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  1. commando135

    wtf, a cheater?

    yeh that guy shouldnt have used sandbags in the wrong way to get at your base. its fine if your just trying to get over the river for the tiberian on the other side of that river but if that small expansion accidently is your enemies base then just sell the wall. creeps me out when the ai cheats on a map an tiberian sun. its either a $1 map or infinity money and just when uve almost destryoed thier base about 50 mcv deploy around.
  2. i think he means email them to put cnc1 on the gameranger lobby thing
  3. completed another map and thought id put it in this thread. on this map there is a large lake in the middles surrounded by tiberian and your bases. there are two ways to attack and a good supply of tiberian for the war efforts. two civilian towns are on the map.
  4. this map is river crossing ideal for team games as a river separates the north from the south. two small towns occupy the map on the side surrounded by a nod force attempting to destroy the civilian town and hold the crossing. there is still one passage to the toher side of the map which will be sued at your main attack route (most likely unless u break down the nod barricade. extract teh files in the rar to your cnc95 folder. added start points
  5. yeh i couldnt get the ridges to mix in with the beach. edit: thanks for getting a full picture n3trunner3r
  6. this is nods fortress a 2-4 player map. at the start a reinforcment army will appear on the map. nods fortresss will be in the middle blocking your reinforcements. so u could run them throguh but proberly lose them all. nods fortress is suppose to stop u from attacking the other players/player. tiberian will be to the side of your base as shown in one photo. the other shows nods fortress but it dosnt build in game its just a barricade. the lines on the map is the tiberian blossom trees so dont try to edit it the blossom tress still work fine though. just extract the ini and bin file to your cnc95 folder it should work
  7. it is but it takes a lot of killing to do. ive only had one max rank mammoth and a veteran mammoth but it can take a lot of kills to get a rank but yeh tid be nice to speed it up
  8. oh yeh found that deleted it still colour problems edit:dont matter i think ive got it now edit2:yep seems to be running smoothly give me 2 missions then ill set up ports edit3: sorry if i keep editing here but thank your all who helped me get the game working
  9. shall i delete all of the acer software?
  10. yeh i heard 1.06a works but i cant find one edit:found one still dosnt work i dont think this game likes me
  11. not quite working it will flash in game but it gets very irritating and its always been doing that and the start up screen hasnt changed
  12. whenever i try to play cnc95 i get problems with the colours they are turning purple and yellow ect on the screen where u chose play game network ect. i have tried running in administrator mode, compatibility with 95, disable visual themes, updating the graphic and moniter drivers, changeing resoultion, having the cnc setup with none of the options ticked any more ideas and pressing alt+tab i really wanted to go online with it too
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