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  1. Id love there to be more like in RA1. Is there anyway I/we can drum up numbers? Ive told my old friends about it, im sure you guys have put loads of you tube videos up. Perhaps the punishment for lets say a racist or abusive player on ra1, you could ban them form red alert 1 but not from cnc1 and other low number command and conquers? Then if after playing it for a while they might take to it. It might filter alot of jerks into our community but playing jerks is far more simple you dont have to have an compassion
  2. Fair play. I like to do the x2 con yard rush to punish the noob for picking my map, I sell one conyard and do my usual buggy bike rush but starting with 2 airfields. I find it the most effective way to minimize the popularity of my map edit lol Once they see its like apachis on money maps which is another option they give up on it like they give up on starting with 500, 000 credits
  4. The tiberium has been "farmed" into a symmetrical shape, so have the cliffs, dont you know anything about agriculture?
  5. Thats awesome, Id like to see a 4way map of quarry id make it myself if you gave me permission, but it would be better if you made it in your own time, Id simplify it make it a very simple even 4 player map like pinwheel, its just such a cool idea for something that looks both good looking and realistic, its perhaps the most realistic piece of terrain ive seen on cnc it looks like a photo taken from a plane, and well if you are bringing out the flame tanks its gotta be tactical
  6. Problem is remember that map Europe on ra1, that started off life as a map no one plays until someone edited it and it became the most popular map I agree we should ask 1st, I edited another of manus and 1 of matt attacks wo permission I wont do it again oh and 2 of a guy that no longer plays, it just gives them a new lease of life. I will ask all people from now on it can defo be taken as a massive insult although its actually intended as a big compliment from me
  7. I get that same feeling even though I made it lol please yes remove it. I know what its like to join a game and then get lummoxed with that monstrosity, I made it as joke ffs and it got popular I even called it the map for retards and they still play it lol Also I make alot of really poor quality maps just to try stuff out, like to see if a design is fun before I actually make it properly I hope thats ok and doesn't clog the system up too much
  8. will reply later gotta get out good discussion, I can happily live with with what you want I like pro maps, just thinking about lack of numbers in cnc1
  9. The original HJK is not crap? Even though I have no say, I think a balance is good too many retard maps and its a lame experience too many professional maps and its less fun I wont miss retard hjk I dont want to play it when someone else hosts it lol but I know alot of nubs will miss it
  10. Thanks white I have left you a very hostile argument but I feel it is necessary and valid, I respect you, and your opinion and your work and your help. But I feel it is good to have a discussion without holding back. I hope you do a 4 player version of quarry what an awesome map design!!
  11. xD Well you guys are in charge and doing it well its a Good dictatorship like in Singapore and you do listen to everyone so its a semi democracy. If you let white get his way cnc1 will die. Its on the edge as it is so few people play it wont take much to make the numbers so low that everyone gives up trying to get a game and then it will be dead. We need popularity we need more HJK maps and more tiberium,! Are the best players in ra1 dumb for playing p4? They seem pretty smart and talented to me.
  12. Sorry White this is a democracy not a dictatorship, you opinion is not the final word, you are not in charge, you appear to believe what you think is right IS RIGHT, when its just a subjective opinion. One of many. Dont you think whatever THE PEOPLE like is important too? They will pick based on what they like and thats the natural scheme of things. If you were in charge would be a wasteland. Because most people dont like what you like. I say this with respect and as a counter argument not intended to offend but to promote further discussion in a constructive was as is possible. i FIND IT QUITE FUNNY i MADE THAT AS A MAP CALLING IT THE RETARD VERSION AND IT BECAME AN INSTANT HIT xDDDDDDDD I only made it for a lol game and then everyone started using it and I still keep seeing it even though I never spread it myself. I disagree HJK while ugly and appealing to the base desires it is FUN and thats what this should be about, fun for everyone, fun for smart people fun for dumb people fun for everyone, so imo keep the "dumb" maps and keep the smart maps and everything in between, and let the people ENJOY whatever they want to enjoy in terms of map choice. White your maps are good fair high quality but they are not popular, and thats not just because everyone else is a dumbass Also people are limited as it is in cnc1 if you start running things it WILL DIE!! Popularity is vitally important at this stage even if that means lots of ugly money maps and spam. Because to some and not all of them are dumb thats what they enjoy emotionally/instinctively in a map. Again its not all about you, you are not in charge, stop this little group of Tyrants being vile to those that have a different opinion to their own. Your subjective is not right!
  13. wow awesome new map quarry, can that be converted into a 4 player or 6 player map or is it especially designed for 1v1? What an epic looking map and its realistic looking!
  14. I might be wrong but I think he wanted the all in effect of the extra cash advantage combined with sustainable money supply encase it didnt work, out on the first wave of bikes, also to capitolise on the damage the 1st wave did, and it worked really well against me I was using the typical buggy spam Also Ehy beat me once with bikes vs buggies by hitting and moving with bikes. Whenever I try to rush with bikes I run out of cash even with 2 refineries at the start not sure how to make it work. THANKS REGARDING THE HELI RUSH SO FLAMERS COMBINED WITH HELI SUPPORT GET YOU TO THEIR BASE, AND YOU BASICALLY HAVE TO TAKE THEM OUT BEFORE THEY GET AN AIRFIELD OR SHORTLY AFTER OTHERWISE YOU ARE SCREWED, IT IS ALMOST AN ALL OUT STRATEGY IN ITSELF?
  15. Thanks White, im just looking for a viable effective alternative to using buggies all teh time, something that will work against the best players, this may not be possible. If it is id like to know how. The all out harvester heli rush does notw ork on the best players. But Jacko recommended flamers and helis at one point so I presume its a pro build order that isnt used much? Also when you do a bike rush is it worth building 2 airfields? I saw one of the mods play once forget who it was maybe funky and he did a sweet little bike rush that ive never seen before and it worked really well. The build order was special. I think he sold the conyard but had like 3 refineries too so it was not an all out rush more sustainable.