army can weaken your attack by much too; many players make the mistake of not attacking the big pile of rokets first. Because many players rely only on roket men on the early stages of the game (and 2 arts), burning them all makes your opponent defenseless. So rightly used, Devils can be wonderful against them. Then there are some players building a laser base (Stylewarz...) - this can be very annoying for devils too, but it wont prevent you from getting a major building, as long, as there are not 3 lasers shooting together with inf and art. And there are some players  using Obelisk as defense (Pence...) - 1 Obelisk is not a problem (for a big devil army; for 1-4, it is tho), but 2 combined with some tanks or inf, and devils are useless or cost ineffective (in the rage of the Obelisks).  Banshee force firing in later game (like Ender does) can hurt devils as well. Harpye force firing is not as effective as that, but it can certainly be annoying, too (i say one name: Fantazea :) ). Ah: And allways be cautious, that your devils in base dont get chem nuked ;). 

GSO: A) 4/10 B) 4/10 Can be good against inf, but they cost too much and need too much time for attacking your opponents base. Because of the amount of arts and emps, they are just cannon fodder. But if your opponents dont have arts/emps and defending tits/hoovers, devils can be useful for attack. Other than that, they can help a fast teching player for handling the early inf battle.

Terr: A) 3/10 Only used for inf attack.  B) 3/10 Too much time and costs needed for a weak unit, which gets blown away easily by rpgs, titans, bombers, ghosts, hoovers, naders, and so on. Only good for inf killing, but a good inf micro, and devils are not that good here as well.

FF: A) 6/10 Because of the length of the map, they are used much more often than in Terr. B) 6/10 On the right circumstances, they can be great to take hot spot player out or to attack a rushing player in the back spots. But GDI needs only 1 or 2 bombers force guarding on the right place, 1 or 2 rpgs or some tits, and you will maybe get a building or 2, but thats it. So it is a risk. Good for burning inf.

Stealth Tanks: Giants: A) Use frequency: 0,5/10 B) Efficiency: 0,5/10 Because gate is guarded by inf, stealth tanks wont even get to the opponent. If it is not (in later game), your opponents have sensors and if not, the base is still packed with inf, art or tits. The only reasonable use is maybe to get poorly defended Waste Facs or Mcvs or to find a hidden base, if gate is open and your are not in the rage of sensors. But they are a wonderful troll unit. Noone tested them as defending unit as of now, because it costs so much and takes so much time and is so weakly armoured - mabye they can be ok for a defending role in later game?

GSO: A) 0,5/10 B) 2/10 Most of the time no use, because of the sheer amount of art. If your opponents dont have art, you can annoy harvs with them perfectly - and distract. Ref attackign or attacking a poorly defended base are ok, too. Even bombers wont change that, because of the stealthing effect. Problem is here that you have to come to the harvs/base first, that you wont have the time or money, that your opponent can simply build rpgs or lasers or put some inf in the tib/base or use emp and that other methods are much more effective. They can be ok for tit defending too, if you have other units/buldings for defence as well. Maybe they are underused in GSO? :D

Terr: A) 1/10 I saw Stealcore using them one time. B) 4/10 He used them fairly well and almost won because of them. But they need too much time and money, are slow, are weak against tits without other units and very weak against inf, but they can be great for harv or ref harass and scouting. Even guard bomber defense can be an idea.

FF: A) 2/10 Sometimes, some guys use them. B) 5/10 They can be great for harv or Second base harassing or for destroying some tits, while they move for their assault. Even  a direct sneak attack against the base can work against weakly defended back spot players. It depends on the situation, but they are still cost and time intensive and weakly armoured.




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