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  1. Thanks Blade for chiming in Yeah my perceptive at this time is that I'm still working on the mod itself in its current form, the next expansion will be out this year all things going well. Hacks are still being done to the exe. So at this time it would be a lot of work to abandon the current version and redo everything, especially as things in the patch would need to be reimplemented too. I wouldn't rule it out as happening some day, but not for the near future.
  2. Wow thanks for the detailed questions and enjoyment you've got from the mod dude! Did you complete all the maps? I love you using emoji for each faction haha. Which one was your favourite? One thing I can say is that a large number of your ideas are more informed from a Red Alert (or possibly OpenRA) perspective. It wouldn't be possible to back port something like aircraft for instance, as much as that would be fun, or Red Alert superweapons like parabombs or spy planes. That would have to be in the realms of a sequel if it was to happen (Unlikely at this stage, but maybe one day). Infantry carrying capacity, for instance, is locked to either 0 or 5. Regarding the faction design, I've had multiple iterations on the various factions over the years, and a few units changed sides more than once. I would say that it is a bit late for me to make any changes, the current lot are pretty much set in stone, but what I can do is share my philosophy and some trivia about the various units and factions you brought up. US Originally, US were a "worse" Company of Answers. They had no Weapons Factory, Naval Command or Airstrike Control, only the ability to build SEALs and receive periodic reinforcements from an Airstrip. In late 2018 I gave them a major redesign, basing them somewhat off of Allies, hence the Artillery, but also wanting to give them some more unique gameplay style. A lot of factions can devolve into "I build only Medium Tanks" so in this case I took it away from them, giving two very useful vehicles in exchange, both for the same price: the toughest, baddest Humvee yet, and a Light Tank with a missile (thanks to AchromicWhite for the sprite!). The end result is that both vehicles end up being built in decent numbers, instead of just spamming one. If it helps, you can think of the Light Tank as a Bradley, similar to TD in that regard. Russia Russia has been largely consistent in its design, and in my opinion was the strongest of the three RL country factions in its original inception. I really like how they have almost no good units vs. infantry, relying on the SSM launcher as a key unit. To further drive home this infantry weakness, I decided to make their light unit, the Malyutka, not carry infantry, and instead be an anti-vehicle unit instead. It's actually tankier than I had intended but hey, it works. While this mod isn't based off the Red Alert universe, Mammoths in C&C do have that Russian connotation, which is why they are here. Note that I am limited in my vehicle space which is why the Medium Tank graphic is shared across the factions that can build them, in an ideal world I probably would have used the RA1 Medium Tank for Russia. Japan Japan's been a bit of a crowd favourite due to a lot of the unique architecture I made for them, but their initial design was lacking in some areas, having a Tear Gas Tank instead of a Tear Gas APC, and no artillery unit. When I revisited US and Russia, giving them their new unique units, I also gave the MLRS to Japan, as the forces of Tomorrow had picked up the new Missile Crawler unit instead. The MLRS seemed a decent fit for Japan, as they're actually effective against Redoubts, whereas as a Tomorrow unit they had no real role and were completely overlooked by playtesters. I believe that JDF also use some MLRS in real life anyhow. Company of Answers I've got a big soft spot for the Company of Answers. I know a few folks really dislike their frail defences and lack of vehicles, but for me that's what it was meant to be all about. Heavy heavy focus on air play, and the OP Navy Seal, makes for a real fun experience for me. It also helps that their campaign, for the longest time, was the better designed of the two, as the mission objectives are more specific and tight. While I could add an Airstrip in future updates, it would cause the whole faction to pivot to whatever I added there instead of what they're meant to be about: infantry, aircraft and covert ops. I do have to give Nyerguds a shoutout for helping me with getting the Phoenix and Hind going. Forces of Tomorrow Tomorrow has remained largely consistent over the years, the main late addition in 2018 being the Missile Crawler, which really compliments their vehicle forces well. Possibly the one regret I have with the faction as it stands is that the infantry lineup was not the most inspired (there's not a lot I can do about it now) in that the RPG isn't particularly useful alongside the flamer. A bazooka is more useful as the infantry are already covered. At least they're a unique unit to fight against, but Tomorrow players rarely get a chance to focus on their infantry as they're often rushing up to Weapons Factory and forgetting about all infantry, including the high tech ones. Cassandra's Host She almost didn't make it. I was very low on time when I hit my deadline (which is why the first release had a few bugs that I missed sadly :cabal:) Her faction is very limited, for two reasons: the first is that I've pushed the engine to its absolute limit in terms of scope, there's very little room left for additional factions--I have to use triggers to give certain buildings off screen when things are built to make the tech tree work. The second is that I wanted players to force on using Cassandra as a hero unit, and in most cases I've seen people ignore her and instead spam pillboxes or helicopters instead. Wasn't what I intended but it's what happens when people are too scared to use a hero I guess haha. But I'm glad that she was added to the game, she is fun and I like the maps I made for her. That all being said, as you've shown a lot of interest, I can share some of my plans for the upcoming planned release. I'm intending to focus on expanding Cassandra's faction with new units, and making a playable Cuban faction. I've already designed how I want things to pan out, it's just a matter of technical difficulties that need to be overcome to make it happen. Cassandra will get two new units: a flame grenadier from the Barracks and a Demolitions Truck from the Weapons Factory. She won't be able to build any other vehicles, as I really do want to focus on her power as a hero unit, but the flame grenadier will be a strong infantry on par with other elite infantry like the Navy SEAL. Cuba is very much dependent on a few technical glitches that I hope to resolve soon, but the plan for their unique units are an Assault Gun and a fictional vehicle: a short-ranged artillery on a Mammoth tank chassis, that almost works like a battering ram in knocking down enemy fortification. It'd be very tanky and relatively fast. Not sure on its name yet. Map wise, I've had ideas for a large number of maps, energy levels will determine how many of them get made. I want this release to be for fun rather than pressure ^^ Thanks for the interest dude
  3. Hey folks! Sorry the forums don't give email notifications so I have to check manually Feel free to poke me on my Discord if you want to know more, but yes! I hope to do a second content update. I've had a large number of ideas that I wouldn't mind giving a try once I get some holidays, and depending on how much of my current plans will work out from a technical standpoint. Glad you guys had fun with it! There's 33 maps at the moment so plenty to chew through~
  4. I've posted a bug fix update, 1.2a, that addresses some concerns that were raised in this or previous versions of Dawn of Tomorrow. Hopefully you weren't caught out by them! Thanks to Nyerguds for providing help with some of the more tricky ones here. You can download the update from my website, kilkakon.com/c&c The following download mirrors are also available: - EXE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc6iti71tuivoax/c%26cdotsetup.exe?dl=0 - Zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znvdb4g47v16zrb/c%26cdot.zip?dl=0 Changes: Added Questionstalk move response sound. Restored Technician voice lines. Questionstalks can now board Chinook Transports without being evacuated. [Company of Answers Mission 4] Added failsafe victory condition to prevent soft locks. [Company of Answers Mission 7] Fixed a few wall corners. [Conscience] Redesigned victory condition and parts of the map to prevent soft locks. [Cassandra's Host Mission 1] Restored Village Well that was inadvertently replaced with a Power Plant. [Cassandra's Host Mission 3] Added several money crates to assist in the final part of the mission should funds dry up.
  5. The first content update for C&C Dawn of Tomorrow has been released! It includes three new missions, several fixes for existing missions, as well as a slew of bug fixes. You can learn more and download the mod from my website, kilkakon.com/c&c The following download mirrors are also available: - EXE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc6iti71tuivoax/c%26cdotsetup.exe?dl=0 - Zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znvdb4g47v16zrb/c%26cdot.zip?dl=0 New missions include: "Consicence" by Scionox. Play as the United States in this challenging mission as they seek to liberate a lost city and free a defecting scientist. "The Hunt". A non-production mission where you have to take out a number of Tomorrow MCVs before they escape a mountain pass. "Survivors", which incorporates a new terrain adapted from work by Tschokky. It's a brief glimpse into what life is like for the Company of Answers after the conclusion of the campaign. Other adjustments include: Cold Front and Checkmate have been made more challenging as they were easier than I had intended. Nowhere has ownership of a few buildings changed around so the defences at the end of the level are powered. Tear Gas APCs no longer disappear into nothingness when they're destroyed. Mission Critical Structures are now labelled with a tooltip (thanks to Nyerguds). The Propaganda Centre is no longer referred to as a Prison in FoT3 (thanks again to Nyerguds). A few typo fixes and similar adjustments here and there. Hope you enjoy the new content and have fun!
  6. Thank you so much White! It does feel good to have it finally out ^^ It's been a long journey ;D And while there's been a few teething problems a lot of people had fun so yeah, it's been great!
  7. Thank you Shark! This will take a lot of work to be remaster ready. I won't commit to it at this stage, it's been such a huge undertaking that it would be years to redo it all over again! That's why I wanted to push to get it done before remaster came out That being said I'm open to it once I see how the modding scene matures for the game. I'd probably have to force people to play in classic graphics rather than HD, but it would mean that some of the more odd behaviours could be fixed proprely rather than as a bunch of odd hacks. And multiplayer could always be possible under such a setting (control points with mini-MCVs that deploy into propaganda centres perhaps). That being said I'm proud of what I have achieved so far--I wonder how people will do with some of those post-campaign missions ^^ I've also updated the downloads to version 1.1, to address a problem with the Forces of Tomorrow endings.
  8. This one's new to me. Might I suggest re-downloading it to be safe? Perhaps the exe file corrupted during the download or installation.
  9. That's a shame! Does the same happen to you with the normal game? I've had one other tester report this but I was not able to figure out why it happens. The best I could come up with was something up with the computer. If it doesn't happen with the normal game, perhaps you could copy over your ddraw.dll and ddraw.ini from your vanilla C&C directories and see if that works. But hey thanks for enjoying! Hey glad you're enjoying too Matt! Strange that you get issues with videos too. I suppose the same thing goes for the ddraw.dll advice I gave TaxOwlBear, play around with settings and see if you can get it working, but if it happens with vanilla too I don't know what to say. At least it comes around eventually I haven't touched his idle animations for some time actually! Not sure if Cassandra's sprites were in at the time though.
  10. To anyone who has downloaded this yesterday, please grab the new version available now. It corrects a missing file that was preventing CoA mission 6 from being playable. Apologies for that!
  11. Thank you for playing MrParrot! Hope you're having fun! Redoubts are both turret and barracks yes. The design is probably not very practical but I think it's cool You're right with the Chinook interaction. It's something I had to do to get the different unit responses, and at one point I was planning on having an escort mission with them. As for the evil character, it was just for fun, but I realised he might be a bit jarring to some so I decided to have him shrouded in darkness with the fire background. It's not actually that important really as it's more of a mental picture thing than something real.
  12. It's out! https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/11032-cc-dawn-of-tomorrow-released/ I decided it was high time to make a new thread considering this one is 6 years old. It remains an interesting archive of the developmental process!
  13. My 10 year project for C&C Tiberian Dawn is released! Check it out at http://kilkakon.com/c&c You can also watch the trailer here! C&C Dawn of Tomorrow is a story based campaign and mod pack for C&C 1. It contains 30 missions, 6 playable factions and a massive amount of tinkering and graphic work. Hope that you all enjoy it! Thanks to everyone who submitted maps! And of course, I couldn't finish this post without mentioning Nyerguds. Thanks for all the help you've given me over the years dude. Dropbox download links: EXE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc6iti71tuivoax/c%26cdotsetup.exe?dl=0 Zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znvdb4g47v16zrb/c%26cdot.zip?dl=0
  14. At last the vapourware takes form! A trailer! A release date! C&C Dawn of Tomorrow will release this coming Saturday, on May 30th. Hope you enjoy the trailer and are looking forward to a bit of classic C&C action before the remaster hits!
  15. I did end up working more on the Outpost, reshading it, partially due to your suggestion, but I also wanted to make it look nice with the two-tone schemes I have in the mod. See what you think! There's two alternatives here, with differing levels of contrast. Work slowed down over Christmas, but continues at a steady pace. Here's some other recent work, my rework of FoT6:
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