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  1. A very important distinction: are you talking about selling, or destroying? I know where the code for each of these is, but, it being code, the only way to change it is by hacking it to reprogram the specific exceptions. On the topic of the tech center, though, that exception only works on Nod mission 10. It's a special logic only meant for the Chan mission: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-unofficial-patch-106/features/a-look-under-the-hood-special-mission-behaviour For the CY it's a bit more complex, since I know there's a difference between captured and original CYs. I'm not sure if this exception also applies to destroying it, though, or if it's only for selling. No, but a similar thing does work with the Nod transport plane. If you use the classic chinook reinforce logic but set the transport to a C17 instead, the resulting plane will drop off the unit at the airstrip. No idea if this works with infantry though. A fun extra on that technique: it only works with one unit, and only if the player has an airstrip, but due to the Nod airstrip-buy logic, if these conditions are not met, units that can't be delivered are immediately refunded as money. This is, as far as I know, the only known way to give the player instant cash through triggers, in C&C1.
  2. It'll still interrupt your construction, though.
  3. It might be possible; the game has a system for reloading mix files during gameplay; this is used for switching CDs. But I never figured out exactly how to do this.
  4. Uhh... you literally quoted the answer in your question.
  5. Pfff. Of course you can. You just need a repair bay... or a sandbag
  6. Um. The Covert Ops is unrelated to this. "C&C Gold" is not "C&C1 + Covert Ops". "C&C Gold" is simply "C&C95". I'm honestly not sure where that misconception ever came from. The proof: https://web.archive.org/web/19990219213827/http://www.westwood.com:80/games/ccuniverse/ccgoldpc/ And, to prove it's not linked to the Covert Ops: Archive.org seems to be slipping btw... a lot of the stuff that I based WWR on is simply no longer there.
  7. Honestly though, TaxOwlbear, how do you not know this by now?
  8. Strange. Power plants give 100, and the ACC needs 200. Did you have anything else? As for the civilians, actually, them being allied with Nod is not an issue at all. The only thing that matters is that they are not allied with GDI. He could've just allied them with both to avoid that problem.
  9. Mess with the .ini files, I guess. Look around in the mix files using XCC Mixer until you find the music control file, extract it and edit it.
  10. You only get a 320x200 image, and you need to account for the buttons at the bottom, so I honestly doubt it'll give you more space.
  11. Except... making a specific faction use a separate voice set kind of doesn't work. My language system is initialized on game startup, without any kind of switching system.
  12. The game is still freeware, y'know... Feck Mobygames. They'd just put their ugly watermarks all over it Tore already added the cover to cnc-comm, though.
  13. ...really? You're going there? It's a freaking localization. They're not Japanese soldiers. Not to mention, skin colour hardly matters for the 4 pixels you see of that on a soldier, and Nod recruits in third world countries, so a lot of those won't be white either. And IIRC these pixels are kind of orange.
  14. And the title says C&C Gold... I have a different tool for extracting PSX cutscenes and for extracting PSX files.
  15. Um. If they hadn't released one, I wouldn't be posting it here? There is apparently a version with the Covert Ops, but this one sadly didn't include that, which also means I'm still missing the briefing pictures of these missions. I might be able to reconstruct those if I find a Japanese ISO of the PSX version though. If I manage to extract images from that, that is