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  1. If you can pull this off, you will be mega famous throughout the community..
  2. .bat = false; Seriosly, I can't even run the program.. I thought you said this was written in c++? If so, why isn't there a .exe... AFAIK c++ doesn't support .exe, only the MS-DOS promt does.
  3. How the FUCK do we use it? Regards..
  4. Hi. I'm cnc95fan, a modder or C&C: Renegade. I used to lead SCUD Storm until I decided to leave (http://www.scudstorm.com). I'm 15 years old.. em, what else do I say? I currently lead the Battle For Dune mod, (http://www.battlefordune.co.uk) so chech us out there and on moddb, I'm too lazy to link. Like Yovour, I met N3trunn3r and he introduced me to this site. Good luck on completing your project. -cnc95fan
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