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  1. nicotika: Please use the repair bay for support on problems you are experiencing. Regarding the problem you have right now, you could try to load any CD into the CD rom on your computer.
  2. Can't wait! Just finished the campaign and most of the aftermath / counter s. missions. This is an awesome F'in mod!
  3. Just had a go at this mod. Its really good! Great work!..
  4. I know this solution probably has been mentioned before, but I want to tell you that this worked for me. I had this colour problem with the RA+ version. But because I had A LOT of troubles with that version I installed the game from the original CDs with Nyerguds guide. Installing the game using his guide fixed most of the issues, including the wierd colours. The guide is available here: http://www.commandandconquer.com/forums/showthread.php?253-How-to-install-Red-Alert-1-on-64-bit-systems
  5. Kion

    RA+ With no CD-ROM?

    Looks like an good alternative. Looking forward to test this when I get home from work.
  6. Kion

    RA+ With no CD-ROM?

    ... but I encountered another issue. The game freezes every time i play. after 2-10 minutes ingame it freezes, the music continues for a while though.. then I have to kill the process to end the game.
  7. The screenshots and details looks really good, will check it out as soon as I have time and give you some feedback! FYI. If you want other hostingsites you could always try RapidShare, Oron.com or Fileserve. Would reccomend Oron as it has the cleanest layout and even free users can download files at high speed.
  8. Kion

    RA+ With no CD-ROM?

    Thanks Nyerguds for the guide to install RA 1 on a 64 bit system. Really appreciated EDIT: FYI. it worked flawlessy. I must admit chills went down my spine when I saw the intro.. Again, you have my thanks!
  9. Hey. I'm new here! Welcome me! My personal CNC favorites are CNC, Tiberian Sun and RA1. I don't like RA 2 / 3 at all, after EA took over business it was suddenly all C hollywood actors and boring missions with glorified effects. And the humor attempts? Please kill me slowly! Generals = meh! I've seen better. Anyways, glad I found this forum, some users here have already helped me alot, you have my thanks!
  10. Kion

    RA+ With no CD-ROM?

    I'm not updated on the .iso front I'm afraid. I am a bit outdated on the whole computergame thing, very little time ATM. Would probably google it but I just downloaded RA, counterstrike and aftermath since i probably will need them to install it the hard way, .. and i want the videos On the other hand I was able to start up RA+ with the downloaded iso fille. Fucking A! The colours are bad ATM, but I will look into that problem later, spotted a thread regarding that issue around here somewhere. But the game crashed after a couple of missions. Dont know why, and I didn't get an error message. Maybe it is because I have renamed RA95.LCF or RA95.DAT? Any Inputs?
  11. Kion

    RA+ With no CD-ROM?

    Nope. Its a rather small dell 13" with no optical drive. I will try this as soon as I have downloaded an iso file.
  12. Kion

    RA+ With no CD-ROM?

    Thanks but Im still having the same issue. Fyi I'm downloading red alert images to install RA "the hard way", but I would really like to see ra+ work,
  13. Hi. I'm trying to intstall RA+ on my laptop, but I'm having some troubles. First I downloaded, installed, and encountered the bug where you need to rename _RA95.LCF to RA95.LCF. After that I encountered the bug with the blue error message witch supposedly asks for a CD, and this is where I'm stuck.. I have no CD rom on my laptop! I have read some topics but have been unable to find anything on how to fix this withouth a CD tray. If anyone know anything that may help me thanks in advance. Specs: Windows 7 64 bit. Some sort of AMD CPU. Updated all drivers and DirectX. Ask if you need more details.
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