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  1. Nyerguds

    Mayan Pyramid

    The description on the download says "you'll need TibEd(1.7) to apply the changes".
  2. Nyerguds

    Mayan Pyramid

    Not sure what you mean with "have" the Mayan Pyramid. You don't own it; it's a neutral building. If you mean the defense structure, well, you're gonna need to dig into modding, I guess. As for having both sides, um, just capture an AI's base?
  3. google "show file extensions". The method on how to do that hasn't changed since XP.
  4. Uhh... how would we know what working solutions are for your PC? Are you talking about online or single player? Are you using the CnCNet download of Tiberian Sun? Did you update your graphics drivers?
  5. Of course not. They didn't take XCC as source. They took the actual game source as source.
  6. That's an original bug I never managed to patch. It's in the patch FAQ. The only fix is running the game with a height of 400 pixels.
  7. There's your problem, then. This is not a remake. This is a remaster of the original game.
  8. I have no idea about campaign replacement, sorry. This is just about addon missions; the remaster equivalent of putting stuff in the New Missions menu.
  9. Map format is 100% unchanged. Now... this'll be immediately clear when the game releases anyway, so I don't think there's much harm in posting it here: Since the remaster does not use name formats to distinguish multiplayer maps from single player scenarios, the single player maps need the ini key "SoloMission=True" in their [Basic] section in order to be accepted by the Remaster as custom scenario. This key obviously has no effect on the classic game, so there's no harm in just adding it to everything. So add that to the inis and you can prepare this collection for the Remaster.
  10. hehe, no prob. The typo actually has a funny history; the Westwood people took the name from the Jurassic Park movie, where it's seen on a vial of Stegosaurus DNA. With that misspelling. They looked up the dinosaur and put it in the game, but never noticed that the name they got from the movie was misspelled. And that typo survived into Sole Survivor, where they made the icons for them because they were playable units there.
  11. All RTS games since C&C1 have bigger maps, though. We identified the original secret password to unlock the 6-player option in early versions of the game, and the password was "crowded". I'd say that sums it up.
  12. ...really? You just need to start the game and hover over your sidebar to know this.
  13. I think you forgot a few things... Like, the fact these icons come from Sole Survivor. And file extensions for the shp files. And a colour palette; took me a while to figure that out, but, I'm honestly not sure why this is posted in the TD section if it uses the RA palette. Also, it's "stegosaurus", not "stegasaurus" btw, for TD-paletted versions of these icons, and the "Stegasaurus" typo fixed, there's a pack I uploaded here some time ago: https://ppmforums.com/topic-14518/td-deluxe-cameo-pack/
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