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Aircraft and defense buildings

Hungry Mike

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Orca: Giants: 1) Use frequency: 2/10 Very rarely used. 2) Efficiency: 3/10 If your opponent has no engineers and doesnt know whats comming, it can be harmful. But most of the time, atleast an engi survives. But if you can get Warfac and/or Mcv, it will give your team an adventage anyway. Other than for a rush at start, its worthless. The Bomber is just much better. GSO: Use frequence: 6/10 Gets used  time and time again. Ender and DGT like it. Efficiency: 7/10 In early steps of GSO, noone will suspect an Orca rush. Anti Aircraft and engies wont be there most of the time. So its much more efficient here. Question is: Is it cost effective compared to Diss rushes or Titan assaults? It leaves you pretty defenseless. Terr: Use frequency 0,5/10 Efficiency: 1/10 Too cost ineffective and weak compared to bombers, wont be used in 99 % of pro games because of that. FF: Use frequency: 3/10 Sometimes used. Efficiency: 5/10 If your opponent has no engies and AA, you are far far away and your defense is ok/you are not scouted, an orca attack can be pretty good. But they need so much reload time, that you need time to use them again.

Bomber: Giants: Use frequency: 9/10 Gdi player = Bomber    Efficiency: 7/10 Perfect for defense, can wipe out devils, even devil masses, inf and cyborg mass attacks, but can stop C&C from getting a building only with more bombers. Pretty weak for offense tho, can bomb the gate free for apc scout assaults or titan assaults, but for direct base attack, Nod will have too much Sams; compared to Banshees, they are not good enough for attacks. GSO: Use frequency: 7/10 Used in later game. Efficiency: 9/10 Very effective to take control over the main front by bombing the shit out of Titans, Tanks, Inf, Art, Lasers and Towers. The more sams, the less effective they are; but they have a good chance to get a Mcv, because there are not that much sams in the middle game. But very cost intensive. Terrace: Use frequency: 10/10 Efficiency: Very effective: They can take control over the battlefield by destroying or weakening Titans, by destroying Mammuth MK or Carryall, Sams, Refs, Emps, Mcv and so on. If your opponent has emp: You just need Bombers. If your opponent has too much towers: You just need Bombers. If your opponent sends disses: You just need (many) bombers. If you fail in a titan attack: Build bombers and crush the incoming Titan asault! Ah: And if your opponent has too much bombers: Destroy his helipads. Bombers are extremely important, as you can see, but only, in middle or late game: Because in the time of a fast diss rush, you wont have 2 or 3 bombers to defend. Thats one of many reasons why, all of that said, they are not any more important than Titans, Mammuths or Disses. It depends on the playerstyle. Rob loves bombers, but any Terrace Pro likes them, i guess. Ah: And Bombers are very important for fast techers to get an inf rush under control. FF: Like Terrace

Vulcan Cannon: Giants: 1) 0,5/10 2) 0,5/10 Weak. GSO: 1) 7/10 2) 8/10 Very good for defending a base against inf rushes and attacks! Other than: Forget it. Terr: 1) 1/10 2) 2/10 Only good for getting back in the game, after you failed in an inf fight. FF: Like Terr. YOu will need extra time to build the tower and the cannon.

RPG Cannon: Giants: 1) 9/10 2) 9/10 Very good defense against C&Cs and especially Devils, because they can hit 2 or 3 at the same time, weak against disses, when they land right to them. Weak against massive inf attacks. Any Gdi player, who is decent, will have Rgs to defend his base. GSO: 1) 8/10 2) 8/10 Good to defend against titans, better than lasers for that purpose, because they can defend the tiberium zone with their range as well. But a good mix of tits and inf, and rpgs will shot inf and become a waste. So it depends on the situation. Good for base creep. Terr: 9/10 7/10 Good for titan defense, but has his weaknesses against a diss rush, when they land the disses right next to the tower. They will shot probably inf, if you send an mix of inf and tits. Black/Titanjoe loves Rpgs. FF: Like Terr. You need to build the tower and then the cannon.



Harpyies: Giants: 1) 3/10 Most of the time, noone uses them. But if you hear the name "Fantazea", you have to hear one name as well: "Harpye" xD. He married them a long time ago. 2) 4/10 They are the quickest scout, even faster and - with good control - more effective to scout ONE opponent than buggies. They can be ok for Defense against C&C and some devils, but you will lose atleast one building, if your opponent is good. But it works for Fantazea, dont ask me how. Weak for an attack, only with sheer masses you can get some buildings. GSO: 1) 2/10 2) 4/10 Good for killing naders and holding gdi back in an inf fight: But they cost 1000 $, which will ultimately missing for your inf. It is cost effective for that purpose most of the time, because it forces GDI to attack and go straight to your base defense/harvs. Ok for sniping some arts at start, as well. Weak for anything other than that; exception: Fantazea xD. Terrace: 1) 1/10 2) 2/10  Only purpose: Getting naders or helipads. FF: 1) 2/10 2) 3/10 Again: Like GSO, but not that efficient.

Banshees: G: 1) 10/10 Giants = Banshees 2) 10/10 Banshees decide the winning team in many games. Its important to micro them well. Extremely good for getting big buildings (Refs, Mcvs, Warfacs) or emps. Good for defending as well, if you have many helipads. If you have only a few, some opponents only attack to let you waste banshees. Important is as well to find the best path for attack, since almost any base will be surrounded by sams, but many have their weak spots with few sams. Dont forget to check that you have enough banshees to oneshot a building, IF opponent has engies; if not, you dont have to care. And there is the nasty banshee suicide attack, which will help getting "wounded" buildings by the sam fire. GSO: 1) 5/10 2) 5/10 Too expensive and late. Cabal loves to use them on GIants, tho. The time you have them is the time your opponents have sams; can be good for getting one mcv out tho and thus be a game changer. Important for late game. Terrace: 1) 9/10 2) 6/10 If you have Nod on Terr, you need Banshees to survive. But they not near as good as bombers: Your opponent will have engies, you will need money for ground units, and so on. Weak against titans, because you can hardly seperate your banshee forces to get more titans; their shoot is not that strong for titans as well. Worthless against inf. Good for harv or Mammuth attacks. FF: 1) 9/10 2) 8/10 Good to attack, if you are on a save spot. Not that good for defense against titan assaults, but if you have enough helipads and time, they are ok even for that.

Lasers: G: 1) 4/10 Used for anti scout defense. But most players dont trust them and instead use rokets, arts, tanks and so on. Stylewarz and Momo are a big fans of them, tho. 2) 6/10 Lasers can be annoying for anybody and anything. But they wont stop C&Cs and are easily put down by them. Devils on the other hand wont attack them, but lasers wont stop them from getting a building, as well. Inf rushes are good to defend with lasers, but not Cyborg rushes, as long as you dont have many lasers. So after all, lasers are weak, take time from building more important stuff and get replaced by ground units. But if you build them over and over again, they can be good (Stylewarz). GSO: 1) 10/10 2) 7/10 Good to defend against inf, if you have other inf. But lasers alone are sweet cakes for Naders/Inf. You can build laser after laser tho to try to get a bad inf situation under control; harvs are more efficient, and if that dont work, lasers wont work either. Good for base sneaking. Weak for tit defense in the tib zone, because they have not the range to get tits, if they attack harvs - and if they attack refs, they could get tits, but it wont be too late. Together with Rokets, lasers can work. If you place them well, they can be good for the inner base defense against tits. After all lasers are needed for defending GDI and cost very few (300 $) money, but they are not that strong. You need ground troops, as well, then they can be good. Terrace: 1) 9/10 2) 6/10 Ok for defending any ground attack, but not that efficient. Pretty weak against tits. FF: 1) 10/10 2) 7/10 Good to defend against inf and needed to try to be competitive with GDI. No match for disses or Mammuths tho.

Obelisks: G: 1) 2/10 Almost noone uses them, rarely used for defending Gdi. But if you hear the name "MikePence", you have to hear the word "Obelisk" as well. 2) 8/10 They are good for defending against Disses or C&Cs, with 2 or 3 good even against devil hords and anything else. And Energy is not a problem on Giants. Banshees wont take them out as well. GSO: 1) 1/10 2) 7/10 They take much energy. But if you have one of them in the base, you can defend diss rushes, engi attacks or C&Cs pretty easily. Good against Tits as well (3-4 tits will lose against one obelisk without even needing any help). Good for base creap and for getting control over the middle. But easy food for bombers and it makes you energy dependent. Terr: 1) 0,5/10 2) 0,5/10 Weak. Costs too much energy, is easy bomber fodder and not needed. FF: 1) 0,5/10 2) 4/10 Costs too much energy, but can work for defending Gdi rushes.


Nod and GDI:

Sams: Any map: 10/10 10/10 Whats to say? Anyone needs them in any game regardless which side you play. Take many shots to get a Banshee or Bomber. Cant hold their own in 1vs1 against bombers.


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