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  1. It honestly depends on what kind of missions you enjoy - some people like build and conquer missions, others prefer sneaky commando strikes. One of my favourites in the latter category was "Syndrome - The Medical Facility", by Mark Stevens. It can be found in Pack 100-139 in Chimas's Huge Collection.
  2. If you mean the extra tracks, yea, we got them in CD quality, as Redbook CD audio tracks on the Sole Survivor CD. So someone just needs to use the tools and convert 'em. Doesn't change the fact that the music.ini in Iran's patch doesn't work, though Um. The installer is literally in the first post here in this thread.
  3. I recreated the Counterstrike/aftermath media pack with the music, ant vids, and the bonus PSX music (well, I just extracted it from Sole Survivor). http://www.mediafire.com/file/jcipr9nkw91i237/reta-exp-music-vids.zip/file Bonus music still won't work right though; the internal handling of that music.ini is a mess.
  4. The link to the Aftermath/PSX music pack is broken... And, you might want to mention those also contain the missing ant videos -_- The problem is that they are mpeg on the original CDs, and needed to be recompressed to VQA to play them in RA. There's really no way around the quality loss.
  5. @segra Ahh, so many lovely renders... I wish we'd have the original digital version of that
  6. All high res images, besides a few renders used for printing large posters, were found at a maximum height of 480 pixels (widescreen though; 752x480). And even there, some of the composite ones looked pretty bad because all live action content was VHS-taped, so I don't think it's even viable to go higher than that. Though, them being produced that way is still no guarantee that the Remaster people will actually find that stuff, of course. A lot was lost throughout the ages...
  7. It's simply a known render. You'll find several versions of it in the CnC-Comm renders gallery for RA1.
  8. You mean it only fixes it when the unit causing the bug was an enemy? Umm. He just said he managed to get the same effect in the original game, meaning he confirmed it's unrelated to whatever cncnet did with the exe fie. How is that related to source code? And, you can figure out how stuff works just from testing a lot, you know.
  9. The patch was created to allow the game to run on modern OSes... why are you playing it on an ancient XP machine?
  10. Try the game speed slider in the in-game options
  11. Talking about Dune games is GDI propaganda? Huh? 😐 Man-years are still years. And I said developers, not publisher. The game is being developed by Petroglyph, with graphics being developed by Lemon Sky. You can, though. You literally put it in your second post here:
  12. I think it's a huuuge cop-out that Blizzard started with Starcraft instead of Warcraft 1. And yea, that answer depends a lot on where you spread this poll around. That aside, though, are you seriously trying to tell the devs to throw a year's worth of work out the window and start on something new? Wow, entitled much? Not entirely true But, Dune II already received a remake in Dune 2000, a remaster-like UI/controls overhaul in Dune Dynasty, and is itself stuck in eternal copyright hell due to being a licensed game from a book/movie...
  13. The full beta has been released. We added a document analysing the contents, and uploaded videos of the gameplay and cutscenes included. Check it out on reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/dflqti/a_present_to_the_cc_community/ And, yes, the 4th map is indeed just called "b".
  14. Four, actually. Fairly sure the "b" on the last line is another map.
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