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  1. To BluySY's wife and everyone, I made some jokes of poor taste about this, to start with I thought it was a practical joke and then after I made the same error, but I am truly sorry, and I am also truly sad about his death. I hope my sadness is the kind of respect BluySY should have got from me in the 1st place. Kind regards. He is in peace now. Rest In Peace BluySY
  2. A new patch is coming that balances the game, potentially making it better, its a well thought out patch, that does seem to solve balance issues, it does seem to make a better game out of cnc1 however im concerned it will divide the community, an already small and fragile community. The patch favours GDI players and punishes nod players, which is necessary as nod is probably over powered if only a bit. Im concerned the balance will be in the favour of GDI and not even, GDI players are already very effective, it could be a situation like with whites maps where no 1 can say they are GDI bias maps they seem pretty even but when you give a player that plays both sides like weaver the choice they will choose GDI to get the advantage on those maps, I think the same could be true of the new patch, on the surface it may seem like its balanced but in reality it may now favour GDI. Also the other main problem is nod players want to win and will probably have no interest in using the patch, also some players will not recognise it as the real cnc1 and will want to continue to get better at the official cnc1 not a modification of it, lastly GDI players want to win and will probably favour the new patch. This could cause a "50 50" divide in our already small community which could be a big problem as the community is so small, some people do not get along with others e.g. pence and speedy and even that 1 minute divide is a problem for making games, because there's so few people. Add to that the divide the remasters will cause ie we may lose some players to that , making our community even smaller , and then we may have the death of cnc1 online. I like the idea of the patch don't get me wrong I just wanted to voice this concern just encase it actually happens. I think none of us want that, just a concern not sure if its a valid concern or not just wanted to bring it to everyone's attention 1st.......
  3. Why hasn't Achronomic White left his best wishes? Someone page him, knowing White, he probably doesn't have a clue.
  4. Also as a tribute could everyone put the letters ^SY after their name in the lobby so we never forget? SMT has started this and it brought a tear to my eye, I think it would be a kind and touching thing to do?
  5. Also perhaps we could allow Mike Pence to be unmuted so he can give his condolences, I think its important, he was one of BluSY's close friends?
  6. Im sure we can add his maps to the official rota White was talking about that will make sure BluSY's memory stays with us for as long as we are here. Would you like us to do that that BluSY's wife? Your and his maps together were beautiful creations of art! Some of the best in the community imo. I missed BlueSY before I even knew he was gone, he will always be a friend dear to my heart. Not to mention a high ranking and excellent player!
  7. chem

    Cn2mc VS CHEM

    Ephraim I hope you come back to Tiberian Dawn and start 1v1ing with us again. I don't know where to put you anymore because its been so long and its hard to get a game with you. We are having some fights on Monday at 6 pm GMT if you want to face me SMT and Pence and other guys. Obviously you rank high, but you are one of the few tricky ones to rank so ive left you out for now. Come fight with us and we can find out what your rank is. You can choose map. But if you don't want to its no problem either im not trying to call you out. Just explaining why I left you out it doesn't mean I don't think you are one of the top guys you are. Another hard one to rank is Grofaez, because he plays exceptionally well on certain maps and well but not as well on others, that's because of a very specific style he has so ive left him out of teh rankings too for the time being.
  8. Thanks for the tips Nyer! I corrected it, and got the video back up! (after someone reported me on youtube lol)
  9. .......Here https://youtu.be/UxXp7KNXBd0 They keep getting banned and blocked on this forum so now I have moved them to you tube where people can discuss them with total freedom of speech and without the discussion being locked or banned. Im not trying to monopolise the rankings but do the opposite and make them free for everyone to discuss without being banned or silenced. Only the top players will be ranked as too many people gets too complex. Top 10 max. It will also be updated by anybody as the rankings change and fluctuate. Any view points can be discussed or argued freely by anyone.
  10. chem

    Cn2mc VS CHEM

    Also note I will be hosting the rankings and other topics that this forum doesn't allow on my you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXf6XuJ62NHlvwlnU9lL8iw That way I and you cant be controlled by bias rules and people on this forum! Theres only 2 people on here anyway! together with a mod that's their friend and you get total bias in their favour and against everyone else. I will change that now.
  11. chem

    Cn2mc VS CHEM

    To counter your "points" 0) You didn't nearly beat me, you were getting easier as matches went on then quit before I totally mastered your style/you, and the damage done was only via cheesing and it looked worse than it actually was , it was never going to win the game , it just looks bad when you lose your conyard etc, but you had 0 harvesters lol and was easy to defend against in the matches after when I learnt the tricks you use. 1) You have berated me for cheesing esp the buggy and heli variety, yet you use alot of cheese yourself esp the engineer variety, 2) Yes I woke up at 6pm GMT still intoxicated, and I get jittery and shaky and nervous after a heavy drinking session, until I get some food, I was just about to eat a takeaway before I fought you and I fought you before I could start my takeaway as I told everyone about. I don't drink often but when I do I don't like to stop. You don't know the truth I do. Youre just guessing. (the jitteriness affected my mouse control and ability to think straight/fast, and the booze slowed me mentally as well) 3) It is my own turf and not yours which is true but for ages I have avoided that map for a really long time, trying to play the "real" meta, these days Zodiac, circle , sand banks, and other more troop friendly sprawl friendly maps have been my home turf Ive tried to avoid injustice like the plague. 4) My memories are not selective, I only play you once in the blue moon, so I damn well remember clearly the game, we had some fights on green acres, and I won, so did PHD very handily I might add on his part, and Ggeneral and PHD were there to witness it as were me and you, you know what happened, I beat you twice you didn't beat me, on your home turf Prior to that going back much further I used to get the upper hand with my buggy spam more often than you did and again on green acres. Heres some footage of you vs jakub in a FFA you had bottom advantage and were left completely alone to have a 1v1 with jakub and he wasn't left entirely alone its obvious you are one of the less cerebral plays and one of the weaker players, compared to your peers. You always have been, your ego just cant accept it which is partly why you hate me so much long term because I show you what the truth is and it doesn't sit well with you. https://youtu.be/8SIXFGb7Qyw 5) I remember a 2v2 where you won, but they are a different dynamic its only really fair if you are completely isolated in your fight within the 2v2, which we were absolutely not, you had the better team and won, that's your best claim to beating me, THATS sad imo 6) Finally I play low res as well and its an advantage overall not a disadvantage. Real men accept the truth Cn2mc rather than fighting reality and hating on people that show them the side of reality that doesn't sit well with their self concept.
  12. Be warned people can cause the out of sync on purpose as a method to troll you, its not that bad now it can be troublesome but for the most part its pretty good, but trolls will cause it over and over again in an attempt to grief you. Try looking out for patterns with certain people and don't play with them if you get out of syncs while they are in the game. Good luck bro
  13. chem

    Cn2mc VS CHEM

    https://youtu.be/MjW3xF6e3Vo A fun game between me and Cn2mc, some fun TV for you guys! I didn't play very well due to a late night drinking and the jitters, but still managed to win a best of 3 with cn2mc. Foolishly tried a noob cheese on the 1st game and paid the price. But pulled it back on the next 2 to take the best of 3 win. Beat cn2mc on green acres not too long ago as well over several games, see Ggeneral and PHD for witnesses. (PHD beat him too) The most / only damage done by cn2mc was the Chinook engies which ironically is cheesing not the core skill of the game, and what I get told off for by cn2mc lol but it all adds to the pleasure of the game anyway imo. Enjoy I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT I HAVE BEATEN NOT ONLY CN2MC YET AGAIN, BUT FERRET EASILY AND CAUSED HIM TO RAGE QUIT, THERE WERE WITTNESSES RA1 PLAYERS, IT WAS A FAIR HEAD ON WIPE OUT IN MY FAVOUR. (his win over lovehandles was not enough to secure a number 1 spot since it was his home turf imo and love was very rusty) AND WHILE WHITE WAS TOO SCARED TO FIGHT ME AND DID BEAT ME IN OUR LAST FIGHT A WHILE BACK WHEN I WAS MORE NOOB I HAVE NOW BEATEN HIM/SUPPASSED HIM VIA COMPARRISON, IE IM ABLE TO BEAT GUYS LIKE PHD AND HE CANT THERES FOOTAGE OF THIS, I HAVE BEATEN OTHER TOP PROS THAT HE HAS NEVER BEATEN AND PLAY FAR MORE COMPETATIVELY WITH THEM (WINS AND LOSSES EITHER WAY) THAN HE EVER HAS ONCE , I CAN BEAT HIM, I AM BETTER THAN HIM, WHICH IS WHY HE AVOIDS ME IN THE 1ST PLACE OBVIOUSLY. I HAVE CONQUERED EVERYONE IN THIS FORUM THAT HAVE BEEN SO HOSTILE AND CORRUPT TOWARDS ME! ITS FEELS FANTASTIC! I MAKE THEM REALISE THEIR SELF CONCEPT OR EGO ISNT REAL BUT DELUSIONAL. WHICH IS PARTLY WHY THEY HATE ON ME SO MUCH! I WIN! I WILL GO ON TO CONQUER EVERYONE IN TIME MY RATE OF PROGRESSION IS FASTER THAN ANYONES! ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME TILL IM NUMBER 1. I AM ALSO NUMBER 1 WHEN IT COMES TO MAP POPULARITY PEOPLE LIKE MY STUFF THE BEST. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN CONQUERED BY CHEM!
  14. Community Feedback, this is what I get routinely when Im trying to spread your maps so much so it even happened just now, this is from the majority of the community who are not here in the forum..... I usually hide it from you guys to be nice. https://imgur.com/5r6Jw5D
  15. Im not going to be taking some kind of childish revenge, people that hate someone and try to get them back are the ultimate losers imo especially if its over the long term because they are stuck suffering with anger and hate themselves as they try to take revenge. But I am free now from control and I probably will continue to do things that annoy controlling types (editing peoples maps, creating 1v1 in FFA and team games and so forth) , but does not mean im intentionally doing it to get one back at you, im not. Im not trying to perpetuate the negativity and start a back and forth troll job or spat, that's just not good for anyone except Pence and Co. Im just going to keep to the rules and enjoy my game and my maps. I will add that 2 members here I will name no names (joke) have been trying to make a 1v1 tournament for at least 5 years with no success (before my time and the forum doesn't go back that far even), its not going to happen most likely, since its hard to co-ordinate people together for the tournament because of time zones, work, a lack of interest, people refusing to play other players and we have mini tournaments all the time anyway which we organise ourselves which are far more practical and I should imagine almost as fun. Also if you've failed to make it happen for over 5 years then that is some suggestion in itself, that its not so likely to happen. Secondly the idea of having official maps that are custom made I feel is not right and im against it, because the maps are not popular people don't like them and so you are forcing something onto people by making them "official" you can sugar coat it another way but that's basically what you are doing, you are encouraging and persuading in a way, for people to use these maps over the maps of others and I don't think its right because its a few peoples wants over the majorities. (even if you feel you are the intellectual elite and that you know best for everyone else in our community, and are in charge of them, you might want to consider my next point..... .....That is if your map is good enough to catch on, and you are truly talented at making maps then you don't need to force it on people (granted its quite easy to make a map catchy and it can be very non technical very noobish) but you can also make a technical map that is very popular too (granted its a bit harder) but then you don't need to force it on people by making it "official" or the only map people can use for ranked games , or a tournament etc. It will catch on all by itself. without you even needing to spread it. So make not just a sound technically balanced map, make one that's popular too, (e.g. Vertical Limit 1 has the proper Meta/balance and is popular, plays incredibly, and looks pretty good too) and that's what you need to do if you want your maps to be used, you have to make people love it, I recommend paying attention to people other than yourselves and seeing what they like, investigating and then trying to adapt your maps to fit that, rather than getting into a small group telling yourselves that you are superior and assuming leadership over all of us all and then trying to force what most people do not like onto us! That's my vote anyway I vote against people being forced to use maps they wouldn't pick to use and spread all by themselves. Beethoven produced some masterful music that was popular back in the day but its not so popular today in recent times, Pink Floyd on the other hand produced some music that's also brilliant and its popular in more recent times. No one knows about the guy that made good but unpopular music back in classical times, and no one knows about someone that makes good but unpopular music today, popular opinion is key imo, recent popular opinion, otherwise your creations may as well not exist. If you cant do that cant make them popular and technical that's down to you. I wont reply to this because Im going to stop interacting with your "group" as much as possible, excluding X3M who is welcome in my games etc any time . Just wanted my opinion out there. Peace out
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