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  1. Jungle tileset

    Um. Adding tilesets in your mod would be really easy. Most of the work would be setting these terrain ownerships for the terrain pieces.
  2. Production speeds for structures/units

    Timing and speed stuff in general is really hard to research in the game... because debugging, by its very purpose, pauses things.
  3. Maybe one day I'll feel like scanning the entire C&C1 strat guide, lol... but today is not that day.
  4. Classic Gaming Sites

    Oh, interesting. Talking about liberated games, have you seen these? http://www.oldgamesitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=16027&st=0
  5. Westwood Font Editor [Development thread]

    The mess with transparency just got kicked up a notch... Apparently when you press Print Screen on a (Windows 10) desktop made of 2 screens with different heights, the resulting image is actually put in the clipboard by Windows itself as that bastard DIB format with transparency in it; the area under my smallest screen is transparent, not black. This was saved through the font editor's clipboard code. When pasted in Gimp, the area underneath the left monitor image is, again, black, as it should technically be according to the DIB specs.
  6. Westwood Font Editor [Development thread]

    Added transparency support for pasting images
  7. CnC Modding Encyclopedia

    They're a completely different game engine though...
  8. Westwood Font Editor [Development thread]

    I released a new version with better transparency support. There is one big problem with the Windows clipboard: it does not have transparency support. Now, you may think, "hey, but application X I use handles that fine!" Yes, well. The standard image format on the clipboard doesn't have transparency support. But there are more options. See, the clipboard can contain multiple objects simultaneously. When a symbol on the font editor is copied, it's not just in there as image. It's in there as image, as FontFileSymbol object of the font editor itself, and even as text character. So what these applications do is simple: they add it to the clipboard in more formats, and they support reading these extra ones. A classic one seems to be png. A lot of applications, including MS Office and Gimp, support pasting that, with its transparency intact. But, when I filled the clipboard with the combination of standard clipboard image format and png, and pasted it into Chrome to upload it into Imgur, it took the nontransparent one, so apparently it can't handle the png version. Neither did I get a png image out of Chrome when I copied an image from the browser. That's when I discovered the "device independent bitmap" (DIB) format. It's apparently another somewhat-standard way of putting an image on the clipboard. However, according to its specifications, the type of DIB that Chrome put on the clipboard is 32-bit RGB. This means that while each colour is saved in 4 bytes, the 4th of those is not supposed to be read, and the format has technically no transparency. But it seems Chrome completely ignores that, and uses the format as ARGB. Just test it out; an image with transparency copied from Chrome and pasted into Gimp does not retain its transparency, because Gimp handles the format correctly. Meanwhile, that same image copied from Chrome and pasted into Imgur in Chrome will be uploaded with its transparency intact. So in the end, I had no choice but to support this bastard-DIB format, because apparently reality is a lot less elegant than any specification. Yey X_x
  9. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    I hope that isn't the same issue as the C&C1 icons... apparently the game has real trouble with switching theaters after loading sidebar icons (which are theater-sensitive in C&C1) from custom mix files. Maybe RA has similar problems? with such addon graphics? :-\
  10. I doubt it... but what's the use anyway? Reinforced boats are useless by design; they are weaponless sitting ducks.
  11. Not sure where I'd see such info on that shot. I see the value "10.9K HZ" just pasted on there, but I honestly can't determine what on the image it corresponds to...
  12. Is it possible to create vehicle 'skins'?

    Skins make house colour harder to distinguish, though...
  13. CnC Modding Encyclopedia

    So, how about the older games? Is the wiki also meant for modding stuff for C&C1, RA1 and TS?
  14. Unable to install Yuri's Revenge

    Well, installing older games like the C&C ones under "Program Files" is always a mess, since nothing (including the game itself) has write access in there. You can change where games get installed through Origin. Though normally if you run the cncnet installer as Administrator this should not be a problem.
  15. Red Alert 3 Coop

    CnCNet doesn't handle the Gamespy games; those can be played through C&C: Online.