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  1. Hi White,

    i am Mike Pence, i know, i am banned.

    Only one question: What can i do to get unmuted after 1 year and 1 month? Chem said even harder things and that for a much longer period of time. I am ready to make peace with Ferret. I will stop commenting his videos on Youtube, and so on.


    1. AchromicWhite


      I don't really know. Before you and Chem started doing what you were doing, no one had acted up that much.
      Both of you pushed the boundaries. It's never come up before.

      Basically, I'm not sure, as I have no point of reference.

      Also, just to Chem who's clearly just blatantly dropping in to cause some more chaos... I really don't think that's appropriate for you to push people's buttons like that.

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