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Players: 4, mostly mode-agnostic unless starting lopsided with uneven player amt.
Money: 217350, with roughly half being "high stakes" and 1/4 being outside immediate base boundaries.
Tech: 4x Oil, 4x Airfield
Engress: 2 Ramp, 3 Bridge (destroyable, repairable)
Triggers: None, other than periodic thunder sound effect.

There's nothing clever to say here. I made this map out of boredom and it keeps me from being bored.  Matches are fast, and there are plenty of opportunities for hail-Mary's. Securing the center will obviously provide a huge bump to your resources, but at the risk of leaving your rear exposed to the other 2-4 paths into the most vulnerable parts, and the only environmental advantage provided is a single barracks facing away toward each ramp.

Though it may be obvious, the use of tech to extend your building area is incredibly powerful on this map due to the elimination of at least one potential path, so if you are planning on risking the biscuit for the gooey center, it might not be a bad idea to have at least one "corner" of that tech secured beforehand.

Hope you guys enjoy, and I'm open to feedback, just be gentle, I'm delicate.


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