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  1. But TS is in an isometric view. I don't view in the skew. And I can't even create new units and structures without replacing any of them. Lest I implement them in the program's source code. There's one other option, port the project to a more flexible game engine. Might be more work to set everything up, but at least I don't have as much pixel constraints for the infantry. Let me research some C&C1-esque RTS Game Engines. What I need is. . . Support for video cutscenes. Ability to enable upgraded units for specific missions in a campaign. Support to create a pre-briefing map with certain missions branching out into options. Esssentially, an open source C&C1 engine, that is moddable to all degrees.
  2. Wow, lotsa' limitations, Nyerguds! I guess, I could try the skew-merge method for both facing north and east frames to make the NE facing frame. All I have to do for the eight directional animations, make the animations in N,S, and E positions, skew-merge them for the NE and SE facing animations, then mirror the NE, E, and SE animations to finsh the set. I'll get to work on a preliminary frame, and perhaps I'll update this post. Sub this topic and keep an eye out for updates.
  3. Is there a way give the engine more color options? We could just make pony infantry all the same color scheme, just like clone troopers. And is it possible to make campaign scenario unit upgrades that add on as you progress mission by mission? Like infantry have more vitality starting in Mission 5 and ongoing. I need help with the infantry SHPs. How do I get a galloping animation to fit in within the entire range of frames? I need a starting point, like an animated gif of a pony galloping in eight directions. Another challenge, is replacing the operational theatre. It is on the same map for both campaigns, but progression is different. Where do you find the operational theatre components, and how do you modify the graphics without having to modify the code?
  4. Well, can you do Princess Celestia? I need to do two missions, for the demo. So I need one Campaign Theater sequence, and two Briefing Vids with Princess Celesita. We might add in Action, Victory, and Defeat sequences if there's time and Flash animators and artists. I need an ad-lib of your best Princess Celestia imitation, attach at least one minute of your Princess Celestia voice. You must refer to the player as "General", "Ion", or both; neither "Commander" nor any snappy nickname for the player. Celestia almost always addresses her subjects with respect to their title, rank, and file. What should be included in the ad-lib? Anything that might spark ideas for the mod, just remain in-character. Ad-lib your own debriefing, if you wish. 44.1 kHz, 16-bit mono, is not required, but highly recommended for comparision of your Celestia voice to the Celestia voice of the original actor, I will give you a grade on your performance, if there's, at least, an 80% match. . . Fluttershy: yay! You are on your way to giving directives to Ion! Good luck, and if you can't do Celestia, anypony else is fine, too, but the demo calls for the voice of Celestia. CRITICAL UPDATE INTITATED: I'm doing the voice of the Magical Visionary Assistant, the Equestrian EVA, it's actually a magical scroll with computer-esque properties. The scroll is the key to commanding your troops, it is capable of access by all classes of equestrians, even earth ponies. All you have to do is say, "Initialize Magical Visionary Assistant" after unraveling the scroll, it can be used over and over again without vanishing into dust. Quick Question, do I have to recite EVA's Lines word-for-word on all of the preset speech.mix AUDs?
  5. Welcome, recruits! If you are interested in creating custom assets for mods, why not help this brony with his Ponifed C&C1 project? I guarantee it will make your C&C experience 20% cooler!
  6. This is no April Fool's joke, this is a project I'm currently brainstorming, atm. Looking for plot elements that fit into the fanon reality, while still maintaing continuity to the level of technology. In the story, Equestrian Tech advanced by 100 years in just 3 years into the war. Yes, I understand it's a little girls' animated series, that has messages misinterpreted by the older male audience, thanks to sites like YT, but sometimes I feel like there's not enough action in the canon. That's why I wanted to bring out an abstract that Eydie Laramore used for C&C, back when Tiberian Dawn was being concieved. It answers the question, "How does a world based on peaceful compromise from three species of pony handle the burden of war over an omnipotent, yet dangerous resource introduced by panspermia?" Actually, there are other questions raised by that: What might spark/escalate conflict between changelings under a mad-colt's power and ponies under the rule of two sisters? What if the spark or factor of escalation is traced back to a resource that represents wealth and power? What do you think is more important for Equestria, harmony and freedom or conquest and power? If either side promises a free world, in their contrasting viewpoints, what do you believe in the most that can fulfill the promise? I don't mean to spoil the canon plot, since this is for the EDI Campaign, but Chrysalis will assist the EDI once you accomplish 2/3 of the campaign. Speaking of which, I've also got an idea for EDI unit upgrades. For EDI Missions 5-9, when you rescue one of the Mane 6, she will brief the next mission and reward you with an upgrade for your units, additional units and/or structures, and/or new abilites that might make a difference further on. I was thinking of the following rewards for completing those missions: Mission 5: Applejack Unit Upgrade Rewards: Increased infantry vitality. New Units/Structures Unlocked: Mess Hall/Stable (Infantry that enters inside will grab an apple-tastic meal. Infantry will remian inside for 8 seconds at highest game speed after entering. Infantry will exit structure with full health afterwards.) Apple Orchard (Needed to use following ability.) New Powerup Unlocked: Rotten Apple Airstrike. (This powerup is a substitute to the conventional airstike, which is still available after destroying all SAM sites. However, instead of destroying all SAM sites, the RAA requires you build at least one Apple Orchard. After construction/cultivation, powerup takes 120 seconds at highest game speed to charge. Cooldown is halvened for each additional orchard. Since there will be no maximum limit on construction of this structure, there's a trade-off we must decide on: higher base cost of construction, weaker base damage, gradual expense of assets to charge power up, or a combination of the three. We might have to make the structure as large as the refinery or more to make the player think more often.) This post will be annexed upon request, provided you have ideas for rescue bonuses, for the other five. You can do it, it's easy to find ideas for unit upgrades and new unit/structure types. Last night, I dreamed about a Unit Upgrade you get after rescuing Rarity. Since Rarity is a generous fashion designer, I figured her research on carbon weave fibers, prior to her capture, will make infantry more durable to physical attack, and fire, but still weak vs. the chem warriors' harmonium spray. I'd like for someone to make the pony infantry units, or at least tell me what I need to make the sprite replacement. How big is a typical infantry sprite? And, is it possible to just take a blank flank, shrink 'em, and crop to infantry bounds, edit it to compensate distortion from shrinkage and cropping, then provide movement and combat animations within bounds and limitations? It might be possible, but we need to make additional frames of anmation to make the infantry stand on their hind legs to fire their M-16s, throw grenades, and fire bazookas. We also need crouching and crawling animations, with their associated combat positions. The bloodshed death animations, might need to be either nixed or censored to keep controversy from escalating. Perhaps a clean and teen version of the mod will help satisfy the black and white nature of violence in games/mods. Remember the violent videogame media scare sparked by games like Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and Quake? Of course, in game, the graphics pretty much going to be tame by today's standards. Unless you don't like ponies bleeding, then stick with the clean version, it'll just have the pony fall and lie dead for a second before it bamfs into magical ashes. Or simply make the clean death having the pony bamf into ashes. Any more ideas? Post them and I'll it add on to this post.
  7. Ok, guys am I the only one to talk to? I'm in the Tiberian Dawn Channel!
  8. (This thread might have to be relocated. Because I don't know what category this falls under. It's a beginner mod project that might end up professional.) Command & Cutie Mark: Harmonian Dawn The year is 2021 AE. . . Equestria has been plagued by an invasive crystaline lifeform, known as Harmonium. Once thought to be the answer to industrialization in Equestria, has spread invasively across the land. Wars have been fought to control this adaptive lifeform, lives were lost. In an attempt to advert the crisis, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's surviving heir to the solar throne, deployed a survivor of the Harmonian Wars, Field Captain Ion Cannon, an Earth Pony with countless tactical and leadership experience, into the past, a journey he is bound to never come back from. . . Now, set a course back in time to 2012 AE. . . After the events of the Season 2 Finale (and, I know this branches off into an alternate fanon reality, but then again, my subscription to the theory of parallel universes absolves my fear of temporal pardoxes), Ion finds himself in Canterlot nearly 20 years ago. He tries to get a word in with Celestia, but the guards would not let him. Shining Armor was about to put Ion in royal custody awaiting his punishment for his rash behavior, when Ion suddenly told him his future. Did Shining Armor acknowledge his foreknowledge? Yes, he did, and decided to give his testimony on Ion's behalf, despite how crazy Ion's foreknowledge sounded. But, Princess Celestia could, in fact, identify that Ion was from the future. And, decided to clear Ion of his charges, in exchange for explanation. After hours of conversation in the castle. Celestia had an understanding of things prior to Ion's trek, such as the Meteorite that carried the ultraviolet Harmonium. But, how the changelings discovered it, first, was a totally new aspect to the situation unfolding! Celestia figured even the Elements of Harmony could not delay the inevitable, unless Ion, as he told Celestia, would step in as the Commanding Officer of task force that Celestia made a decree to create it. The decree was the "Equestrem Pro Carta" (Equestrian Defense Charter, in latin), and after approval by Princess Luna, it established the Equestrian Defense Initiative, and put Ion in command of given operations. The Mane 6 would agree to give Ion tactical operations, for as long as the "Changelinghood of Sin" and Cocoon are alive. Three years into the War. . . EDI is almost wasted, the Mane Six have been held captive by the Changelinghood, and Ion was relieved from duty. Let's not forget, Queen Chrysalis's right-hoof, Cocoon, attempted a coup on the Changeling monarch! The end result was Cocoon's banishment to neither the moon, nor sun, but somewhere in uncharted Equestrian influence, where Cocoon continues his plans, despite opposition. Ion thought all was lost. His last resort was to throw himself upon the mercy of the Changelinghood. Before the decision was cast, however, flipping through the cloud stations on his MVA, he was given a sublimnal messages through interference, both from EDI in which Celestia was offering him reinstatement, and Sin which was offering mercy on his life for his allegiance to the Changelinghood. Faced with a difficult decision of fighting for a lost cause, or a chance to live under loyalty to what he thought was the enemy, Ion, in his mansion in Canterlot, look himself in the mirror and asks himself. "What's more important, conquest or peace?" He, then said, "Since I may risk my life either way, I'll press my luck." Then, he flips though the cloud stations one last time, to collect info from the interference, and begins to make his decision! On that note, either way, you are the last hope for ponykind. The project will focus development on the EDI Campaign, now. And the SIN Campaign, later. What missions will be in store? You think it, we bring it! All missions will include Video Briefings and Influence Progression Maps, just like in the Orignal Campaign. Even Spike make an appearance, as EDI's top field operative. Cadence, maybe, just say the word! EDI Campaign Objectives: -Rescue the Mane 6. -Recover the Elements of Harmony. -Absolve the Cocoon and the Changelinghood from Conquest by Treachery and Nuclear Terrorism. SIN Campaign Objectives: -Conquer Equestria -Take Advantage of the Harmonium (Feed/Harvest). -Ultimately Gain Access to EDI's Superweapon. (I'll add you in the ending credits if you can guess what it obviously is.) What I need: Flash Artists and Animators! Someone to do a conversion of the map of Equestria: Voxel format artists for pony infantry. Voice actors for the character that will debrief the player: Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle Applejack Rainbow Dash Rarity Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Princess Luna Cocoon Dome (changeling) Shining Armor? Chrysalis? Cadance? I will do the maps, but not without insight from the fans of both Tiberian Dawn and MLP:FiM. Map concepts are an excellent way to experiment with how the locations' ambiguous references can fit into the map. I'd do the concepts, but I lack imagination. I will try to come up with some on my own, but your concepts will probably be better than mine. Bear in mind, the entire map in question is only the contiguous portion of Equestria. That means no trips to the Gallopocos Islands, or Unyasi, EVER! It's a project that probably needs progress for others to consider contribution. Lauren Faust might allow such a project, if we do it without any expense. It's a free project, you won't get paid for it. It's a crossover fan project, and you may choose to help out later if you pick up interest in it. Wish me luck on the Demo!
  9. My suggestion: use the maximum size CCMap has to offer, and make the most effort out of crafting it. I'd rather work with the restrictions set forth by the orginal rules.ini. Bigger maps means bigger problems for the address bank of the executable.
  10. My map is too easy, and I want the Enemy AI to mass produce Units and Infantry continuously, and try to rampart my foothold. Not so much that it makes the scenario impossible, but enough to make it so you have to think quick on your feet. Are there triggers for that? I know "production" only makes them repair structures, but how do you get the AI to continuously produce units from the Factory, or grunts from the barracks, and start searching for my base and attack it upon discovery of base? I'm talking about making the foe formidable to the extent that it can hit back and strike first! Triggers like: If one Nod minigunner is destroyed, their barracks begin reproducing more with aggressive behavior. (Can apply to other infantry, but might require the AI to produce a quota for type A before producing type B, and it can't produce type C before produce a set # of Type B. Same for Type D, Type E, and so on. Same rule for Vehicular Units.) The Enemy AI will begin building advanced structures, after a certain condition is reached. (Conditions Like AI has enough Ti-bucks for this building so it builds it in a certain location near the Conyard.) If this is a bit confusing, I'll try to explain more upon request.
  11. Here's a sampling of what you'll expect 1) The Nod Encampment, (needs work) 2) The GDI Base of Operations.
  12. Ok, I've decided to create my first of many C&C95 scenarios, but it's lacking something, I don't know what, though. Oh well, here you go! Note: Core files are subject to change. After all, it's my first scenario, right? UPDATE: A few changes to the terrain and tiberium assortment. If there's anything else you want on the map for challenge, let me know. UPDATE2: Foilage terrain removed to prevent crashes. Sorry. New_World_V03.zip
  13. Yes, I'm testing out the full modding potential of Red Alert, today, and I need to know if I can add music to Red Alert, and if so, how? I got some eurobeat tracks I've been dying to experiment on the battlefield. One such track is: Odyssey Eurobeat - Discord (EuroChaos Mix): Super Ponybeat — Discord (EuroChaos Mix) I got the MP3, now I need to know how convert it into AUD format, and inject it into the proper MIX file. All help is appreciated.
  14. Well, is it possible to copy the directory of Tiberian Dawn if you are afraid of messing with the original? Maybe I can start there.
  15. At four, I was introduced to C&C, but never grasped the glory of it. Now, fourteen years later, with the purchase, installation, and patching of TFD, I'm ready to take command, again. My name is Nicholas Clark Manuel, but here I'm known as Commander Manuel. My allegiance is with the GDI, if any NOD Conspirators want to test me, you better be ready. 'Cause I'm the zero factor that shows no mercy, and you're troops can take that to the bank, the blood bank! I also happen to have Asperger's, so watch your tone. Aside from my mental disorder, I'm learning how to build campaigns, but I seek advice, and sanctuary for my work. It's something that involves Tiberium warfare on another Earth-like planet. I need to know how to add Movies into the MIX files, and in what format and constraints. Essentially I'm trying to cram more stuff into the game, without replacing any assets. If I can't do that, then what good is the project? Anyway, I am here to learn about modding Tiberian Dawn, and I need your help to get my project going.
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