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  1. GradualyWatermelon

    Is more than 8 players possible? How about drop-in mid game?

    in rules.ini, there is something called [Maximums] which controls the maximum player count. but that will require UI editing. EDIT: The 9th player slot will not appear in-game, even when you change the player count to over 8. That's why UI editing is required.
  2. GradualyWatermelon

    Downloadable technician cameo.

    Free to download. you will need SHP Builder's Cameo Generator to add text on the cameo. techniicon.zip
  3. GradualyWatermelon

    Final Sun - give AI buildings

    Did you give the AI a lot of money?
  4. GradualyWatermelon

    How do I make maps and put them as Unholy Alliance (Game Type)

    You can modify the map so that it will be an Unholy Alliance only map. but if you want the map to be available for standard game type and Unholy Alliance game type, you will have to modify the client by opening MPMaps.ini, which is located in the INI folder, add the map, and add Unholy Alliance in GameModes=
  5. Ignore the allied power plant lamp (Assuming the lamp is invisible.) Also, When adding new things, make sure they have the rules flag Image=
  6. Here's a derelict tank that I made remappable. No requirements to download. Make sure Remapable=yes is applied to it in any type of art.ini. ctmsc13.zip
  7. GradualyWatermelon

    Icons for other units/stuff

    I use MS-paint and Inkscape to create cameos.
  8. There are no requirements to download. RA3 cameos.zip
  9. GradualyWatermelon

    Extract vehicle graphics.

    some vehicles use Voxel models, which are basically 3D pixelated models. Their file extensions are called .vxl
  10. GradualyWatermelon

    Need some help for my Mission Selector mod for YR Client

    Rampastring told me in Discord that the client locates missions in the game folder, and it worked! Even though the client handles missions weirdly. I started the first allied mission and I failed the mission Immediately. I may be able to fix this. EDIT: Nevermind, I can't fix it.
  11. How to add new infantry: To add new infantry to a map, open a text program (Obviously), type in [InfantryTypes] in a map, now find [InfantryTypes] in rules.ini (Or firestrm.ini) make sure that you're adding new infantry under the last infantry (For example, in Yuri's Revenge, the last infantry to be added is YADOG (Yuri's Soviet attack dog) and it's the 65th infantry.) now let's add the new infantry, make it the 66th infantry, and give it a name. Now, all we have to do is give it rules flags to make available (Make sure you give it Sprites or it will be invisible). Before we test if it works, let's give it a new weapon. (Optional) Now that we did that, let's see if it works! And look at that! I can hire it, I can move it around, and its weapon works! you can also add new vehicles/aircraft/buildings by doing this but vehicles, aircraft, and buildings have their own lists. such as [VehicleTypes], [AircraftTypes], and [BuildingTypes]. (END OF TUTORIAL)
  12. Boot Camp.zip This map is playable in Mental Omega and Red-Resurrection WARNING BEFORE PLAYING WITH AI: Don't play with easy or medium AI because they will sell all of their buildings. It is recommended to play with hard AI Map update: AI will not waste its money on walls for its construction yard
  13. This mod is inspired by my skills at adding new missions in Red-Resurrection. I added the missions button and the load saved game button, which is successful. This is the result But there's one important thing that I need to do to finish this mod. Knowing the name of the mix file that is used to store maps, which is used by the YR Client. Can you help me with that? that would be great!
  14. GradualyWatermelon

    Multiplayer buildable core defender maps

    The core defender costs 10000 So you want me to modify them? I don't know how to do that.
  15. GradualyWatermelon

    How do I make initiates shoot at Airbourne harriers?

    I changed many things and yet I still can't make an initiate shoot at Airbourne harriers. I'll show you the last attempt at making an initiate shoot at Airbourne harriers Projectile: [AAINIT] Shadow=no Ranged=no AA=yes AG=no Inviso=yes Image=none SubjectToCliffs=no SubjectToElevation=no SubjectToWalls=no Inaccurate=no FlakScatter=no Weapon: [PsychicAAJab] Damage=25 ROF=15 Range=4.5 Projectile=AAINIT Speed=100 Warhead=SAFlame Report=InitiateAttack OccupantAnim=UCINIT OpenToppedAnim=GUNFIRE Elite Weapon [PsychicAAJabE] Damage=30 ROF=15 Range=6 Projectile=AAINIT Speed=100 Warhead=SAFlame Report=InitiateAttack OccupantAnim=UCINIT OpenToppedAnim=GUNFIRE