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  1. Nyerguds

    Modding tools

    I added my new Engie File Converter to this. It supports reading and writing all types of SHP files, including the Dune II type, and also has full writing support for both CPS and WSA
  2. Nyerguds

    [TD] Replacing the dinos with tanks...

    Ah. I generally use it to remove stuff for modding purposes. Specifically, removing a building's build-up animation makes the building unsellable; something I used in my patch to 'remove' the build-up of the hospital so I could make it unsellable (as it should be) without removing the official buildup graphics from the game files. Apparently DOS C&C had some kind of exception code for that, but that's missing from C&C95, and 'sellable' is not among the structure type variables that can be modded.
  3. Nyerguds

    single player with videos - how?

    Because the game includes four languages. I could put the game and the videos of all four languages in one pack too, but then you'd probably be wondering why on earth C&C1 was 5 gigabytes.
  4. Nyerguds

    single player with videos - how?

    True, the end is different... canonically GDI wins. But according to the briefing of the Covert Ops mission "Nod Death Squad", both the European defeat and the African expansion definitely happened.
  5. Nyerguds

    single player with videos - how?

    No. They run more or less parallel, but since they play on different continents they don't really influence each other.
  6. Nyerguds

    Westwood Font Editor [Development thread]

    Just a note for you all... I created edited Dune 2000 fonts that can be expanded for language support: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/project_stuff/2016/WWFontEditor/resources/Dune2000FontsFixed.zip These fonts have their order fixed to normal Windows text encoding.
  7. Nyerguds

    Flashback Friday - Original CnCNet Forum!

    You sure? I made several, back in the day.
  8. Positive crates only is dumb. I don't know why they even added that in later games.
  9. Airstrike is scary. The only superweapon that can one-shot a CY. Giving it to GDI only would ridiculously unbalance the game, especially since Nod's AA is so terrible against it. Ironically, GDI's AA is excellent against it - AGTs, Mammoths and MLRSes eat A10s for breakfast. Also, I believe it may have some wonky logic that makes the amount of planes depend on the map number set in the game. You'd be surprised how many mission-number dependent logics they just forgot to remove from multiplayer.
  10. There's this little detail called "reading the original theater data to actually show the map"... otherwise you may as well use CC-SCEN It would be kind of a bother if the first line in the manual of such a tool was "extract all files from temperat.mix, desert.mix, winter.mix and snow.mix into a new folder, because this tool can read TMP files but can't read them from mix files"
  11. I doubt it, but I could probably write my own if I feel up to it... already got code to read (and write) the tileset format, and the maps are peanuts; all that remains is the mix format, and I doubt that's hard.
  12. It should... the RA map data is converted to base64 (and compressed I think) but the data is saved the same way, only with 3 bytes per cell IIRC, allowing IDs that span 2 bytes. In fact I think RAED even has features for copying and pasting single template cells. But the point is rather moot; RA actually has all those tiles we're faking into existence here
  13. Nyerguds

    New forum theme, love it!

    I never claimed it was a user friendly or even a good system. I just showed you that you were wrong on the multi-quote thing.
  14. Nyerguds

    New forum theme, love it!

    Oh, really? You just select some text and click the "quote" box that pops up. and you can do that as many times as you want.
  15. Not quite as perfect, but still pretty neat: substituting beach by a piece of road.