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  1. If this patch could be made to work on LAN (by choice) it'd nice, I suppose. But making it work on LAN might also irreversibly make it hard not for it to work online also. I mean, there's not much harm in this patch if it just stays offline. That's my take on it, anyhow.
  2. cnc-comm is one of the old school places that I always keep visiting from time to time. Happy birthday from me to an awesome place and fellow old school people
  3. Yeah, I already have both versions but using CnCNet5 is preferable, even if just offline play. E.g. more options. Still, the full version is of course 100% playable and I don't mind using it. I really don't want to bother you with helping me setting up such a solution if too much trouble, but otherwise I'd like the help. If it is planned at some point to implement you being able to start CnCNet offline then I can wait. It's no rush, really.
  4. Okay, I actually only tired starting Tiberian Sun directly which just resulted in a black screen, but it's nice that you still can start RA1 directly. If I set up an offline IRC server would CnCNet5 then start if it could connect to it? Am I correct in understanding you so, FunkyFr3sh?
  5. Hi. Is it possible to start CnCNet5 without a internet connection? The software just timeouts and closes without a active internet connection. If you cannot do it then I suggest being able to start CnCNet5 without being online.
  6. @FunkyFr3sh Well, it's rare to complete a game without a crash, but it's hardly detrimental to the game. It'd be a luxury to have working without crashes, though, some units are designed around having Fog Of War on. About graphics, turning on the ddwrapper for then to be able to turn on 'no video memory' will results in sluggish gameplay. Like, the mouse pointer will feel weird. This does not happen with the graphic patcher alone.
  7. Awesome news. I really CnCNet 5. Tiberian Sun is also one of my favorite games. Maybe Fog Of War crash will get fixed one day, too. Suggestion, include 'the Command & Conquer Graphics Patcher', if possible.
  8. If not known, I can post more info. Bug description: The black space between the interface and the map will cause text and drag lines to 'hang' in it. It doesn't happen on larger maps (of course?), but it does happen when the map is smaller than the resolution screen. I'm pretty sure it's known and maybe it's the same results for any in this situation, but can it be fixed? Resolution = 1920x1080
  9. Ah, I didn't notice 'config' tap before that allows more options. I got it now. Anyhow, I am very impressed by what CnCNet has to offer. This is great. Big thumps up ! Edit: What does the 'LAN patch do'? I searched the Readme, but I didn't find an answer.
  10. Can I play RA in high resolutions with Arda together with CnCNet? The Arda installation is incompatible with the CnCNet version. Any help with setting it up? Thanks
  11. I like to know if there's any reason to use Ares if you don't use mods for RA2? Does it fix bugs and such? Thanks
  12. I couldn't find an answer on google, and I didn't find anything in the rules.ini. Is it possible to limit how many units you can build, specifically in MP?
  13. Well, the game make calls outside known binary addresses?, and then it crashes, when fog of war is on. Here's what was actually said about it: ''That EIP falls outside the range of usable addresses.'' as an answer to my excerpt.txt. On PPM. http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20173&postorder=asc&start=450 User 'Hippox77'. It's buggy engine code, simply, as I understand it. A few might have some combination of hardware that doesn't trigger these crashes, but I haven't known a single newer PC that doesn't suffer these types of related crashes. People that knows more about the engine will most likely know what I am talking about, I am sure. It is their opinion about it that I'd like to know about. I guess that there might not be much/any interest from modders/coders to fix it (if it can be fixed), though, which is a shame since some of the units in Tiberian Sun is designed to be used with fog on. I'll gladly provide more errors logs if somebody actually wish to try and fix it. Simply disabling Direct Draw acceleration isn't something that fixes it. Or using WinXP, Win2000. That I do know for certian. I have tested that out before.
  14. Tiberian Sun is still a very playable game without fog, of course, but fog is a nice game mechanic that adds some good dynamics to the game. But it is well-known fact that fog tend to crash the game very often for many/most players. So what are the chances that fog in Tiberian Sun will ever actually be fixed? Edit: I actually ment to post this in the 'Repair Bay', my bad.
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