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  1. You should check your medicine. How can you say something that is missing is mine and/or how could you fix it? Again, you're imagining enemies. Maybe many maps that XCC didn't open then, are openable now, I just didn't have the time to check it. Nothing is hidden in this collection. Check this post from 2012 - I'm asking you again: if you want to have your own project or if you don't wanna wait for me, go ahead and create your own thread about it. If you want to help in this thread, have manners or at least don't keep making false assumptions. If you can't control your delusions, it will be difficult to credit your hard work later. Stop annoying everybody, Don Quixote.
  2. Hi, The main catalog (CnC95-Catalog.zip) present in these 2 links below are updated with the line "Solomission=True" in the Basic Section: - MIX files format - Index link ::: Link1 | Link2 - drop at C:\...\Steam\SteamApps\Common\CnCRemastered\Data\CNCDATA\TIBERIAN_DAWN\CUSTOMMAPS The update includes GDI missions from SCG100 up to SCG300 and Nod mission from SCB100 up to SCB180, for the moment. A new catalog in the format used by the CNCRemastered (no MIX files, only raw files BIN+INI) is going to be published later on. The collection on Steam is being uploaded one by one and the missions will be selected out of order, according to how interesting or difficult they are and also, after a map revision. Campaigns and mini-campaigns are on stand by, as well as many other stand alone missions. The collection is oriented to the old missions, the contemporary map makers are not the focus once they are present and willing to publish their missions themselves. New missions pot-remastered being presented on Steam are out of plans of inclusion for the moment. Greetings!
  3. Don't laugh too much, but I'm only using the stock editor to zoom in. Now I'm editing some maps before (re-)releasing on Steam.
  4. What an irony, it's fixed, like 1m after I published this.
  5. Well, this is a false statement. You clearly opened only the master ZIP file. All inner collections, like SCG100, still have their own original files, since day one of this project, so ppl could compare them, if desired. Much later on, as requested by the community, I started providing a master file to make their life easier. Pls, if possible, don't ruin this thread, it's really not my ownership or copyright. There is no need to feel envy once I ain't a surrogate of your inner enemy. That's a product of your own. Sculpt it into something else, it will pay off. Hi Dark, as of now, I suggest to keep using XCC for map creation and the stock editor for direct publishing on Steam. This is what I feel about it, didn't spent time enough in the new editor. Btw, I'm waiting Steam or EA to update the editor, once the maps are not coming in-game as supposed to be. Don't know what's going on. Once you publish a mission on Steam, let us know.
  6. Well, this type is nothing new. I don't get offended, but this is a childish behavior for someone defending third parties. If you're someone I know and you're making fun, I don't know the context, so it doesn't look like funny. If not, too weird, honestly, I don't get the point either.
  7. Vixe, Forgot to mention the easiest part. Copy and Paste all *.bin and *.ini files in a folder like: C:\User\Documents\CnCRemastered\Local_Custom_Maps\Tiberian_Dawn Then open the MAP Editor (after launching the game, the option will appear), open a mission you droped there by choosing the *.ini file, and then, in the FILE list, besides "save" and "save as", you'll have "publish". The rest is intuitive ...
  8. Hi @Darkstar387, thanks for the kind words and hoping to see you soon on Steam. I put a sample in there, just look out for the HUGE collection, only 1 mission at this point to test the platform too. It's easy to upload, you use the map editor directly for that and, in that sense, it's easier than at least I was used to do when organizing and publishing the files here. The only drawback is that you have to upload each mission at a time, but i am the only one severely harmed for an obvious reason. Maybe you and @MattAttack either? You both have by now a large collection. But you still can put them together as a collection inside the platform, although each one still separated. The platform tells that, depending the configuration you choose for the collection, it will update on the subscriber side everything that is in the collection. But then, there's the other option that I didn't understand yet. Also, I'm waiting @Nyerguds tell us what's gonna happen to his project once I have some misions with Snow theater and/or different colorschemes. You don't say! I'm working weekends now since mid march, only one or two I was able to stop. I'll be uploading missions slowly, but it'll be fun anyway.
  9. Hey White, Good luck on your channel, see you around soon after the launch , I have "my" project to update and upload on Steam. I'll probably be able to check the streaming, but this virus crisis turn some things upside down a little bit, I'm working more now than in normal days.
  10. If they plan to patch the game often, they can launch it as the original and check the fan response in the sequence.
  11. Hey @Tore, Nice to see your missions in Steam's Workshop for subscribe. Is it for testing? Do you know if we will be able to upload mission packs to the WorkShop, the *.MIX files or even *.ZIP files?
  12. Hi Chrons, Thanks for the contact, just to let you know that I'm not a native speaker in English language, so eventually I require a more formal expression, this way I can keep up with the conversation. Please, make better use of paragraphs or bulleted list whenever the subject changes. I remember having seen a Park Kwan somewhere, won't be able to check it now. If it's not in the list, it's because it was broken, the map was poor or also the source I got it from was not sufficient. If you have a playable mission, send it in and I'll check what I can do about it. The list of missions you exposed via Screenshot are probably missions taken out. I try to keep and fix missions that I believe are interesting. So there are cases that the map is a "boring" empty terrain and you find 12 power plants on a corner, so you can clearly see that those were not designed to be missions, just challenges between friends or some sort of testing. Not everything is perfect on my side too, the Wounded Eagle campaign has some problems (unfinished maps), but I noticed only after release and opted to keep it there. I think after 2017 I didn't add anything new at all, from any mapmaker. I think I saw the Discovert set thread and talked sometimes before 2017 with Messiah, but don't remember why I didn't bring in more. My collection never covered MODs, but we had some things like different theater sets like Snow, Amazon, Barren, which I don't know now what's gonna happen with them. Things will happen slowly, that's why only solo missions will be released first. Another missions the collection does not cover are the missions with dinosaurs. I'm not against them, but believe they should be in a pack of its own. Whenever I find one with dinosaurs, I replace. But I don't keep track of them. Anyone is free to round them up and put together in a pack.
  13. Hi @GiftS, Certainly! I am holding all missions published after 2000 and also mini-campaigns. Take your time, revise your maps and good to see you back. Thanks for the kind words.
  14. Hi Nyerguds, Thanks for the heads-up, the INIs will be updated in the weekend. Every game might work differently in regards to mods and workshop material on Steam. If it's simple, the collection can be uploaded in the first or second week after release. Hallo Commanders, Some plans for the short term: - I've been busy and sometimes overloaded due to the COVID19 consequences over the economy. I'll participate more often from now up to the second semester. Just don't expect me to be agile, things will be done over time; - Release of this collection on Steam after launch; - Focus on stand alone missions first, both GDI and Nod. So, campaign and mini-campaigns will have support later. Have no plans at the moment to organize Skirmish maps; - Focus on the "authors" of the past, from 1995-1999. Guys like @Darkstar387 and @MattAttack are here with us and can answer your questions and suggestions directly, so let's keep praising their work in their threads. Updating the works of all the contemporary authors since 2000 will be dealt later in the collection. I'm telling you this because if we get a second fever on publishing (like it happened in 1996), the mapmakers will have to wait; - A thread about this collection will be created in reddit, but cnc-comm will remain as the main source of updates and news. A short version of this thread will be kept in cncnz.com also (right now it's outdated); - In Steam, this collection will be classified as easy-to-mid level of difficulty, at least for the first batch of missions (95-99). The reason for this is to attend better the casual player that might not perform well in the multiplayer scene; - The first upload of the collection might contain only the missions made by Andrew Griffin as a form of tribute (for a few days), regarding how the fan-made missions started back in 1995. It will work also as a place holder. I'll be answering more matters soon. Feel free to make comments.
  15. Hi everyone, Given the recent announcement, I'm really interested in knowing, extra-officially, if the MAP EDITOR in the Remaster edition will be able to import this collection (maps, triggers, teamtypes, etc) or if it is only for Skirmish and Multiplayer? I hope EA don't scrap away this valuable asset. I'm asking to Jim_Intern on reddit, but I don't think he will even read, due to the amount of hype (and posts) right now. Any answer is welcome.
  16. Matt Attack's missions are inspired, diversified and modern (eg difficult). A must-play.
  17. What a timing. I would like to see the single player missions you got there. If you can provide a link for download I'll try to include them in my collection, if they are not there yet. I have to reach out for Nyerguds or any support, once my game is not showing the New Missions Menu. It's been a long time I don't play C&C that, if any arrangement is needed, I don't remember anymore.
  18. Don't worry, I don't need and don't want any inside information. My concern is that our dedicated community should have representatives once we're keeping this game for years. I have been under NDA before in other remasterization, I know the feel and I have access to developers inside this project. Despite of that, I don't wanna be part of the process. My only request is an importer/converter of the old missions. The request has been done and I'm waiting to check which technological direction EA and partners will take. If not attended, no problem at all. Although being around for some time, I don't feel qualified to be a vigilante inside the council or in the right of haveing acces to privileged information, but given you have done this "job" (of community leader) very well so far, I believe we are well represented.
  19. I'd like to suggest two different threads, one for the single player experience and another for the multiplayer. IMO, EA can (come to) make a poor SP game and a great MP experience, for example. Also, SP and MP players have different goals and game play style and although people might be agreeing at any given point, the ideas behnd the arguments for each mode might vary a little. By last, in terms of opinions, one group will be the "control group" of the other, so the C&C devs reading here can have an idea of notion and coherence from anyone requiring any feature or change.
  20. Hi guys, Sorry for being late for the party. I came here to check my project and stumbled upon this "breaking news" thing. I don't know yet what type of remaster I want or is needed and I'll take a while to update myself on that. Meanwhile, 2 main ideas will be worked (by me) on the CNC forums: 1 - IMPORTER I'll stick with what I've been doing since 2010, so, in case the technology allow us, I'd like the remaster version to have an IMPORTER of the old maps, the BIN + INI files. Given we have now more than 800 fan-made SP missions, being able to update those missions would be important to enlarge the player base. If 80-90% of a single player map is able to be quickly imported, a lot of players will be interested in content creation, in paralel to playing the game itself. In C&C, the mapmaking activity was fundamental for the game culture. If it happens to be the case and EA is willing to allow access, I can start importing everything before release and this content doesn't (or should not) have to be packed in the commercial game, just have to be closer to ready by the time of release, so the buyer of the game will have the 2 stock campaigns, the Covert Opertaions, but will also be able to play hundreds more, to begin with. A detail is important to mention: I'm talking about SP missions only, but an importer would have to deal with the MP missions too. I think this is obvious, but I have to say this. As a final note, I kindly ask everyone to endorse this request, everybody will be benefitted. 2 - OLD and NEW MISSIONS This is just a personal taste: being a remasterization, I know you'll keep the stock campaigns, but it would be interesting to have 2 paralel campaigns, maybe with the same names, in the same regions of the globe, the same theaters but with slightly different maps and goals, so the old casual player base can have some fun with new missions. And I believe you'll do something like that, because if it's purely a classic remasterization, you wouldn't need 2 years to do it. I'd have more to say, but there's a lot to read first and most of you probably already said everything, so I'll be "+1" around in the forums. PS - I tried to make 2 separated posts, but it was automerged. I'll try to split after the next post ...
  21. Hi Lightning, Thanks for your concern, but let's recap some details: - some time ago I started to focus in the GENERAL ZIP file, that's why it's the first one the player has access to. That's THE one I keep most updated. All the rest are statistics and aesthetics; - In the link provided for the folders (where it's written "JUMPSHARE" and "MEGA"), you have access to all files, both released and unreleased, so anyone can have everything. When I "publish" a file it's actually a standardization, because all files are already published, for safety reasons. If you want to make a copy of your own, go ahead, it's there; - My next "window of opportunity" might take place in february 18 (Sorry, really busy). I didn't care for "anything" in 2017, but I'm recovering. Usually, I do a lot of things in December and January, but after a decade or so, I'll travel for vacation. Thanks again, I'll keep in touch and I'm always here, reading mostly. Greetings!
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