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  1. Windows 10 Pro x64 bit I used to download maps with no problem, but these days cncnet doesn't allow me to download the maps by saying this:
  2. https://www.youtube.com/c/KirovReporting/live
  3. https://youtu.be/PP-Ecduqhdo Andy vs Marko - Yuri vs Soviet series (official one - 1 vs 1 series besf of 9) And then, we got interview of both players After that they played fun Soviet vs Allied series while talking via discord (Zhasulan, RaVaGe, Kiknys3x, ico0 (hristo), SaVaGe (Nickerson), Faze_XWIS, Andy, Marko) Then we ended up the stream with Clover 2v2v2v2 game on voice chat - Zhasulan & Andy vs breznov (sunny) & Marko vs Mike & RamRanch & SaVaGe (Nickerson) & Deso
  4. Q) Will you play a tournament if there is no prize pool ? I don't mind to play if there is no prize pool, cuz if even there is prize pool i won't get it, LOL; Q) Will you be active to play your games beside weekends? I can be active whenever i must be active; Q) Should yuri faction allowed in all games? Ban Yuri at all! :p) Q) There are alot of semi-good players out there so should we allow them to play in this tournament directly? Can't say about this... cuz some real pro players call others "weak" even if they(called "weak" players) think that they are decent (pro) ; Q) Will you be able to play at any time from 15:00 gmt till 1:00 gmt ? As i said, i can play in any time P.S. Dunno who can get me as team-mate cuz of my "weakness"
  5. What is your famous nick? Ow Frank, here is your game ^^ wp https://youtu.be/OHAEORJ5JX8
  6. He didn't even challenge me, there is nothing to accept yet LOL
  7. https://youtu.be/jo3GLjTQ1ak
  8. https://youtu.be/bKPgjdgH6wg
  9. Hey there! My cncnet disconnects me from lobby, you can see it how it looks in video, you can see that i couldn't even stay in lobby 1 min! Can any of admins fix this? I can't play like this Btw when i somehow get in room or make my own, start to play - cncnet doesnt disconnect me(Where is logic?o_O), it disconnects after i back to room. And i don't have internet issues, it's 4g/4g+ internet https://youtu.be/UOAXGfYDSJk
  10. Sometimes i have no idea what to make about... sometimes i have funny ideas
  11. https://youtu.be/TRROxO0uyVA
  12. Interesting long match on the map Dune Patrol https://youtu.be/63MMeuGhvHM
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