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  1. The ladder system is working now guy's! And all RA1 bug's which have been listed to me.Have been fixed. User's can now see each other in RA1 lobby, Gaming now works in RA1 lobby's. Downside is RA1 LADDER does not work, *ladder server in development* Other good news is we are now supporting these game's again! Command & Conquer: Red Alert Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Command & Conquer: Tiberian sun : FireStorm Some screenshot's posted below.
  2. Red Alert 2 Support online, Currently supporting only RA2,TSUN
  3. Indeed it will. By friday will be running for all games.
  4. Morning all (01:13 am) And happy new years eve lol:) Here is the newest feature to the ATS SERVER: Red alert one now supported by the ATS Server. The screenshot you see, I's the tiberian sun game client in the red alert one lobby! To do this you press back on tiberian sun, And back again till you see official chat server's! Then click on Red-Alert_1 The red alert one client can connect to tiberian sun too! Here is a screenshot! Incase you are all wondering why i've added such a feature! Well here is the reason! Has you can see on the tiberian sun official chat lobby list IT shows games,live chat,admin chat and red alert! Say if everybody is on a diffrent game, Say YURIS,RA2,TSUN,FS,WDT,SOLE,RA1 etc Everybody can join the games room, To play the server's lobby games! For example! Westwood Trivia. The guessing game, Commander and conquer question air! And so on! Please vote on the poll if you think this is a good feature! -kyle-
  5. Cnc95fan, Please watch your language! Anyway's Good new's! Supporting RA2,YURI,TS,FS,RA Has too many people complained about them not being supported! I'f you encounter any bug's please upload and email me the data to [email protected] Thank's! -kyle-
  6. The ip address is the same ( Only we have some bad news for some members! Server is currently Supporting games for RA2,YURI, TS, FS. Reason being is westwood classic games Are under bug test and development![/color:30um97yh] Enjoy gaming ladies and gents, Don't forget to do your share of the advertisement -Kyle-
  7. Killa i've already had this discussion with you Multiple time's. Sole Survivor is getting added !! Yes everyone you heard it here first:)! -Kyle-
  8. I know that Maybe if anybody has any suggestion's or feature's to add, Post them here and i'll setup a vote on which we should add! -Kyle-
  9. SyS

    XWISC Tool under Vista

    Shame, Work's fine for me under windows vista. Although ive tweaked a few things. (Ran tweakuac selected middle one) Just right click XWISC app. Go to properties at the bottem, Next click on Compatibility Select "RUN THIS PROGRAM IN Compatibility MODE FOR:" Windows XP Service PACK 2 And select run in 256 colour's. And run as administrator. Apply then save. And should work fine. If not dont use XWISC it as a test error and some bug's in it. As it is an updated version of the tool. I'd suggest to use http://xwis.net/downloads/XWISC0.exe This is what i'm currently using.
  10. (If you vote yes) Basicly the apireg server is the account reg system, This is what the original westwood servers used. All you do is click on NEW ACCOUNT button in game, Enter your email date of birth then enter username password and if you would like to receive news update's. (if you vote no) You can login has you would on xwis, Just by entering a username and password. Then accounts are automaticly registered like its been set to do right now.
  11. You need need to create an account like you did on westwood. But this feature can be enabled. But i rather not enable it. All you have to do is login has you would on xwis, I'f you want to use a new nickname, Just delete the USERNAME edit box in game, And enter a new one. Once you have logged in with your desired username if it has not already been used. Your account will automaticly be registered to the server. But if people dont want this and want to use the original feature. Then Vote on are poll:) -Kyle-
  12. SyS

    Server Down?

    Topic is locked, Due to question be resolved. http://cnc-comm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=68 Please view the link above and read the thread, -Kyle-
  13. Important information on AWOS[/color:3kr56t87] AWOS has now 2 separate sections Alternative Classic Westwood Online (ACWOL) with WChat etc (old name AWOS) and Alternative Westwood Online (AWOL) TS,RA2 etc (old name ATS) The Alternative Classic Westwood Online ACWOL[/color:3kr56t87]) Are very soon to be put back online! They will come with feature's: Ladder, And clan support. Feature's removed - Tiberian sun and firestorm - Ra2 + EXP Yuri[/color:3kr56t87] The Alternative Westwood Online [/color:3kr56t87](AWOL[/color:3kr56t87]) is also very soon to be released online! They will come with feature's Ladder support, Clan,Friends,Mailing service, More lobby commands And a official chat channel, Which in this chat channel will be lobby game's. For example, Monday equals trivia day and so on.[/color:3kr56t87] Game's supported on [/color:3kr56t87](AWOL[/color:3kr56t87]) Tiberian sun, Firestorm, WDT Support for FS/RA2/YURI Ra2 and EXP yuri will be added too the (ATS) games list.[/color:3kr56t87] Here is a few example Commands. /ladder help ( WIll show /ladder rank - Gets top 15 in the ladder for your supported game client , /ladder me - Get's your current rank, Game's played POINTS,Wins,Loss,Disconnect) /GamesActive ( Will show the current official channel game's running, - Please remember for tiberian sun and firestorm you will after press back and go to the official chat channels and select the one which will be open - I'f your using games RA2 or EXP YURI you can simply type /GamesActive ON Which will ghost you into the channel which means you can not see what user's are typing in the ra2/yuri channel but on the games channel, You can chat, have fun and play the games in that channel. - To disable the ghost simple type /GamesActive - OFF) Please note, These feature's are only available in the [AWOL] Server, Also when connecting to the official ACWOL IP, I'f user is on Tiberian sun, RA2 or ra2 expansion yuri the whereto command will redirect you too the [AWOL] Server. (So no ip changed needed) - What about the older Westwood games? ARE They still gonna be available? -Yes they are - But only on the ACWOL Server, NOT AWOL. - But what about clans and ladders Will they be available in ACWOL as well as AWOL? -Yes [/color:3kr56t87] I'f anybody has any question's Or wishes to know more, Please reply in the topic. Thank's -Kyle-
  14. SyS

    Server Down?

    Updates with ladder/Clan support i'm sure will be completed by march 2008, Yes this is a long way away. You never know I't might come suprisely before then:) (Even though they are completed now, Just bug testing, Feature adding which will support use the features clan and ladder) This is all info on this i'm going to be posting here.
  15. SyS

    Server Down?

    There's your answer Aro,
  16. Yes it can be made, It's been done only not completed. Has i have no clue in php. Read a few book's on function's and socket's. So basicly got it connecting to a WWOL connection. Joining chanell and getting nicknames online and game's.. But it's not parsing nickname's and information correctly. Only splitting data. -Kyle-
  17. SyS

    Server Down?

    Server will be online shortly, Just waiting for datacenter. To get back in touch with me to tell me what the problem is. Which there should be none. Unless there having a bit of downtime. Seen has the root ip is not connecting. Only getting a Connection Failed. Or has been reset. QUE message. But bare in mind This mean's i could test out the Windows version of ATS (Alternative tiberian sun server WITH ladder and clan support. No bugs found yet. And official chat channel's added. And the channel MOD prefix working 100%) INFO: Channel mod prefix: Has you have all noticed. Sunbot1 or on xwis xwisadmin Have a lighting bolt which represent this users has a channel administrator or if admin status is set to higher SERVER operator. Well the channel mod icon is a small speaker type image, There is a picture of the image below(Also it's inside one of the .mix file's has wolvoice.pcx)
  18. Mine started at the beginning of this week
  19. Ok this topic is pretty much for you user's to tell other member's of are community, When and how long you are online, Gaming. Reason i'm doing this is so. Community people and other player's know when a user will be online or a group of users., And does not have to wait around on an empty server For ages! This is because there server isnt getting advertise alot, And doing this way might incourage more user's to connect, Game and join the community! So here is a short description of my time. From 2pm till 5AM - GMT 7 day's a week. That's an example.. And also my description. So everybody please post up -Thank's -sys
  20. SyS

    Cant Login

    Indeed there is, seem's i didnt look around lol -Kyle-
  21. SyS

    Cant Login

    Indeed, I't seem's there was a ping bug with the server. Which has been resolved now All admin's should know how to fix if this ever happen's again. Tore, Setup an admin section for AWOS AWOS Team only, I'll post up the command's incase of a user getting kept online on the server, Even though there offline. That's if this bug ever accures again which i doubt it should! Anyway's, Just had to simply recode the ping pong function with the break; to disconnect client's who Do not reply to ping pong event's. Anyway's thank you for posting about this killa57, Has i know nobody else would of. I'f you find any more error's or bug's please post them up on the forum. -SyS-
  22. The renegade ladder server is not complete! All we need is a a MSSQL server, And a WINDOWS Machine which will be up 24/7 speed doesnt matter, no bandwith will be used. Because people dont connect too the ladder every second That is the main server. Only time clients connect to ladder is after a tournement game. I'f anyone has any of the following please pm or msn me at.. [email protected] Or [email protected] -SyS-
  23. Here is some screenshot's off the ra/ra2 and nox support for AWOS!
  24. Nope it's not illegal, There is no copyright protection on creating your OWN coded server;)
  25. Hello and welcome to the offiical forum and site for the[AWOS ] A tiberian sun server! I will be updating the server every week with feature updates! If you have any feature's or suggestion's in mind please post on the forum! Below is a screenshot of the current working feature's If you have any problem's please type /admins on the server and page an online admin! [Picture removed new one coming soon]
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