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  1. When will I be unmuted if I am muted? Is this a glitch because a proper mute doesn't even allow u to type!?
  2. Well there goes my muscle memory, also I believe that means I have to learn more hot keys? But on the positive side at least it looks nice and neat and probably wont take long to get used to. The original is annoying ugly and cumbersome, especially at low res, fair play EA
  3. xD X3M gets it, he can have a laugh np we are guys, we are meant to be able to give and take it, I think it is universal male-male behaviour to joke at each others expense to test and toughen each other, something I read, not sure if its true or not. This namby pamby PC rule making thing is so OTT, its crazy how sensitive and untruthful/fake and weak we have become in the west
  4. he is trying to provoke me because he's upset, and he has been upset over the VERY long term...
  5. Unbanned, the rules are so uptight , we are all adults cant it be a bit more relaxed and free in speech? Its very difficult to even have a bit of an adult themed joke in the lobby. I would have thought a gamming lobby especially for an older crowd would be more relaxed, whats wrong with having it a bit more casual? On another forum I took the pee out of the mod and he took the pee out of me, its a great laugh, he changed my password to a rude insult and so on, it makes for a much better atmosphere than a mod that has to enforce every little infraction as if it were a serious break of the law and has to ban you for cracking a joke at his expense Well that's my feedback anyway this thread needs no more replies responses etc
  6. I said to him don't order me about you have a small pecker I am your superior I give you the orders, or some silly joke like that and it must have hit a nerve because he instantly banned me and not like a temporary ban its like a ban ban. How long will it last for?
  7. I have to say I think everyone wants the grit to remain including me, it is definitely part of the game, and I think EA will naturally want to make it less gritty, not intentionally but the art guys will have developed a way of doing things that is in the ra3/ra2 /cnc4 style, and they will probably unconsciously default to that style a little more than they should because they've developed a strong skillset in that style so it tends to bias the art to that style even when doing a new style , and I hope we don't lose any of the the grit or gulf war inspiration in the remaster. Its the real military along side the sci fi that made this game very unique and pleasurable to play, you get the enjoyment of modern military equipment and you get the enjoyment of near future or sci fi along side the real world gritty warfare. I hope that stays in the look of cnc1 remastered too. Im happy with what they produced but I totally understand people who are worried it may go further towards cnc4 /ra3 style than it should. It cant hurt to sway EA a little bit more towards the gulf war inspiration of realistic and gritty modern warfare and less towards the toy/cnc4/ra3 style.
  8. Here is the realistic gritty part ie these are real military tanks. Im so banned and restricted I cant edit my posts so I meant to say comic book like not cartoon like in response to cnc1, so while there is the gritty real military style aspect to the game there are also the comic book like fantasy units and structures beside them and neither is the minority/majority. So it is like a comic book stylistically.
  9. https://youtu.be/uIkNxEKrAaU Here's the FMV conyard, they have taken from it which is pleasing to see I love the glass/metal front especially gives a nostaligia feel along with the graphics update its like a x2 pleasure reward. The crane looks very similar in fairness, the FMV crane has a triangle detailing at the pivot point
  10. That is the true style of cnc1 if it were to become high in detail. Its shiny, aesthetic, high in fantasy, like a comic book come to life through a games graphical engine. It is also realistic in parts like a hero style comic book, so gritty in parts too with real world military equipment along side the fantasy equipment.
  11. I disagree it was intended to be a Hodge podge of grit and comic like art , just like when you read a comic book you may see a realistic looking helicopter in the art work but also their will be a giant robot or something trying to knock it out of the sky. That's my guess as to what their intentions were with regards to grit/realism. Sure they will try to make the robot or whatever look realistic but its still a freaking robot or hand of nod or whatever, and there will be that stark difference between the fantasy comic book like units and structures (of which cnc has a load of) and the real military equipment (which cnc has less of). I believe this is intentional. Its almost comic book in style. I think they should make it look more like the FMV as they add detail.
  12. "Instead of using the new hardware possibilities to make it look more gritty and realistic, which was what the original obviously tried to do with the pixels it had to work with" That means you think westwood making flame tanks, dr Mobius, temple, hon, the airstrip, bike, obelisks, stealth tank, missile tower, refinery, mammoth tank, commando etc was westwood trying to be gritty. They could do grit with those few pixels see the A10, apache, med tank mrls, barracks, buggies etc, they chose to make it fun entertaining childish toy like cartoon like and so on.
  13. Well again you say you want it both gritty and as close to the original as possible, well the original isn't gritty its cartoon and toy like, so that's the contradiction. You say they were trying to make it look realistic and gritty but you don't know what their intentions were, those are probably your intentions, that's what you want for the remaster. But then you also said keep it as close to the original as possible. So again that doesn't make sense. Even with the few pixels they had which does tend to make things look cartoony they clearly made mammoth tanks, flame tanks, obelisks, temples, Mobius etc I would argue that they were not trying to be gritty (in total only in parts) but entertaining. I disagree that it looks less gritty, with the extra detail it cant help but look more gritty almost, and less cartoon like, again barring those screws.
  14. No you just want to avoid addressing the points because you are contradicting yourself. You do realise the original cnc is a game made for boys like playing toy soldiers just on a computer instead of with models? Sure some adult fully grown men play with toy soldiers and build toy tanks etc but those toys and this game was intended for boys from the 90's era and many of the units look like toys. You also said you wanted it to stay as close to the original as possible. Its doing that by keeping it looking like the original which IS toy like. So what do you want? An adult themed war simulator? (because that isn't close to the original cnc1)
  15. Who else thinks it looks like a toy? I think the original looks more like a toy than this one does this looks more gritty and realistic to me when compared with the original!? Its slightly unfortunate that the pivot points of the crane look like screws I admit, but you wont even notice it in game, I would have thought its a non issue pedantic stuff and overall it looks great and more gritty than the original building not to mention better looking,/more aesthetically pleasing? I mean a lot of cnc1 looks a little toy like it is a game for boys, the mammoth tank looks like a toy, a rather cool toy, the HON, the airstrip, flame tank, orca, obelisk, temple, etc its IS a child's game! Not an adult war simulator! Cn2mc you said you wanted it kept in theme with the original and that's exactly what they have done now you complain its not more adult themed. That doesn't make any sense.
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