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  1. I think Funky disabled his PMs completely, somehow...
  2. For older players, it might just be nostalgia. A ton of people first got into C&C when Red Alert came out.
  3. lol, I see. It takes up half of the file's size xD Maybe I should transcribe them all... [edit] Found an image-to-text converter that can handle the pixel font. http://www.newocr.com/ I'm on it
  4. Wrong forum, and incomplete info. Please at least mention what game you are talking about.
  5. But... I don't play RA... don't even know if I got it installed It's great that you did this though. I honestly had no idea so many single player missions existed for RA1. If you include the Flame Dancers, please also include the docs I screenshotted for them
  6. Yeah, bytes FF 00 are the indicator for clear terrain in C&C1, so I guess tileset id "FF" remains reserved because of that. Though XCC annoyingly writes the actual auto-distributed clear terrain tiles (tile ID 00, tiles 00-0F) to the map, and CCMap uses bytes FF FF for some bizarre reason (which is annoying for my N64 converter since it's the same thing the N64 format uses, meaning it can no longer be used for quick type detection). Why would they assign that to an actual tile though? Couldn't just put a dummy in there, or plain skip it?
  7. I'm working on a C# version... both for encode and decode
  8. I don't think any specific manual for CS exists. It's just a mission pack, after all. Like the Covert Ops, all it probably has is a single paragraph describing how to install it and how to access the missions in-game. The only notable manual-like thing of CS is included on my site; the morse code sheet for accessing the ant missions.
  9. Ah. I see... so it's not about subtitles. Well, the game managed, and it even limited itself to 320x156, so it should be possible. You just have to start thinking in terms of single pixels when spacing and resizing stuff There are methods to get crisp image on lower resolutions though, if you sharpen images and play with the contrast and brightness.
  10. Tiberian Dawn

    Some updates on this... 1. Image copy option. You can now press Ctrl+C (or right-click the image and select "Copy") to copy the currently opened image representation to the clipboard. 2. Support for paletteless formats has been upgraded with the ability to load different palettes than the standard grayscale fade: This code is obviously just copied from the font editor, though I still have to do some tweaks to make it react right in all situations. Palettes on other file formats (which contain colours) are also freely editable now, and these edits will be preserved if you save the result as new file (if the file preserves colours, of course). This means this tool can now also be used as palette editor. (Happy now, Kamuix? ) 3. I added support for opening/converting C&C1 tileset (template) files. Haven't written the saving code yet, but the format is dead easy, so yea.
  11. It can, but that doesn't mean it'll read missions from them. After all, It only looks for sc*.mix files in the game folder, not inside other mix files. There's no such logic.
  12. I dunno, the Spanish guy managed to get that all subtitled The Kane end speech is a different matter, of course. Hard to subtitle, on that SATSEL.CPS picture (though I guess it's technically possible). But it's just a separate AUD file so it's not hard to replace.
  13. The C&C1 folder should contain a pdf manual, actually. Anyway, I keep a little collection for cases like this: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/manuals/ I only got them up to Generals though I think. for the later ones, I suggest you check out the wikia: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Manuals Enjoy
  14. Ah, so you edited the map to fix it? Nice. Looks really amazing
  15. Well, okay, it has correct terrain, I'll give it that. But those square gem fields, man...