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copying my log


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I played with this guy a few times but now hes copying my log can you please ask this guy not to do this ?

(3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> oi
(3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> noob
(3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> ur not lostsouls
(3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> change that shit
(3) [12:12 AM] <LostSouLs> yes I am
(3) [12:12 AM] <KaBaDDi> like fuck u are
(3) [12:13 AM] <LostSouLs> u are kabaddi
(3) [12:13 AM] <LostSouLs> I am lost
(3) [12:13 AM] <KaBaDDi> would u like me to report u ?
(3) [12:13 AM] LostSouLs | United States 2019-05-02 07:13 PM | ts
(3) [12:13 AM] LostSouLs | Other Names: VietMan [n1]JohnZ Caocaojr Sir_VietMan [CoKe]Viet CaBdADy CaBdADDi LostSouLs
(3) [12:13 AM] LostSouLs | Idle: 18seconds | Online Since: 2019-05-02 11:43 PM
(3) [12:13 AM] <LostSouLs> can u?
(3) [12:13 AM] <LostSouLs> please


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