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  1. Like i asked in the title, what is the status of Red Alert 2. Why is it being put up for download i never saw any official message from EA announcing it becoming "freeware". The only time i have ever seen "RA2 is free" mentioned other than from ilegal downloads and xwis.
  2. Corrupted install (or download), does "Game.ICD" exist in the folder? what have you got pc wise, what os has it got and does it meet the minimum requirements Eww, xwis
  3. That ^ and considering you posted good useful information i think we can let you off the hook
  4. Compatibility mode AND run as Admin fixes most problems on Vista and 7 (and very possibly
  5. where does the "I" come in to **censored**
  6. Hello No if you use the Correct dating system Day-Month-Year 20/03/0761 Although putting the 0 before the 761 would be pointless If your using the Yankee date system thought, yea its impossible
  7. Is that not at answer to "My nose/pen is running?" rather than Surely you meant, "Put them out, and gives your code bam" which would make more senses --- Just to throw it out there, i believe the editor's need s bit of an overhaul first before we get ahead of our selves, especially since we would need a new editor anyways. It is only fair this isn't dumped on nyerguds, but instead is a community effort. I had taken on editing all the Stock Tiberian Sun maps and while it was rewarding it was horribly time consuming! If it becomes too big a task it isn't a hobby anymore and it isn't fun. From my own experience if a task becomes to big and demanding it can completely suck all enthusiasm you have out of a project and if i hadn't undertaken that extra project at that time i can guarantee that TS:BoB would not have been sitting in the Inactive Project section and i wouldn't have mucked up as bad as i had that year within the CnC community. -Revo
  8. So do you mean Nyerguds that: The game could check for a string in the ini, for example that "MegaMap=" string, and rather then it could load a new map loading routine specifically for maps were MegaMap=Yes If no then thats my suggestion to the discussion.
  9. Thats official enough, its Olaf who has posted it, Xwis , all that rubbish, but i was not aware RA2 was made freeware. But then that aspect of the community weren't exactly very good at discouraging piracy and cheating from experience (unless they lost). As for your problem check the basics, if you are on 7 Or Vista check compatibility mode have been set and you are preforming actions as the administrator. As the last post is new to me i honestly don't know how much i can help you or indeed if i can under the rules.
  10. You cant ally with the Ai at all in Red Alert or Tiberian Sun At all. The ally function only serves a purpose when playing LAN/CnCNet however it will only work on Human players.
  11. Wow Dune 2 looks pretty at that resolution Im interested to see how this test will turn out, is it codded in just HTML5?
  12. It isn't to do with the graphics card, i have upgraded from a MSI (nividia) Card to a Radeon (Amd) and the problem is present on both and my atom netbook. Colour depth is the problem and the only viable solution is to either force the window TS is running in to use 16bit colour (which i don't know how it would be possible) or to simply run everything in 16bit colour. The Colour depth handling is a problem with windows [xp?] vista and above. wine emulates the required environment so will be emulating 16bit colours for TS within the window eliminating any problems.
  13. I'm curious, how do you know CONC is build-able? is it the blank building sidebar icon? Slightly related if you look the bib, as well as being simple two parallel lines of dirt, stays after the building is destroyed. Also, just a thought, but could it be possible that the GDI and Nod logos on the construction yards are drawn on top of the sprite rather than on the actual sprite if you get what i am meaning. I realize however this is unlikely and problematic when it comes to the construction animation but would get around the current problems linked to the whole one MCV, one construction yard game codding.
  14. Nice, funny how years on things like this can turn up (like sidebar pictures in the other topic). A lot of those pictures were new to me and its the first time Ive seen one with the fully remap barracks building.
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