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Kikematamitos Battle Royal V4.1 War Games


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Kikematamitos Battle Royal V4.1 War Games
Crate War

2 to 8 Players

Map Size
150 x 150

Money on Map

Buildings & Tech on Map

Notes of interest:
This map is a crate war, Crates need not be turned on, they are activated by triggers.
In this map all MCV's destroy
Sentry Gun, Flak Cannon are deployed from vehicles you will find in crates.
As you Kill white trucks will trigger Crates
Paradrop is from Tent (Command Center, Cummunications Command Center)
Every team has 2 dogs located on the map click shortcut key (2) to select them bring to the paradrop site you wish to begin game at.
There are no cactories or buildings besides tents
The only reinforcements are paradrops.
All units will come from crates.




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