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  1. Red Alert 1 Hello everyone, The following happens, at last I was able to make the personalized AI that creates, create the troops and that work, even though I still can not build the bases. But the dilemma is that when I think skirmish, and I put the AI that is added in the games if you want, this game never appears, only the one I believe so that it is there to attack everyone. What happened here ?, the AI that you put to play against it, disappears if you create a personalized AI ?, there is no way that both AI, appear and fight each other ?. Everything is complicated, maybe what I'm looking for is not possible, I wanted the AI that was already to add no more, it would not disappear, and this happened after putting this command IsCoopMode = yes, the AI that I created the replacement . However, this did not happen as long as I did not put IsCoopMode = yes, I will be missing something, or is it like that, and nothing can be done ?, Now I can only use the AI that I believe, but not the other that only added in skirmish ?. If you know how the 2 AIs, the Skirmish, and the one that is created manually, please tell me, I have no idea. I will be very grateful, it's the only thing I need to know.
  2. Hello everyone, I was very happy that I had found a command, to enable Trigger triggers, [IsCoopMode = Yes], and when I go out to edit the map, and Skirmish game, boom, goodbye game. Suddenly everything was crashed and this error came out, what could it be? I miss the game when there are 2 AI created manually, no matter what I do crashes, some solution to this or this has no solution ?.
  3. very useful served me a lot, even though on that map you can not play with others, you can only use the muti1, 2, 3, 4, in the single player, you can play it, but the AI that was created manually does not work, It is unusable. It is confusing to understand it in a certain way, but it does serve to guide you.
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