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  1. I'm back online! Here's a preview of what I've managed during my downtime. Can you spot all the changes? Finalised Machine Shop, including damage frame (I like the 2x2 bib ) Finalised APC icon Darkened Hum-vee windscreen so it fits with the Teal scheme better I also buffed the Artillery, although you can't really see that with a screenshot
  2. Yeah after having tried and implemented the 1x1 size, I feel that going wider just makes sense as the small one looks odd and too tiny. Power of experimentation! Might even be enough to centre the current building on a 2x2 bib with a few barrels around it (or even by itself) I don't actually have internet at my new place yet, so my posts will slow down for the next few days.
  3. RA Airfield in C&C

    Thank you! The ruined frame is a combination effort: all the damage to the airstrip itself is done by hand. The control tower's frame is actually from the C&C one, as the control tower is the same in both RA and C&C.
  4. Hey thanks White If you guys think that I should try again or make it larger I'm happy to try. Could always make a little scrapyard arrangement around it and make it 1x2 with a bib. The icon is a bit of a combination actually. I removed the refinery from its icon to create that countryside, then rerendered the model at the appropriate angle and did a bunch of touchups to get to what you have here.
  5. I was inspired by addons from Starcraft , which are pretty small. I could have gone 2x1, but this is what I ended up landing on after moving blocks and objects around in 3D Studio. There was also the desire to have that L shape on the bib, but as you say it looked strange after the fact. I wanted something that looked Weapons-Factory-esque but not copy/pasted. I'll post an updated screenshot tonight once I've done the hex editing to make the refresh work. Without the bib players can build it behind the factory to make it look like a megafactory haha.
  6. I've thought about it more and I feel that it would be best to not bother with the concrete bib thing. Not only is it a bit strange for C&C, but the oddities it brought in aren't worth the effort. Have an icon
  7. Hi guys! Time for another update--this time the Machine Shop! As you can see my plan with it is to have it as a tall 1x1 building with concrete bib. There's a slight issue in that the only way to implement this is to make it a power-plant sized building (size 3) with a small footprint, which means that most people look like they are attacking the ground behind it rather than the shop itself, and selection box for it is unnaturally large. What do you guys think? Looks good? Any suggestions or done well as is? Should I give up on the bib entirely?
  8. Yeah the Hospital in C&C was just a mission objective structure alas. I've done my best with what's possible with the game and what Nyer's been able to unleash.
  9. RA Airfield in C&C

    Starting to release some of the art I made for Magi of the East! First up is this Civilian Airstrip. You can see here that I extended the airstrip out to C&C's footprint, as well as a new buildup and collapsed frames. Download from kilkakon.com
  10. Thank you Chem I like your suggestion of making the Artillery more powerful. It's woefully underused in the classic game. The other suggestions would infringe on the other factions too much, but I'll make the Artillery less clunky to use ^^ Yeah, it's got 300 HP, light armour and dual chainguns. Too strong? Who knows Ah yes that one was for my Christmas map! It was a bit difficult to draw that one as I have very few colours in that range. Glad you like it though--I won't be using it in my mod just yet as I have no space for it but I will be releasing it for public use when I have redone the buildup animation (the one in the Christmas map was a bit rushed) Hey welcome to the thread man! I hope you'll enjoy the game when it's released. There's 5 main factions Forces of Tomorrow, Company of Answers, USA, Russia and Japan. As White pointed out, this is a single player mod. If it's really popular then I'm happy to explore a multiplayer version, although I'd probably have to pick two factions and do some pretty heavy hacking away at things to make them far. One team doesn't even get a Weapons Factory haha. In the mean time you can check this vid out if you wanna see some gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIFisBPfMlE
  11. Alternative icons for APC and Light Tank?

    Thanks Inq I might use that Light Tank icon as a base if I feel like I should update my Tank Hunter with something else as I have the Light Tank back now
  12. Jungle tileset

    You underestimate Nyerguds' power ...He gives me the asm and hex and I apply it directly to my exe haha Ultimately I'm indifferent though~ My mod doesn't need it but it could be fun. Also I love that large Artillery :O Talk about an Artillery for MEN
  13. Time for another update! Continuing with advice from Scionox I have taken a look at the USA faction and attempted to breathe life into it with some unique additions to the team. While it was not my intention, USA did end being a bit of a "leftovers faction" as all of their "unique" items were shared with different factions. A bit too Age of Empires. Check out the revised tech tree: Comments on the changes: The Machine Shop ($500) has been added. I've yet to design this structure, which will be my next project. The Light Tank ($600) was a campaign only unit that has now been restored as a buildable unit. It uses White's SHP and has a single TOW rocket that operates in a similar way to the Mammoth Tank. The Hum-vee ($600) has been reimplemented as a powerful all-rounder unit. It is slower and tankier than its C&C counterpart, and carries a dual chaingun. Basically a C&C Attack Helicopter on wheels. Ouch! The Artillery (price uncertain) is an addition only possible with Nyer's hidden units. Thanks to help for helping unlock them for my use. This piece is quite similar to the C&C counterpart, with a bit more damage and range. I'm not sure about it--it might need to be more manoeuvrable to be worth using. Clunky as. The APC ($600) is armed with dual minigunner weapons. It's a functional unit, designed to be a cheap transport. The icon is WIP, I would appreciate some feedback on it to make it 100%-- something still feels off to me. Let me know what you guys think! Feedback is always welcome and greatly helps the mod out.
  14. Jungle tileset

    Ah I see. I think I tried copy/pasting a few tiles over and a palette file and it blew up pretty fast... And we're already having crashes in the campaign with level transitions Interesting though. If it's easy then could be fun I mean I'm all for giving a space for your hacks to flourish like your extra unit types
  15. Jungle tileset

    I love both the Barren and Jungle tilesets. I can't use them in my mod at the moment as I am using all the default theatres already