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Create personalized AI, without stopping Skirmish, help!


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Red Alert 1

Hello everyone,

The following happens, at last I was able to make the personalized AI that creates, create the troops and that work, even though I still can not build the bases. But the dilemma is that when I think skirmish, and I put the AI that is added in the games if you want, this game never appears, only the one I believe so that it is there to attack everyone. What happened here ?, the AI that you put to play against it, disappears if you create a personalized AI ?, there is no way that both AI, appear and fight each other ?.

Everything is complicated, maybe what I'm looking for is not possible, I wanted the AI that was already to add no more, it would not disappear, and this happened after putting this command IsCoopMode = yes, the AI that I created the replacement . However, this did not happen as long as I did not put IsCoopMode = yes, I will be missing something, or is it like that, and nothing can be done ?, Now I can only use the AI that I believe, but not the other that only added in skirmish ?. If you know how the 2 AIs, the Skirmish, and the one that is created manually, please tell me, I have no idea. I will be very grateful, it's the only thing I need to know.

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