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  1. hm must have an other big editor then dint know there was more then 1 out there
  2. Open Source BIG Editor Banshee is going to fix an error involving Petroglyph games and .meg files saved by the Big editor and is planning on giving the big editor the ability to read mix files as well. um i was sure it was able to read mix files already? or is mine just acting up and reading it even to it isnt supposed to read them?
  3. they where to soft to many people where breaking the rules and every time me and a few others did eg a !kick to kick them off for harassing we got told from the head admin to warn them 3 times and then kick them most of those who caused the trouble has played there for more then a year some even where in the clan they know the rules and yet they break it so we take action and we got punished so i got mad at the head admin together with a few others and he decided to kick us out now a few days later i finally got the head admin to use my rules so i hope those fights will stop soon(on the server) and prob get back in then as well and i was there biggest donator as well i donated about 600 bucks more then the 2nd guy(who donated around 700 au dollars) but ya i was in that clan for a good 2 years was 2nd in command for 1 year and 11 months i dint really leave on bad terms just the head admin is blinded by love for a girl who is kinda crap she doesnt like the other admins that much so ya u know how that would end we cause a fight with the head admin on wich he misses his date with her and he threatens to leave him if he doesnt kick us out blinded by love and head admin not a good thing
  4. ow ow i have experience with old cnc games and websites used to be forum admin for my old clan(they kicked me out 2 min before i left so yay ) and id say a download system one thats easy and nicely made for maps and everything would be nice image gallery would be nice but would have to be moderated soon if the forum gets active again and yay to the rest
  5. lol tore well we kinda went on a bit longer then we expected i my self played like 9-10 hours total on that map in 3 days so ya its a great map even to the first map u get normally is still better i say but mah
  6. ever since my pc upgrade to quad core ts has been like nananana and plays every match at 900% speed wich is a pain but on this map it makes it rather fun as 1 moment ur watching there a fight on ur base the other its there base thats going on so ya its my fav map now hope u dont mind if i steal it and use it on my lan party that im going to host with 30 friends? just hope u dont as its a to good map
  7. nice map atleast i still see ur sticking around
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