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  1. Irrelevant... a remaster built on OpenRA wouldn't be a remaster at all.
  2. I guess a possible solution could be for it to remember where it started harvesting, and to stick around that point. The point would be replaced by a manual command, and by the first located piece of tiberium around the previous spot after an unload and return to the field. Dammit, I'm designing harvester AI here... that's not what this thread was for
  3. This thread is a perfect showcase for why I disagree with that. It's about what pieces of the game should be faithfully recreated. This is a question the OpenRA people never, ever asked when they made their project. It makes a lot more sense to approach people who are still actively involved with the actual games it's all about. That's exactly what I was thinking, yes. What better way to introduce new people into the franchise than by using what introduced the original first fans? (Dune II should be revamped! It was the first game in the C&C series! I have proof 😛) ...you're contradicting yourself there. You answer with a list of what should not be touched by adding something you specifically want changed... Uniform randomisation evens out in the long run. And, eff "top end players". I don't play C&C without random crates enabled 😛
  4. The whole thing is about the 25th anniversary of C&C1, you know... it'd be pretty weird to go and remaster some other game for that occasion, in my opinion. Especially some game halfway down the series in terms of storyline
  5. In practice this is really annoying, though since it means you can no longer assign harvesters to faraway tiberium fields. I've had enough cases where I'm letting a closer field recover while harvesting from a farther one, or where I have one harvester assigned to each field.
  6. It's not. The Westwood people themselves even made jokes about how bad the harvester AI in C&C1 is. If you place a harvester on a map with cells of tiberium around it, it will scan these cells in order of cell number, meaning it will always start with checking the top left one. This causes harvesters to not harvest around them, but make a straight line to the top left corner of the tiberium field for no apparent reason. This makes both player and AI controlled harvesters ridiculously prone to drifting miles away from their base for no logical reason. Also note that even unloading tiberium doesn't reset this; they restart at the cell where they last harvested. This isn't even AI, it's lack of AI, resulting in behaviour that makes no sense unless you look at it in terms of how it's programmed. A simple call to the random function would've fixed this right away.
  7. Must I remind you they went to OpenRA at first? Doesn't sound to me like they have much feel for the community, no... In all seriousness... it's hard to pinpoint what should not be changed. I've gotten outrageous emails for stuff like adding the Nod score and map music in my patch, if you can believe that. Some people are really touchy about very simple details. What is easier to pinpoint is what I would like to have changed in case of a C&C95 remaster. if I had more time to work on C&C, one thing I'd definitely fix is the north-preference in harvesting direction. Making that either truly random, or giving it a preference towards the nearest refinery, would do a whole lot for the harvester AI. Betcha some people would be angry about that too if I did it
  8. The bugs. Keep them in. Keep them ALL in. (damn, I'm turning into Myg )
  9. Nyerguds

    News from EA.

    It depends largely on what "remastering the classic PC games" means... as far as I know they don't have the sources nor the original 3D resources of the classics anymore, so, what, would it be like a remake or something?
  10. Nyerguds

    C&c maps

    Umm... there isn't a single version of C&C1 without a "start new game" button. You just need to look on the actual main menu, and not inside the "New Missions" listing.
  11. Nyerguds

    carry over money in sp campaign

    I'm honestly not sure. I know it's determined by the following mission's ini file, and that the system is disabled when CarryOverMoney is set to 0, but I don't think anyone ever researched the specifics of how much can carry over. As far as I know it's unlimited, meaning the value in it would be a percentage of the previous mission's money or something like that. MattAttack did figure out that only "cash" money is carried over, and not tiberium: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/4074-campc95tiberian-dawn-carry-over-money-amp-credits-vs-tiberium/ Note that the musings of CarryOverCap in there are most likely incorrect; it's probably a cap on the amount that can be carried over. It's always disabled in the campaign though, and no one ever really tested it. But, feel free to do some testing of your own.
  12. Nyerguds

    C&C Rhapsody!! (Bohemian Rhapsody Parody)

    Haa, brilliant.
  13. The videos should be accepted by the patched game, as far as I know. The exes in there were never adapted for the other languages, sorry... and it's based on a much older exe that didn't have any of these fancy new features.
  14. Nyerguds

    Modding tools

    I added my new Engie File Converter to this. It supports reading and writing all types of SHP files, including the Dune II type, and also has full writing support for both CPS and WSA
  15. Nyerguds

    [TD] Replacing the dinos with tanks...

    Ah. I generally use it to remove stuff for modding purposes. Specifically, removing a building's build-up animation makes the building unsellable; something I used in my patch to 'remove' the build-up of the hospital so I could make it unsellable (as it should be) without removing the official buildup graphics from the game files. Apparently DOS C&C had some kind of exception code for that, but that's missing from C&C95, and 'sellable' is not among the structure type variables that can be modded.