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    Fantastic map love it
  2. Thanks X3M Bare in mind you HAVE to go HON or barracks because troops come to attack 1st as well, and its needed by all high level players except maybe on huge tiberium maps Also this is Whites build order im trying out so I have to go 2 refinery as well Now how do I defend?
  3. thank you for both answers sir, why is such a low resolution better than say a 1900 x 1200 resolution where u can see so much? Why is it bad to go high res?
  4. lol silly stuff thats solved over, this can be deleted
  5. I only called him dim after he called me a scrub This isnt how mods should be behaving, they are supposed to be the mature responsible ones ffs How do I get unbanned and can you take away corrupt mod powers? If not how long am I banned for? (I wasnt racist to anyone nobnard said I called him something when I did not)
  6. Funky whats your bike rush build order? Where you sell the con yard?
  7. what was the mod he was using ? Looked like cnc1 in the tiberium dawn engine?
  8. weaveR_me0w

    I tried a new build ie 3 refinery not used to it, 9/10 I beat you and we both know it same with mr buggies and all the other plays you've recorded yourself beating theres a ton of games where you lose before you get lucky in 1 and you record them all, haha, nice try Good map this is on par with Egbert those 2 are your best imo
  9. weaveR_EGGBERT

    I never finished the edit, it was a good map, whats wrong with sand its my fav terrain?
  10. weaveR_WouldYouLike2Squat

    You are fast becoming the best map makers
  11. Some things I noticed that I didnt know after playing the game since childhood. 1) You can sell tanks etc from a sandbag 2) The radar center shows stealth tanks up on the mini map and even though its shroud doesn't get removed guard towers and units will still fire at the invisible stealth tank if its right next to a comm center 3) You cant resign and kill all your units if your harvester is in an allies refinery 4) You can sometimes somehow kill a construction yard or weapons factory with a harvester if the harvester is next to the con yard when you resign 5) You can kill a power plant, refinery, HON every time with a harvester and resign 6) You can reveal a little shroud on the other side of the map if you go to the opposite side of the map when on the highest res on a wide screen monitor, enough to get helis or chinooks in an otherwise scout/shroud defended base 7) You can build 8-9 apachis right away at the start with 9999 cash, if you dont buy a refinery and have managed to scout their base with a troop
  12. It seems you can play for a long time and not make much improvement or you can get better fast. Some people can not play much at all and are almost just as good as when they left off , I noticed I dont do much worse after a long break thats odd why is that? So yea any tips for fast improvement or getting better as a player?
  13. Still throws me off and im not sure when im in power or not which is important for build orders etc Why was it changed and will it ever come back?
  14. I think it has now unfortunately become a trolling method , one of those plausibly deniable methods to p someone off, as well as people using it when they die early to get to the next game faster. I started banning people that I suspected do it and it worked Cheers for the answers White