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  1. The C&C1 folder should contain a pdf manual, actually. Anyway, I keep a little collection for cases like this: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/manuals/ I only got them up to Generals though I think. for the later ones, I suggest you check out the wikia: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Manuals Enjoy
  2. Ah, so you edited the map to fix it? Nice. Looks really amazing
  3. Well, okay, it has correct terrain, I'll give it that. But those square gem fields, man...
  4. That said, Crappy Mappy Syndrome is cancer and should stay away from my C&C1
  5. Nope, it doesn't. 320x200 is the maximum. The encoder won't let you use more anyway, for the C&C1 type. Note that TS is a bit of a different case; technically the game supports higher than 640x400, but the encoder locks that in as maximum. Though if I remember correctly a hacked version was posted somewhere on ppmsite in which that restriction was removed, since in reality 640x480 works perfectly fine in TS.
  6. Ah, that explains -_-;
  7. Thanks! I got a new and really cool feature in the making, namely, pasting from clipboard with transparency support. This means that you can actually combine stuff, albeit in a somewhat rudimentary way; you can't really choose the position where it pastes except by adjusting what you copy. But you can get around that by editing / shifting / cutting out the stuff you want to copy in the editor, then copying to clipboard, and then just reverting the symbol you messed up by doing that Specifically, this it should make it much easier to add diacritics on characters that already exist. I think I'll separate the options as "paste as symbol" and "paste on symbol".
  8. Heh. I knew the triggers were house sensitive; "Ion Cannon" means GDI gets to attack Nod with ion cannon, and "Nuclear Missile" means Nod gets to attack GDI with a nuclear missile. Honestly never tested this though. But indeed, seems you can't get the ion cannon as Nod... Seems I indeed forgot RemoveBuildExceptions in that list. It's mentioned in the full changes list though
  9. ew. Why would you even mention jpeg when you're edited paletted pixel graphics? :| Anyway, the tower looks really weird without shadow, yes.
  10. There are a few hardcoded changes like that, but that's it. They're generally triggered by mission numbers, too, so they don't work on Covert Ops. Examples are the Tech Center that's called "Prison" On Nod mission 3, and the one I added in the patch, where Dr Chan, who was just called "Civilian" in the original game, became "Scientist" in all missions, except in the actual Chan assassination mission, where his real name is shown. Here's an overview of other similar exceptions in the game: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-unofficial-patch-106/features/a-look-under-the-hood-special-mission-behaviour
  11. Yeah, I did warn that not all missions would be convertible because of that.
  12. Not really the same thing. btw, your signature is huge. I assume the conversion of line breaks to paragraphs is to blame, but still, might want to edit that a bit
  13. Yes, because those are games with context sensitive music, like Dune II and C&C3. C&C1/RA1/TS/RA2 simply happen not to be such games, opting instead for a fully player-controllable playlist I'm not changing that.
  14. Triggers for music tracks? I dunno. I've considered adding a voice briefings system somehow, and perhaps a system to play AUD files from a mission could be done to play like, guiding voice clips or something, but I don't think ingame music is really something that the mission designer should be able to manipulate. And even with the ingame aud file voice clips thing I'd likely have to use some trickery like using teamtype names to substitute for the AUD files in the trigger system (meaning it'd require empty unused teamtypes to be there so they can get linked to the trigger).