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  1. Hi everyone, Given the recent announcement, I'm really interested in knowing, extra-officially, if the MAP EDITOR in the Remaster edition will be able to import this collection (maps, triggers, teamtypes, etc) or if it is only for Skirmish and Multiplayer? I hope EA don't scrap away this valuable asset. I'm asking to Jim_Intern on reddit, but I don't think he will even read, due to the amount of hype (and posts) right now. Any answer is welcome.
  2. Matt Attack's missions are inspired, diversified and modern (eg difficult). A must-play.
  3. What a timing. I would like to see the single player missions you got there. If you can provide a link for download I'll try to include them in my collection, if they are not there yet. I have to reach out for Nyerguds or any support, once my game is not showing the New Missions Menu. It's been a long time I don't play C&C that, if any arrangement is needed, I don't remember anymore.
  4. Don't worry, I don't need and don't want any inside information. My concern is that our dedicated community should have representatives once we're keeping this game for years. I have been under NDA before in other remasterization, I know the feel and I have access to developers inside this project. Despite of that, I don't wanna be part of the process. My only request is an importer/converter of the old missions. The request has been done and I'm waiting to check which technological direction EA and partners will take. If not attended, no problem at all. Although being around for some time, I don't feel qualified to be a vigilante inside the council or in the right of haveing acces to privileged information, but given you have done this "job" (of community leader) very well so far, I believe we are well represented.
  5. I'd like to suggest two different threads, one for the single player experience and another for the multiplayer. IMO, EA can (come to) make a poor SP game and a great MP experience, for example. Also, SP and MP players have different goals and game play style and although people might be agreeing at any given point, the ideas behnd the arguments for each mode might vary a little. By last, in terms of opinions, one group will be the "control group" of the other, so the C&C devs reading here can have an idea of notion and coherence from anyone requiring any feature or change.
  6. Hi guys, Sorry for being late for the party. I came here to check my project and stumbled upon this "breaking news" thing. I don't know yet what type of remaster I want or is needed and I'll take a while to update myself on that. Meanwhile, 2 main ideas will be worked (by me) on the CNC forums: 1 - IMPORTER I'll stick with what I've been doing since 2010, so, in case the technology allow us, I'd like the remaster version to have an IMPORTER of the old maps, the BIN + INI files. Given we have now more than 800 fan-made SP missions, being able to update those missions would be important to enlarge the player base. If 80-90% of a single player map is able to be quickly imported, a lot of players will be interested in content creation, in paralel to playing the game itself. In C&C, the mapmaking activity was fundamental for the game culture. If it happens to be the case and EA is willing to allow access, I can start importing everything before release and this content doesn't (or should not) have to be packed in the commercial game, just have to be closer to ready by the time of release, so the buyer of the game will have the 2 stock campaigns, the Covert Opertaions, but will also be able to play hundreds more, to begin with. A detail is important to mention: I'm talking about SP missions only, but an importer would have to deal with the MP missions too. I think this is obvious, but I have to say this. As a final note, I kindly ask everyone to endorse this request, everybody will be benefitted. 2 - OLD and NEW MISSIONS This is just a personal taste: being a remasterization, I know you'll keep the stock campaigns, but it would be interesting to have 2 paralel campaigns, maybe with the same names, in the same regions of the globe, the same theaters but with slightly different maps and goals, so the old casual player base can have some fun with new missions. And I believe you'll do something like that, because if it's purely a classic remasterization, you wouldn't need 2 years to do it. I'd have more to say, but there's a lot to read first and most of you probably already said everything, so I'll be "+1" around in the forums. PS - I tried to make 2 separated posts, but it was automerged. I'll try to split after the next post ...
  7. Hi Lightning, Thanks for your concern, but let's recap some details: - some time ago I started to focus in the GENERAL ZIP file, that's why it's the first one the player has access to. That's THE one I keep most updated. All the rest are statistics and aesthetics; - In the link provided for the folders (where it's written "JUMPSHARE" and "MEGA"), you have access to all files, both released and unreleased, so anyone can have everything. When I "publish" a file it's actually a standardization, because all files are already published, for safety reasons. If you want to make a copy of your own, go ahead, it's there; - My next "window of opportunity" might take place in february 18 (Sorry, really busy). I didn't care for "anything" in 2017, but I'm recovering. Usually, I do a lot of things in December and January, but after a decade or so, I'll travel for vacation. Thanks again, I'll keep in touch and I'm always here, reading mostly. Greetings!
  8. Some notes: - The tank hybrid with APC has been done by Achromic White if I'm not wrong. He made a real Bradley and the mod is somewhere here. Contact him if interested; - If you come to edit the way you proposed, enable a MIX file so we can have a try and feed you back. Playing the campaign with different units sounds appealing; - Once I wanted the Hospital to work. Although in RTS it's usual to dispose units, I like the micromanagement of fixing them. That's one feature I really liked in Tiberium Wars, not only the drones but the arsenal to recover infantry. But I think Nyerguds has said a long while ago it's not possible to mod that; - It's a pity that TD is slot based and you can't really add more units to the game without taking some out.
  9. At least read what I wrote. My argument is not subjective - pretending your map is better without mentioning the sources will provide LESS variety, once ppl will believe you're a master mind and there are no other options, when actually there are. And let's see how do you perform when ppl stop making maps for you. Sooner than we expect, there will be no one making maps, that's the point you're missing.
  10. Erasing previous works and disregarding authors, despite the work being original or not, is a bad move. As White said, maps were intended to be played in a certain way or were intended to make a challenge to the player in a certain way. There is nothing wrong in being civilized and acknowledge the source, it's not related to ownership, copyrights or rules. It's about giving the right to the player to have more options. When you say White is stating his rules, you're also stating yours, that are selfish too, simply because everybody is selfish anyway. To counter that, we give the player more options - today they are going to play your game, tomorrow, the previous one or another. This is pretty obvious and reinforce the gaming community culture. When people know they will be disregarded, they won't contribute and will play other games where the community is based on more fair relations.
  11. Only today I realized that I never mentioned that SCG915 (Since july 2016) is out and that finishes all the mini-campaigns I have in the collection (so far): ::: GDI915 - List - Link1 - Link2 Now, I'll focus in the remaining campaigns. Will need German translators again, btw ...
  12. YOPE ... 0-99 for campaigns as a convention and for mini-campaigns as a consequence, yes it's possible.
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