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  1. Speechless is the only thing I can say really. While this is all fantastic @Grantbut because CnCnet is technically not an 'official' server, do you think EA minds we are getting *this* big? I hope you all don't get bought out or something
  2. Do 2 more online count as a record? To me it does
  3. It's your anti virus blocking the file.
  4. Agreed that I prefer the auto downloading as well.
  5. Guess I'll continue here. Streak still on-going with new user count records everyday
  6. I wonder how the admins of CnCNet feels with this growth
  7. And the streak continues
  8. Man man man. I wonder when the streak stops
  9. Another day, another record because corona is OP
  10. Peaked with 558 on the very same day
  11. I hate MISSING for doing this. All those survivals are stolen and he just slapped his shitty edits over it, yet EVERYONE host them now. Really the most negative thing I noticed when I came back to CnCnet Not all of them have the MISSING in the title, so it discredit the actual creators and he credit himself for slapping his shit edits in it.
  12. It's both on same client. Once in-game you create a room and in the settings you tick 'Red Alert 2' to play the vanilla game. Honestly, it's pretty terrible advertised, but yes CnCNet does support vanilla RA2 that is 98% the same as the original game.
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