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  1. 1) A GDI weapons factory not made of paper a) no right speed advantage b) no south advantage c) bigger maps d) more players possible in a game at least 10 For RA1 1) = No stupid tesla creep attack overpowering the game and the stratedgy, so force aftermath settinmgs or no mcv until after the tech centre or only a 2-3 build speed boost to multiple conyards or no buildings build speed boost. Also a possible solution is to have a build zone like in RA3 so you cant build outside a circle around the mcv. The whole tesla creep way of playing with v2's wasn't intended and feels stupid and wrong, you don't attack with that which was meant to defend and not move
  2. Yes! (write your 1 word answer 1st so ppl don't have to read a page before they know what you vote for?) Yes the best ques I ever saw was on KKND which when from 1-9 then infinite instead of 10 until you unclick it, and even better on supreme commander that went from 1 to 99 but remembered the order of different unit types being clicked, so multiple ques in 1 que. Clicking over and over is a reflex action for me now so it doesn't matter much, but as a beginner I would have loved a que and it would also allow you to focus on strategy more rather than production with 1 less thing you have to do .
  3. Ok will do thanks for your generosity X3M! I know how valuable those edges can be to a competitive player.
  4. Excellent thanks Grant, what a selfless and brilliant attitude, always just looking out for the best for our beloved game. I will certainly put my efforts into the same positive outcome based way of thinking and doing.
  5. What will happen to the talented cnc.net crew when the remaster comes out? Does nyerguds know he will be fired soon? Will it keep running or will the whole thing be shutdown? How do you guys feel about that after your much appreciated hard clever work?
  6. Chronosphere ready. Chrono Warping Ore Truck into the ocean. Chronosphere charging.
  7. yea its me, Dan isn't my real name but I have loads of fake accounts all over the show , I have to dedicate myself to cnc1 and doom 2 as a 1st priority so I will always be a nub on aow, unless its better than cnc1, but im not sure if that's realistically possible? Will love to give you a team game on it though bro!
  8. TS and RA2 will probably be next after theve finished the originals be patient! They are doing it in the right order since ra2 is more recent
  10. Is it a cash grab strategy where you will likely never win with troops helis and creeps alone but you might be able to hold them off till you get an airfield/weapons factory, and then when you do you will have a better economy (at least long term not immediately ull be completely spent but with many harvisters) more map control and a more diverse offence?
  11. https://youtu.be/kC43-6Zz79M Something that's on the same level as the 2 or 3 refinery build? Obviously you are skipping the airfield/weapons factory till later and going troops base creep and heli. Is it really as viable as the more common pro builds that use tanks buggies bikes etc? Or is it only something you can do if you have a skill advantage or as a specific counter to say a perceived threat like a heli rush, if you are close, or on certain maps where its easy to spread out fast like green acres? Since most people are building tanks and buggies am I right in presuming its usually an inferior build? Or at least just more difficult to pull off or a new skill set is needed to be able to pull it off? Ive never ever seen any super pro use it against another super pro in a high level competition match. Love didn't use it against mr buggies, Mr Buggies didn't use it , Ferret didn't use it vs Love Handles and vice versa, etc etc, that suggests to me that its usually an inferior build?
  12. chem

    Who play Red Alert 3?

    I liked it was fast getting good at it then some annoying error derailed me and I left it for good, but they changed the base dynamic in away that was good/satisfactory unlike with cnc4, cartoony look wasnt appreciated but wasn't that bad either
  13. Ok thank you X3M the reason I abandoned it was because the main exit for the left side is up meaning left would be punished for possibly bottom advantage since they would be encouraged to creep upwards not down, but I could tweak it in someway like lowering left position and all those tree's and raising right position which would free up those circle areas too (for an iron valley like start position so the top exit on left would be a good thing), but then it would no longer be a mirror image of green acres and it would be slightly further away from the original in likeness. But it does seem like a winning design. So thanks guys!! Trying to get it as close to the original as possible but make it fair and balanced
  14. xD Thanks Champ, lmao, this is harder than I first anticipated.....