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  1. https://youtu.be/bvsrePNh-tU This was a live stream in which I spoke about mapping design, issues with current maps, and suggest not only what maps should perhaps be in the map pool, but also a solid system for categorizing maps to ensure that we still have variety of play while working within a mapping standard for competitive play. Understanding Mapping thread; https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8062-understanding-map-design/ Picture of suggested Map Pool; https://i.imgur.com/jUa6rnK.jpg EARC system, created by SKIKS; https://external-preview.redd.it/FFwYOtytZuepUkZktV7KDwM4cVMC9BbM1b6YAHBfO00.jpg?auto=webp&s=92201366130fc83b68bd4355d9bc841c8f79c41e
  2. This is to be an overview on current issues with maps in the map pool, and moving forward with mapping. I'm in touch with one of the community members who has direct ties to the Dev team, so this is somewhat of a push to get our ladder upgraded and ready for real competition! This talk will not only include an overview of issues, but a solid talk on solutions, and even a choice of new maps for the ladder! Come along and give your feedback. Let's give our feedback to the Devs and make C&C Tiberian Dawn! https://www.twitch.tv/achromicwhite
  3. Going live soon... let's crank some GDI hard mode, campaign!
  4. Going live soon. Will be have a look at the new patch notes and giving some feedback. As well cranking some ladder. https://www.twitch.tv/achromicwhite
  5. Live soon! We're going to be looking at some tournament final replays for TD! So if you're looking to improve, want to see some sweet plays, or if you're a Red Alert player who would like to see something other than tanks... come check out the stream! https://www.twitch.tv/achromicwhite
  6. My apologies. That's just my internet upload speed right now; if I upgrade quality, it'll lose frames. This is the best is can be (for now). The virus has finally been dealt with in NZ, so now I can hopefully get that upgrade. I've already sorted out what company I'll be using, so Shouldn't be too long now to get that sorted out. It is the same econ, but the maps are limiting, as in many of them, the tiberium is far away or in smaller quantities. It's a mapping issue more than anything. Both myself and Lovehandles are both doing a little push to get better maps, hopefully that happens soon... or at least get those pesky starting units removed. The game speed is somewhat slow, though it does give a lot of potential for multitasking and micro. The maps are Tiberium Garden, Nowhere to Hide, Red Sands and Green Acres. I'm not a fan of the WW maps, and the dev team really need to start get some community maps to fix that up. The core of the game is just fine, though. So that's promising. And there was a bugged map on launch, that the team pulled, so that's also promising that they are at least paying attention.
  7. Some of the tiles are missing/incomplete. Some people's had permanently crashed (unable to place tiles). So it desperately needs patched.
  8. We're going to be going over some tournament replays on the live stream. I've got my hands on 5, high tier, high quality Tiberian Dawn replays, so come and join me as we check these out together. Whether you're looking to improve or just want to see high tier command and conquer, this is a must see! Catch you there at 7:00 PM (19:00) GMT 14th/June ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-Wf26XevmY
  9. Going live soon! In for another round of ladder! C&C veteran comes to show how this is done! Feel free to ask questions and learn the game! https://www.twitch.tv/achromicwhite
  10. Each to their own. No one's forcing you to spend. Hope you're having fun
  11. Game ready in about 2-3 mins! Streaming soon! (stream already live!) https://www.twitch.tv/achromicwhite
  12. I love that you finally got this finished man. When did I find this and drag you here in the first place? like 10 years ago now? You're a champion, and the mod looks amazing! Cudos! ❤️❤️ I'll have to find time to play this on the stream. Naturally it wont be for a wee while, as I'll be exploring the remaster initially. But this just looks so great. I'm SO damn impressed with the cut scenes; you absolute mad man!
  13. Yeah, I was meant to have a better net connection and maybe some other stuff... but indeed, the virus has made things crazy. Luckily NZ seems to be getting everything under control. Hope you're keeping safe man! I think there's gonna be a good handful of content coming to the steam workshop. I'm looking forward to that, and seeing if we build a new strats at the highest level of play. The remaster really could kickstart C&C! Hope you're keeping safe, and all the best with all projects. If it turns out really good, maybe I can show it on the stream!
  14. Initial announcement for anyone who didn't see it! Final announcement before launch! And of course, a link to the channel, if you're joining me at launch or if you want to come hang out on stream later! Time to rock 'n' roll! https://www.twitch.tv/achromicwhite
  15. It's a shame not to see more players, but they may patch it later. If they were going to change some AI, then it'd have made sense to change more stuff. I think they wanted to release the original and then go from there. It makes some sense.
  16. Saying is one thing, training the mind is another
  17. I think this is really helpful to a lot of people. It's interesting seeing people project these feelings onto others, too.
  18. Awesome. Might be nice to fight a TD AI that doesn't just attack northern most enemies, too xD
  19. That's literally what the case currently is. Which is why it's crazy to assume that the patch is going to sweep out the original.
  20. Do we know if C&C 1 is finally getting a skirmish mode? ... I still have so many questions about what they've made, haha.
  21. I think someone has made some for C&C1... just like challenge maps where you just make units and rally them together into combat.
  22. Everyone's at home playing video games...
  23. Never forced anyone, never intended that, never said that. We're done here.
  24. It's aimed at balancing units that are either too weak (due to a range of reasons) or strong (again, for a range of reasons). So it acts exactly as a patch does, but is made by the community, hence "community patch". There was also work on an RA2 one, which was also called a "community patch" which was doing more or less the same thing, which is where we got that final bit of passion to make this happen. I guess we called it the same thing. "Its the cnc mod that causes further imbalance when compared with the original game, is that correct?" I don't really see how. We gave more counter play to the apache, because after playing for 20 years, the best strat I have vs apaches is to go all-in with medium tanks and hope they don't have enough money left over to defend. (In other words, ignore the apaches and just attack). (Note I'm not talking about apache cheese here... the cheese is very defendable). Or, take the MLRS. A unit that makes perfect sense to be a unit to tech into as Nod ramps up mass light vehicles... yet is just inaccessible due to price of tech. Those are just two examples. And note that unlike most mods, we're not trying to change the design of the game. We're not changing the role of units. If there is a specific part of the mod that you think makes something imbalanced, then this is a place where you can explain that, so that the community can test that issue and if they find that to be accurate, we can change it.
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