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  1. Hey White! Yea I get it now you spend the extra money on base creeping, more expensive units troops turrets refineries etc etc you CAN spend all that cash I just wasn't used to it, , its not the comm centre that's important its using money for creeps and tiberium control, rather than for extra airfields. That is superior way to win on most maps, if you go 2 airfields its harder to do as you wont have enough cash to get both "x2" units and fast* creeps. Fast creeps are better because they are so hard to topple with only airfield units
  2. chem

    (cn2) Teardrop

    Lol I prefer dotard , Well because you can know almost how it will unfold from insane hours experience playing the game, unique because the map is so small and with a specific design, I bet it unfolds in 2 main ways with good players, both base creep bottom right and fight their, or one creeps over and one under, so one will attack over the top one underneath, so you'll have to defend your base and attack theirs both with turrets and troops etc at the same time Its gonna be hard to stop engie rushes, troop/base/turret rushes, and all in heli rushes also, as part of the maps dynamic, (when the cheesers get hold of it) and I think that's a really good thing for training purposes, if you can stop 4 heli's and a harvester on this map you can stop it on any map! - Its going to be a fast action packed dynamic death match! I have made small postcard maps b4 and have experience playing them with a variety of people, skilled and cheesy players alike. I made a 6 player ffa on a map this size lol
  3. chem

    (cn2) Teardrop

    Its amazing how people can make so many original maps from such a limited tile set, awesome job a very beautiful and fair map with a unique playing experience
  4. chem

    Cave map RA1

    I like the way it appears to not be symmetrical ie natural looking but it is symmetrical, cool
  5. chem

    Tiberian Dawn Commentaries Anyone?

    Love it! Great to watch awesome players play! Thankyou!
  6. early /1st nuke helli snipe combo? get ssm 1st?
  7. chem

    (Wht)Zodiac - 2v2

  8. I can understand if its down a pipe and you need ssm/the lazer early so you can destroy their turrets/ unit blockade But otherwise you get excess cash not being spent fast enough if you go comm centre and the tech up doesn't seem as useful as extra tanks because flame tanks are not that good and stealth tanks are easy to defend against/unreliable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeTJnIFop7o&t=0s&index=2&list=PL5-23dnnRebP4QiWhTBAIOToyI14_o-z4 WHY?
  9. chem

    (Wht)Zodiac - 2v2

    Is it possible to get an edit of Zodiac to accomidate 6 people or is it only for 4? Because 3v3 is a big thing at 6pm GMT. The map plays like a dream would be good to have a 6 player version !! Just a request from me and others that like your map. (The design might now allow for 3v3 might not be compatible but worth an ask)
  10. chem

    Tiberian Dawn Commentaries Anyone?

    Now this Id like to see. Any of the big names facing off is really entertaining especially if they rarely play each other. Id like to see PHD and Ferret/White face off, it would be one technical jaw dropping match up. A fight till the last man I bet. Id like to see Lovehandles and Piv rematch a few times. Lovehandles vs PHD I havnt seen before either. Lovehandles vs White I havnt seen and would like to see. Also cn2mc vs any of the top guys Shame about the channel bro, life is full of lousy feelings and set backs, you have a good attitude!
  11. chem

    What are your favourite maps on cnc1?

    Made a new map with low tiberium that has proven to be very popular and a big hit with everyone that played it, we played it all night, the same map over and over, no one disliked it and everyone just kept playing and wanting to replay it. Lots of people say they liked it. That's the 1st time no 1 complained about low tiberium that's a shocker, normally everyone bar a few rare indivuals complain when their isn't bucket loads of tiberium on the map! The problem is it seemed to heavily favour nod despite GDI having an easy to defend weapons factory base and the ability to use troops for the most part. The turrets lazers and general versatility and cheapness of nod dominated and everyone ended up being nod it was all nod games. Thisd is very bad obviously. How can I get more balance for the GDI players without changing it too much? Or are the GDI players just not used to the low money meta? I saw no one go orca and barracks, just meds adv guard towers anders and barracks, which seemed to be no match for turrets, ssm, lazers, flamers, bikes and light tanks .
  12. They are so much louder than everything else im trying to listen to music that is not always very loud even at full volume on you tube then I get these massive loud beeps and joining sound sin the cnc.net lobby. Its a small potato thing but would be good to know how to turn them down or off, it is also an unimportant suggestion if there is no way to do that Cheers
  13. I cancelled the tank and tried to re build it power was on green and it was still slow build speed! Even after a cancel and rebuild! Plenty of money, no lag.
  14. So the better you get the less room their is for individuality in terms of your style? If everyone was good enough would they all play in a very similar way? Take for example Mike Pence he always uses an engineer rush either very early or in combination early , hes really good at it, but I sense perhaps he will ultimately find that its a losers gamble, that the money is better off used in a low risk very conservative way. (just a guess I don't know what optimal is) Now take my style 2 airfields instead of 1 airfield turrets bazookas refineries and tech, sometimes it works but more often than not doing what Jacko /PHD does works better , its more effective, most of the time. So as I gradually learn I become less individualised. These individual tactics like engie rushes, early twin airfields etc will take you a long way, and that is great I like to fight against a different style of player it keeps the game interesting, but am I right in presuming that there must be an optimal way (for most maps and situations) and that will lead to a very uniformed style of play at the very top of the skill curve?