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  1. Reborn Mod

    Why on earth did you post a topic about a cncnet request in "modding tutorials"?!
  2. Where's the Stock Sound for the Chronosphere?

    yea, that sound is the SC Terran building landing one too, hehe. WW just used the first part, and the Blizzard guys seem to have sped it up a bit.
  3. Where's the Stock Sound for the Chronosphere?

    Finding stock sounds is more @tomsons26's domain....
  4. Tiberian Dawn Artillery Re-Balance (Mini-Mod Added)

    This is normal. All double-owned prerequisites are set this way, and the SSM is more or less a scrapped unit recycled for multiplay, so that doesn't surprise me at all.
  5. The Modding Tutorials forum is meant for posting tutorials, not for asking for modding help.
  6. Which would do what, exactly? C&C has no support for healing weapons, nor for capturing units. The only way to repair is through the repair pad, and the only way to capture units is by putting an engineer into a building the unit is docked to.
  7. MOD Return Of The Dawn - question

    I doubt it... normal missions are full of special code inside the mission files, and the ROTD mod is a lot more than just some graphics replacements. It would require a lot of work in the missions themselves.
  8. Jungle tileset

    If I remember correctly, the only requirement is that it needs a unique starting letter, since the .mrf remap tables start with just one letter as theater prefix.
  9. A10s with real ranged weapons behave oddly, though... they just shoot it in front of themselves, so chances are that like the RA1 Yaks they never really hit what you target them at.
  10. Jungle tileset

    Um. Adding tilesets in your mod would be really easy. Most of the work would be setting these terrain ownerships for the terrain pieces.
  11. Production speeds for structures/units

    Timing and speed stuff in general is really hard to research in the game... because debugging, by its very purpose, pauses things.
  12. Maybe one day I'll feel like scanning the entire C&C1 strat guide, lol... but today is not that day.
  13. Classic Gaming Sites

    Oh, interesting. Talking about liberated games, have you seen these? http://www.oldgamesitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=16027&st=0
  14. Westwood Font Editor [Development thread]

    The mess with transparency just got kicked up a notch... Apparently when you press Print Screen on a (Windows 10) desktop made of 2 screens with different heights, the resulting image is actually put in the clipboard by Windows itself as that bastard DIB format with transparency in it; the area under my smallest screen is transparent, not black. This was saved through the font editor's clipboard code. When pasted in Gimp, the area underneath the left monitor image is, again, black, as it should technically be according to the DIB specs.
  15. Westwood Font Editor [Development thread]

    Added transparency support for pasting images