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  1. @FunkyFr3sh Well, the code starts at 0044AB83. First it differentiates between funpark and normal. It seems the spawn chance is 1/1000 for normal games, and 1/450 for dinos. The actual call to the randomizer is at 0044ABA3. If the test fails, it aborts. Then once again it checks if funpark or normal, and if funpark, it creates an object for one of the 4 dinos. If not, it jumps to 0044ABF6, where it creates an object for the visceroid. Then it picks a random location inside the map bounds and spawns it. The simple fix for all this would be to replace the first funpark check by your own check, and make it either abort, or jump on to selecting the value "1000" to check. #EIP=0044AB83 cmp byte [????????], 0 ; your variable for disabling visceroids; "not 0" would mean they are disabled. jnz 0044AC80 ; abort jmp 0044AB9C ; set eax to 1000 and continue random spawn check This would end up being just 15 bytes: Offset 3AF83: 80 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 00 0F 85 F0 00 00 00 EB 0A As I said, though, I dunno how you make your checkboxes and how you communicate that to the game. You'll have to save your config value somewhere and then insert the address in the code above. (Ideally, the whole thing could be rewritten to actually choose to spawn either nothing, visceroids or dinosaurs, but I'm betting whoever ends up in the north will strongly disagree with me on that ) Note that according to this code, visceroids only appear if you are playing on Tech level 7. This rule does not apply to the dinosaurs.
  2. Well, I have no idea how cncnet makes its checkboxes... but I can look up where the spawning code is located in the exe. I remember that when I experimented with adding new units I originally used the dinosaurs, which required me to change the unit IDs of the dinosaurs... and through that, when checking where the game used those IDs, I discovered that when Funpark mode is enabled, the game randomly spawns dinosaurs in multiplayer, just like visceroids. So I'm fairly sure I found the code that handles that spawning for both of them.
  3. Y'know, I'm fairly sure I know where the visceroid spawning happens. Can probably just disable that outright.
  4. Um. Infantry are SHP files, not voxels...
  5. You should zip them up to one archive, lol...
  6. Of course. Addons on C&C1 are very simple things. No in-depth install involved. Put files in folder and they work, remove them and everything is back to normal.
  7. Where did you download it, and how are you running it? This should be all you need: Full game installer English videos pack
  8. *looks at the title* Is that supposed to be "programmers" or "pro gamers"?
  9. Hmm, shouldn't that be 480? Height adjustment is 5/6, so for a play resolution of 1920x1080 you would need a game resolution of 1920x900. Straight conversion of that to an in-game content width of 1024 (divide both by 1.875) gives 1024x480, not 1024x576.
  10. If you want the game in its intended aspect ratio, use 1024 x 480 stretched to 1920x1080 😛
  11. Moved. The "Suggestions" forum is about the remasters, not about CnCNet...
  12. Note that if you implement this correctly as described on the wiki page, you can actually define multiple filters to be applied on unit graphics. I tried doing that in the original game, but sadly the game only reserved 512 bytes for reading the file, so it could never store more than just the index block and the shadow remap table. The shroud edge shadows use this principle as well; the ?SHADOW.MRF file contains a whole bunch of filters, and has an index that assigns them to specific palette indices, and you can see in the shroud graphics SHP file that exactly those indices are used as gradual fade to black.
  13. Well, that was the whole point of the filter creator tool... to recreate these mrf files for new theaters
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