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  1. chem

    Manu's Maps for up to 5 Players

    xD Awesome bro, well its good to hear you are still around , yea you must be rusty but I find people that are good and take a break don't take long to get back to what they once were even ahead of people that had stayed the whole time, you gotta follow your passion though enjoy xbox bro but yea will be great to have you back if and when you do return! Take care man!
  2. chem

    Manu's Maps for up to 5 Players

    This is one of my favs too, one of the few that made it to my fav folder, how come you left matt? Will you ever come back? Your whole folder of maps is awesome too, love to go into that for some variety when I get bored of my own maps!
  3. chem

    Manu's Maps for up to 5 Players

    Hi Manu, how come you don't play anymore, and sorry for editing some of your maps, its just they are so damn good and popular I couldn't resist at the time, but ive stopped now. Injustice all variations, and vertical limit 1 are huge fan favourites to this day and many more of your maps to boot, are still in circulation still popular. You have a talent I hope you come back!
  4. chem

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    they flat out refuse low money maps, you make a map with as much money as GA and people literally think its broken and many more just flat out refuse to play anything wo about bush lands level tiberium, I agree it is a pity you could make 100 low money maps and no one would play them , if there was only a few money maps nearly everyone would play them, you cant win on this, I will have another go at making a low money map popular though see how it pans out Actually with all the tiberium out the way I can at least make something really pretty and detailed, it opens up doors that you don't have with loads of tiberium, you can see why they went to oil spots on KKND or tiberium mines/spikes on cnc4, and the infinite money on ra1, without all that tiberium taking up space you have a lot more freedom as a map designer. I don't like it as much but it opens doors for the map design.
  5. come back bro

  6. chem

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    I see so its not about staying true to the original its about modernising it a bit bringing in progress made in rts games over the years,. Good im glad the airdrop stays the same, that would be a nightmare starting on the left side with nod. Yea the heli pad as an option sounds good, then you can agree or disagree to play before it starts. As long as its not permanently off that's good. With the money I guess it will just have to be up to the player to look out for the settings so they don't get tricked. Yea its super complex to know how the factions balance at a high level, and how the map affects that balance, we can still estimate, and the elite pros can also advise on which maps are most balanced, and also like you said play test them, that while not perfect is a far better standard than the original maps and most of the custom maps. The game and factions are not perfectly balanced the start positions are not perfect, its never going to be perfect but we can get it to a really high standard, and we are lucky that such an old game balances as well as it does we almost have modern balance quality on our old favourite childhood game. It seems like everyone's all in consensus even on the finer details, many of which can still be optional. So now its all up to the mods, whether they add the ranked/competition game or not.
  7. chem

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    :-))) , if you see me in game remind me of who you are and if you want I will set up a balanced team game so we can make sure you can have fun and not get rushed too quickly for your first few games, cheers bro!
  8. chem

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    the above + only certain balanced maps = Ranked/competition game? Could it be as simple as that? On the mods side of things. The difficult part about balance is the map making . Which is down the map makers and the pros. By the way welcome to the community if you just joined Nerevarll! Whats your name in the game? I would say helis on always since they are part of the official balance of the units in the game. Alot of pro build orders revolve around helis, like the flamer heli rush, or the heli scout killer start and helis off makes this not viable and changes the balance Would we need to go back to slow plane drop offs? That would be closer to what the original game is, but it would also be even more of a flukey way to win ie if you are on the left as nod you will die vs someone you are very close to in skill, I used to have matches with guys that whatever position we started determined who won nearly every time. Slowing the planes would only make it worse, but isn't it an unfair unofficial disadvantage for GDI players, to have the planes fast? Money I would like at a constant but maybe it has to be varied between 5000 and 9999, what was it originally set at? Was it just random? That's a tricky one. Seems a bit cheap when someone jacks the money up or down when you don't notice. Also we are all used to 9999 not 5000
  9. chem

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    LOL, would be pretty epic to see nod vs soviets face off, yea I do think that way too, Id love to make my own mod or rts game.
  10. chem

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    Yea its a shame, these games are ALL so close to command and conquer, directly related direct spins offs super closely modified from their closest inspiration in cnc1. I would say some of the mods that cnc.net supports are less like command and conquer than some of these games of the rts hey day. Mental omega is less like command and conquer 1 or ra1 imo than say Dark Reign or KKnD and tiberium twilight is less like cnc, than most rts games. So my point is the names are just labels and the difference between games called cnc and games not called cnc can be less great than between games called cnc. They could always make a separate site, rename or relocate to expand their project. But this is just fanciful thoughts im happy with cnc.net just how it is anyway.
  11. chem

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    wow amazing , I took look forward to playing !
  12. chem

    Do you guys play KKnD2?

    God I love KKND the crab and the chaingun tank and the special futuristic units you can find and own, awesome units and game. I loved Dark Reign and Total Annihilation too, that was the RTS hey day, with cnc1, ra1, dr1, TA1, and starcraft 1, and the best thing was they were all very closely related to command and conquer so they all had a good close feel. If only cnc.net could extend their support to other games of the hey day just imagine how popular cnc.net would get if they did this with say total annihilation. (if others havnt already that is)
  13. Also id like to move them all in one go because there's loads of them, I cant do it 1 at a time
  14. Ive got a load of unfinished maps, and favourite maps , and maps I made etc all in one folder my favourite folder. I want to keep my favourite folder for my favourite maps and not for all the stuff im working on or have made in the past. Ive made a new map folder to put all my stuff in. But if I remember correctly, a long time ago when I tried to move all my maps like this it broke all of them and none of them were playable. I move them from one folder to the next by copy and paste and it didn't work!??? How do I move them in a way that works and keeps all my maps alive? (This will help clear up the system as I make a mess of the search function, have reduced that but will stop that now completely) Also bonus question when you remove a map from your favourites (in game) does the map still stay alive does it just go back to custom folder or does it get deleted completely? (realistically speaking since I seemed to have noticed losing maps this way)
  15. chem

    How can new people learn? (standard of play)

    I see, how do you want to see it implemented? What changes would need to be made so that new/people could clearly tell the difference?