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Tiberian Sun War For Earth


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Hello Guys i've Started a mod for Tiberian Sun and i hope i can complete it with my poor means of work ( potato pc and etc ...... ) . any way there are empty places if some one wants to volunteer as below :

- Some one experienced with Aircraft and Ships Voxels

-2D SHP artists , because i have no experience With SHPs ( Infantry , buildings etc .... )

-Programmer so he makes the mod standalone

any thing elso such us missions , skirmish , voxels for tanks , INI works are done by me and a friend . unfortunately , for those who request work for money i say sorry i can't even pay my bills so i'm not taking any dollars from this mod ,and if i would even have a way to pay i'll offer place to work for money , but any way it's a mod and you gonna enjoy keeping the GREAT TIBERIAN SUN ALIVE !

Link for the mod : https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-sun-war-for-earth/images


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correct some orthograph mistakes
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