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  1. I know the minority here, but the reconnect time during a game is too short. I'm living in a rural area right now and there's only one ISP. Connection is fine most of the time, but occasionally my connection drops for 20-25 seconds. See attached picture. The new 15 second reconnect time causes me to timeout. Any chance it can be increased back to 30 seconds?
  2. Okay, assuming I did this right, I should have Version 1.13, right? If so, I tried the map again and it still went OOS at start. Does everyone playing need to have the 1.13 or just the player hosting?
  3. Is there a fix for this map yet? If not, can someone provide one? Thanks...
  4. A lack of CPU power can cause a players connection to become unstable as well. I imagine quite a few people who play this game don't have modern PC's (hyperthreading, multiple CPU's). Without those, a memory leak or an issue that causes the program to consume all available CPU power can disrupt their connection. My examples probably aren't appropriate for a public forum, due to the fact they involved illegal activities. Learned a lot though. I don't really use IRC anymore, but I play on olddust. If you see me on and want to arrange a game let me know or PM me here. If I had to guess, I would say its a communication issue between people with the patch and those without. I remember from when Wchat was around, if you played online and closed Wchat while the game was in progress it would cause an OOS.
  5. To update Holy Grounds, finally connected by joining someone elses game who was hosting the map and it immediately went out of sync. I've played most Mega AM maps now, only had problems on the ones I've mentioned so far.
  6. My computer knowledge only goes up to about 2004, but based on my experience, if a program is experiencing high RAM usage (from a leak, crash or other problem), or maxing out the CPU power it can cause the Internet connection to become unstable. I actually had experience with this (and not just from running Renegade servers) and it can cause the inability for others to communicate with your open ports. The person who I was having connection problems with was blaming me the whole time. I don't think any part of it was intentional and we didn't have issues until the later part of the game. I also just had another memory crash on Path this time, 3 players. Tried to get a screenshot, but print screen didn't work and I had closed the game before I tried to paste it. It wasn't the same crash error from before. If you mean P2P, I have that enabled.
  7. For example, 4 people were playing (ffa). 2 people eventually lost. Shortly after it went out of sync. This happened twice on two different maps the same day. I also had a game freeze up and had to close the game from task manager after nearly 2 hours. And, last night a long game eventually just got so choppy connection wise that you couldn't do anything (3 ppl). It was fine up until this point. In the later part of the game it would constantly freeze and lose connection briefly with the same player and reconnect and do the same thing, lasting almost 8 minutes. Eventually we lost connection to him for good, but it didn't improve at all and I eventually lost connection to the other player, too. I was running a trace route the entire time, so I know it wasn't my connection. There's no ladder so I don't see any incentive for someone losing to purposely make the game unplayable or crash. All of this tends to happen on longer games, almost like there's still a memory leak somewhere, if not on your client on the client someone else downloaded.
  8. Yesterday it went out of sync on Desolation, towards the end. I was not hosting, though. It also happened on another map, but I can't remember which one or if it was standard. And yes, I was hosting the fixed version.
  9. To update CCE, I've tried it twice today and both times it connected with 3 or more players. More than half way through, both games went out of sync, so there's still something wrong. Was able to play KOTHE today without any issues.
  10. I will try it again today. After we couldn't connect to the fix I tried a different map with the same people and it worked fine. I tried both maps multiple times (HG more than KOTHE). They either wouldn't connect at all, or before I could deploy my MCV the game would go out of sync. No connection more frequently. Will try this too, thanks. Also, for what its worth, since I downloaded your update yesterday two games have gone out of sync towards the end. Prior, never had any go out of sync unless it was before we could even deploy the MCV.
  11. Just tried the CCE Fix map, worked with 2 people, but when I tried 3 people (that I've played with before) it wouldn't connect, twice. The second time there was a split second where it connected, then immediately lost connection with one guy and with the 1 remaining player it was fine. The guy who we lost connection with was who I connected with the first time 1v1. Also having issues with: King of the Hills Extreme (AM) Holy Grounds (AM) Either never connects to players to start or goes out of sync on both maps. Can you look at those?
  12. When I play online the Aftermath units and changes are disabled on AM maps (unless I choose to enable them and then only people who have them enabled those can join my channel). If someone doesn't have the map, it gets transferred like other mod maps before the game starts. I'll give your fix a try later today. Thanks.
  13. I re-downloaded Iran's installer today and re-installed the game and have tried 6 times. 5 times the games never connected at all and the one time it did connect it went out of sync right away instead of crashing due to the memory error. Also, when I'm hosting and sending the map to others it doesn't show the progress bar anymore, just sits there. The longer side bar is nice, but it throws off my estimate with the power output bar. No problems with any other maps yet.
  14. I downloaded mine from one of Iran's mirrors. Running W7
  15. Hi, I recently downloaded the freeware for this game and am very grateful for the ability to still play online after nearly 20 years. That said, I have tried to play Central Conflict Extreme (AM map that I really like) online 4 times now and it crashes due to a memory error as soon as it loads. I don't have a screenshot handy, but can post one if necessary. It works just fine in skirmish and I have not had this problem with any other maps and I've played at least 25 different standard maps online so far. Also, why do the Counterstrike and Aftermath maps not come enabled when using the freeware installer? I don't think most people know they have the option to enable them because 90% of the people hosting games for a standard map are hosting for the original RA maps. The AM maps are much better suited for 4+ players and its unfortunate the only time I can play them is when I host.
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