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  1. The problem I always had with modern RTS games is that they feel and play really slow. Generals was example already a much slower game than RA2/YR was. The reason why I love RA2 as much as I do is that its an insane quick game that can end very fast, but can also last long if both players are good. Warcraft 3 which is a RTS game by Blizzard is my second fav RTS game, but is already much lower ranked for me than RA2 is just because of how slow and more advanced that game is. RA2 (YR) is really simple to learn but very difficult to master. In short, here's what I would love to see in a RA2 remaster if it were to happen - Everything improved related to network/internet so lag is much less common - Improved custom map support so it can have potential to become as powerful as the Warcraft 3 custom map community (powerful map editor) - Same game play with same game play speed but improved graphics (aka Starcraft Remastered) - An option to have an official 'balanced' version of the game while giving users the option to play the original version if they wish - The feel of the original games: Improved but same art-style, etc - Quality of Life improvements so controlling everything is even easier - Bug fixes So, if let's say EA decides to make a RA2 game out of the RA3 engine which plays as slow I will already know for sure I won't touch the game at all.
  2. Ra2Nub

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    Never knew you made that tank wars map! I used to play that map a lot in the early cncnet times, shame not many host it anymore.
  3. Not fixed by the way I will send the requested files when I can.
  4. Ra2Nub

    Adding Settings To The Cooperative Gamemode

    oh, huh? I am fairly sure this was correctly working long ago, where the client would get the exact data (side, units, etc) from YR directly. I guess that broke as well.
  5. Ra2Nub

    So many odd changes

    Bump. Also, to add to list long ago the game modes all got their vanilla name, but all custom maps still goes to 'Standard' making the default 'Battle' completely useless. This was never fixed, though. I am also getting likes on my main post. The reason why I even made this post was because someone bought up in-game that the RA2 soundtrack got removed, and had no idea why. I didn't noticed it at first because I always play the game with BGM shuffle mode, and thus didn't looked at it for while until now.
  6. Ra2Nub

    Can we have new colors please

    Some colours have problems with the Super Weapon font (black) but some should be possible (brown!) White has obvious problems with the neutral house. I believe grey should be okay, but horrible on the minimap.
  7. Ra2Nub

    YR Lobby Moderators needed

    He said to PM it to him, not post it here...
  8. Ra2Nub

    YR Lobby Moderators needed

    If there's really no interest by anyone than I don't mind doing things here and there, as long its being made clear what is and isn't allowed in the lobbies. But from what I have seen myself beef is allowed (since its a war game after all; it needs the tease), but swearing/insulting/racism (offensive language) isn't. So, if there's nobody that apply or is interested than I will write a PM. I will wait perhaps.
  9. Ra2Nub

    So many odd changes

    So I took a break as I already established in my other topic about cheat detection in lobby being flawed and broken. But I have noticed other things that broke or got changed which I question about a lot. 1) The RA2 icon at lobbies to identify RA2 mode games is gone. Now all the rooms are labeled with a YR icon again. Removed on purpose or..? 2) When playing YR, the normal mode the RA2 soundtrack got completely removed. Why? I get removing YR from RA2 mode to make RA2 mode authentic and whatever, but why touch the YR mode, the normal mode we are enjoying? Can we get RA2 soundtrack back? Having both was a great addition. I do not want be forced to play RA2 mode to have the RA2 soundtrack. 3) Also, this is more a 'can we improve' but can we have the select all buildings in YR mode like you re-implemented it in RA2 mode? I get that YR didn't originally had this due to unknown reasons, but there's no hurt adding this in the YR mode as well. It's only QOL, an improvement. I had more things, but for now I forgot about them...
  10. Ra2Nub

    Super weapons

    I wish people played Sadona Pass again with SW on. All that happens in that map now is people camping on hills.
  11. Ra2Nub

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    When your war miner is done mining try click it to go back to ore refinery. This makes sure the war miner will not first go to side of it but rather directly go to it. Not only that, but it will also mine again at the nearest ore instead of using the shitty ass path-finding RA2 has for ore mining.
  12. Ra2Nub

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    You mean playing on a higher resolution? Cause even my garbage vista PC could handle a higher resolution than the game supports by default without any lag at all. If you mean the FPS setting: 9.9/10 of the games in YR are already played with the max speed setting. its a useless setting that should be left untouched. This is a game from 2001, and if you have a PC still that can't handle this game it's time get a new PC. The reason (I assume) people lag in this game is because of network issues: people playing on 1 server all around the globe. Example, an European playing vs someone from Asia is expected to have more lag...
  13. Ra2Nub

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    Gap generators are one of the highest priorities in late game as Alied. In Single Player they did absolutely nothing because the AI just look through them, but online is a much different story.
  14. Ra2Nub

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    Don't do this: https://i.imgur.com/08ZHpzJ.png
  15. Ra2Nub

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    When you are building tanks and still need miners, make a refinery and immediately sell it after. You will still get miners, and make tanks at the same time. Be-careful of your economy when doing this, however.