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  1. It's simply a known render. You'll find several versions of it in the CnC-Comm renders gallery for RA1.
  2. You mean it only fixes it when the unit causing the bug was an enemy? Umm. He just said he managed to get the same effect in the original game, meaning he confirmed it's unrelated to whatever cncnet did with the exe fie. How is that related to source code? And, you can figure out how stuff works just from testing a lot, you know.
  3. The patch was created to allow the game to run on modern OSes... why are you playing it on an ancient XP machine?
  4. Try the game speed slider in the in-game options
  5. Talking about Dune games is GDI propaganda? Huh? 😐 Man-years are still years. And I said developers, not publisher. The game is being developed by Petroglyph, with graphics being developed by Lemon Sky. You can, though. You literally put it in your second post here:
  6. I think it's a huuuge cop-out that Blizzard started with Starcraft instead of Warcraft 1. And yea, that answer depends a lot on where you spread this poll around. That aside, though, are you seriously trying to tell the devs to throw a year's worth of work out the window and start on something new? Wow, entitled much? Not entirely true But, Dune II already received a remake in Dune 2000, a remaster-like UI/controls overhaul in Dune Dynasty, and is itself stuck in eternal copyright hell due to being a licensed game from a book/movie...
  7. The full beta has been released. We added a document analysing the contents, and uploaded videos of the gameplay and cutscenes included. Check it out on reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/dflqti/a_present_to_the_cc_community/ And, yes, the 4th map is indeed just called "b".
  8. Four, actually. Fairly sure the "b" on the last line is another map.
  9. Neat stuff... though these pictures are all oddly dark, and terribly dithered 😕 [edit] Ah, they all have an obvious identical gap in their palette... I guess that's for game credits. Explains why they would be darkened, too.
  10. Yeah, I am no longer doubting this. We have a render of the shipyard scene, and that specific cutscene, SHIPYARD.VQA, is missing from the final game, but referenced in the videos list. I used that entry in the little addon I made to add the Playstation ants briefing with General Carville into the game, by renaming the video file to SHIPYARD.VQA so the game would accept it. I always wondered what the full video would look like. This is an amazing find, just for those media alone.
  11. The Soviet mission 1 video also looks real... the "moscow" is not there on the release version, and you can't just edit that kind of thing on moving image material.
  12. Are you serious? When you get your hands on a unique piece of C&C history, your first thought is "how much can I get for this"? Anyway, no one is going to given any money for something that can't be verified as being legit, especially since its main menu uses a logo that should not exist at that time. The least you can do is give the map editor exe file to verify that it is indeed an unknown build.
  13. I think I've actually seen that cruiser render in an old magazine... I went through loads of old magazine articles from Hallfiry's scanned collection. Sadly even this 640x400 version is pretty poor quality.
  14. I just found that Desperation campaign on an "unofficial expansion" disk for TS. (This one, to be specific. A big thanks to Taxowlbear for donating his collection to me) Though it seems that one's just on ra.afraid.org anyway... http://ra.afraid.org/html/downloads/campaigns-2.html Anyway, I'll keep an eye out as I dig through these disks.
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