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  1. Maps where the cliffs are all straight, maps where the tiberium is in big square blocks, maps that look like a 5 year old made them or someone new to an editor made them, maps that are massively imbalanced in general and for each faction? (a fair amount of my maps fit this criteria ie noobish maps just made for fun) Should it just be left as it is and only the maps people like will become popular? Or should there be some form of quality control? Where the community/mods decide if a map can be uploaded or not? Im thinking we can easily set a high standard now since there are so many professional level maps but should we ?
  2. chem

    Chemical Warrior and MLRS Change

    yea maybe the half way point between a fast and slow drop
  3. Some guys will use guard towers where ever and when ever they can. They attack with them, defend with them control the map with them, sprawl them across the battle field in lines trying to cordon off the tiberiium etc and most importantly they significantly cut unit production to have more guard towers. Why the hell do they do it? Why the hell do they do it so much, prioritise turrets etc so much? This style is here to stay I want to understand their mind-set because I find them at a disadvantage to someone that mostly uses units or entirely uses units due to being unable to defend harvesters and a lack of mobility with guard towers especially trying to build through and across tiberiium patches. 1) Turrets are more efficient cost to damage 2) Turrets combined with units to attack a base are more cost effective and effective in damage than just using units 3) Turrets and units combined are better for defence than just units alone and probably more cost effective since you don't need as many airfields A) They lack mobility you cant control the map or resources as well as with a big load of units B) They are slower to build than units esp with 1 conyard and it stops you building other stuff C) They can fall to SSM after the money has run out (often takes a long time to win due to having a load of turrets now to destroy and little money)
  4. chem

    Chemical Warrior and MLRS Change

    It could result in a mad imbalance, the mrls might of been hidden and so low in armour for reasons we can not yet see until we try it, I can see GDI suddenly having good AA, better engie defence, , amazing buggy and bike defence in base and all over the map, an even more devastating steam roller offence, I would love to see it personally, nod are so adaptable and a bit too op and the mrls armour so weak it probably would be a nice balance. I really want to seethe GDI weapon's factory increased in armour too Chem warrior wont make much difference at all and why not , seems the most insignificant unit in game lol even technicians see more action. I would like to see also nod have buggies insta spawn next to the airfield to eliminate the silly right side advantage.
  5. really like it sensible, would probably enhance the fun in the game while not taking away the potency of some of the units which would probably not be welcomed by many players. Do you still have that rant video where you talk about nod being OP? Or is that taken down for good?
  6. it would be so cool if we did try out a balance mod with a tick box just to see if we could make the game even better, 1 thing at a time like you said , just think of the impact 1 unit early can make on the balance , not only would mrls help vs heli's it would help wreck buggies and bikes, in base and in the field
  7. Also how would you nerf /buff them? APC to radar tech? Apache damage down? Chem troop availability lower tech? (radar) MRLS availability lower tech for GDI (radar) Engineer walking speed reduced? Flame Tank lower cost to encourage its use which is seldom? War factory more armour to that of a conyard?
  8. chem

    Tournament map standards and variables

    Yea perhaps "ranked matches" or like you said competitive mode where you aren't always ranked , should be a thing, like in RA2 where they had only tournament maps and other things as the set standards etc!? Sounds like a good idea to me. What do you think about resolution as the standards though? Its not something that's normally standardised. Im lucky in that I play the same resolution as you so I have no problem playing at that resolution for the tournament but it would have been a big issue for me a few months back where I was only used to very high resolution. Equally some players still play at 800x600 or 640 x 480 which is closer to the original game resolution. What makes you decide the resolution should be 1200 x 768? With a big distain for anything high res? I ask because isn't high resolution a disadvantage overall?
  9. chem

    Tournament map standards and variables

    I agree with White we are trying to find the best player not the luckiest, man I cant stand unfairness, why run a race if 1 person has to carry a weight and the other doesn't because then it doesn't determine who is fastest unless the weight carrier is so much better madness imo If big names are going to drop out then we should concede on some of the original maps tho imo
  10. chem

    Tournament map standards and variables

    By lax the rules I mean for the highest level players only, if they insist, I don't think any of them will ask for HJK or a money map lol, they might ask for a standard map though. Even though its inherently unfair and I agree with your standards, id much rather see 2 of the best players in the world duke it out than only see one of them in the tournament. Thats all im concerned about. With regards to your concerns about money maps and people jacking the money up, well jacking the money up rarely happens, sometimes noobs do it , sometimes they have an infinite money mega battle, but for the most part 90% of the players are using 10,000 all the time everytime. With regards to high tiberium maps, they will probably always be around because for many or even most they are alot of fun to play, big battles big carnage, etc. But people can and do learn how to play in different styles, (on high medium and low tiberium maps, troop accessed or not troop accessed, team ffa or 1v1 its all a different style of play we have to learn) so I don't think its as bigger problem as you think it is? Regarding the Korean guy hes just a new give him a few months and he will play so many games with 10000 credits that he will probably play that too and he will learn that that ithe standard is. I used to jack the money and units up when I started playing or had pre existing scouts, slower speed , more defensive maps, etc that's just beginner tendencies, no ones gonna start using 20,000 or anything else as the standard.
  11. chem

    Tournament map standards and variables

    No one else in the community has gone to the effort of thinking it through and putting forward a proposal, everything uve said seems fair and well reasoned. Perhaps we could get a bit more lax about the rules if they cause people to not join the tournament. If its not a problem then no need to relax the standards. That's my opinion anyway, especially with regards to the big names.(high ranking players)
  12. chem

    How to counter the GDI troop defence start?

    That's an advanced build I like it, the 3 refinery build seems popular with the high level pros, regarding your build how often do people bike rush these days? Not very often! Yea those extra troops are so useful when you sell
  13. chem

    How to counter the GDI troop defence start?

    Only 2? That's good to know bro thanks! (ran out of thumbs up for today lol) Although I bet its 3 on the right hand side and that's a problem when the numbers increase that much your units get wiped out much faster than an even fight, even 2 is a problem, but then you compensate with troops with the extra cash but they cost money too, but less overall so 2 is still best probably What do you think about 3? To me 3 or is for when you are pretty damn sure they will go 2 ref, and so you try to get the edge on them not fearing a fast 1 ref rush? What do you think?
  14. chem

    How to counter the GDI troop defence start?

    That's what I thought I havnt worked out the whole dynamic yet but it was looking to be a complex unsymmetrical rock paper scissors type thing. Except with more than 3 options and where one doesn't totally nullify another. I love this game figuring it out is half the fun for me. Im guessing atm that the 2 refinery build is the highest % most adaptable build with the least disadvantages but also the least advantages? Picking the 2 refinery build is like picking Ryu