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  1. The one thing i can say that Tiberian Dawn needs that every other c&c has, and a remaster MUST have, is a skirmish mode!
  2. sterps

    'T' for type

    Hi guys, I've noticed the 'T' hotkey doesn't work like it used to. Pressing 'T' once selects all units of the same type. Pressing 'T' a second time is meant to select all across the entire map (introduced in firestorm). Why doesn't this work anymore? Also, i notice that when i mod tiberian sun in skirmish or single player, and then remove the changes i've made. When going online on cncnet, when trying to join players games, it states 'game versions are incompatible (rules.ini). Even though i've removed the changes. The only way to play online again is to perform a /reset on cncnet. Why does this happen?
  3. I have tiberian sun and firestorm installed from the first decade. So i use game.exe for singleplayer. I didn't have the same issues with game.exe as i did with ts-spawn.exe (cncnet). There is the chance ddraw could've been in there, but when you change the gfx settings in the launcher one is generated.
  4. I've tried your patch ( nice work) i do like it, and for the most part it fixes most issues, however i seem to still get inivisible menu issues still when playing via cncnet. Still the best results for me are Hyper patch and windows 8 fix
  5. At the moment, the best fix seems to be, windows 8 fix which includes ddraw, libwine and wined3d files, and also applying CCHyper's executable fix. Then setting visual settings to medium. The only issue i have now, is when i save a single player game, after it's saved, the game returns to the menu, but the menu is invisible, but there... quite annoying.
  6. Ok this works for me, but the game runs really slow, at which point i introduce ddraw.dll. Then the waveclass errors come back. This just the same as when i reinstall the game, no waveclass errors, but the game runs really slow. introduce ddraw and game runs very nice and smoothly, but is plagued with waveclass errors.
  7. Will this cause compatibility issues when playing online? EDIT: all that appears to do, is remove the laser and disrupter effects that cause the issue, so it's more of a workaround than a fix I find that i don't get waveclass errors after a fresh reinstall, but as soon as i introduce ddraw.dll to the sun folder, i start getting them. Ddraw is needed however to solve slow/lag issues when playing, and invisible menus..
  8. Hi guys, first of all, i'm loving all the work being done on CnCnet and also Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun. Thanks to you guys, tiberian sun runs fast, smooth and scrolls smoothly. I've got two issues with it though. 1) When select save games in the 'load game menu' it appears delay highlighting the save game you clicked on. anyone else seen this? 2) Also, waveclass errors. Have these ever been fixed? I know funkyfresh's new patch includes hypers fix, but that was only for disrupters, i still get them with lasers.
  9. sterps

    Portable RA crash

    Cool thanks for the quick response, i've just assigned nothing to the 'resign key' field. no worries on the bug report, i'll report anymore i come across
  10. sterps

    Portable RA crash

    Here you go redalert.rar
  11. I've downloaded the recent version of portableRA, and when i play skirmish i often use the hotkeys such as repair 't'. However when i might accidently press 'R' and then the delete game window pops up. When i try to the close this, the game crashes... Get's annoying when i'm far into a skirmish game
  12. I've come across a problem when trying to play Red Alert online when using DDraw. When you click internet from the menu, the game crashes and comes up with an error. Any reason why this would be happening? The error is: The instruction at 0059e603 referenced memory at 00000010 This memory could not be read from Click on OK to terminate the application
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