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Educational Videos for new players (Red Alert)

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Hi all,

For new players who are interested to learn more about the game; you could check my youtube playlist "Red Alert Academy". It's a series of vids where I don't play pro or that well at all, but I do add some info and tips and tricks in the cc commentary. Probably for most players it won't be interesting, but for less experienced players it may be cool.

When I started playing I found it really hard to understand about the game and to improve. What helped me was recording vids of my games and looking back; this made me realize what I could do better. Mostly for the sake of saving good memories and sharing with friends I upload them to youtube, but I also like to analyze them to deepen my understanding of the game.

In the about section of my channel I have several useful resource websites about the game too.

Also, I'm part of the [e] clan and we make a joke that we're [e]ducators. So if you have any question, just spark up a conversation or private chat and we'll be willing to help !

Anyway, keep on playing, and maybe try some standard maps 😛

- h[e]ra

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