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  1. "Paki" is offensive like the n-word. It's not just short for Pakistani. Don't use it.
  2. What are you meant to do if you get the starting point in the middle by the church blocked off from everything?..
  3. There should be an option to automatically allocate teams by position- left vs right or north vs south. Then you could have random positions and get started quickly without everyone already knowing who is where before the game starts.
  4. If a host of a game in the lobby is idle for 5 minutes ie no change to settings or chat, the game should be cancelled. Too many people open up a game and then leave it hanging around.
  5. It also happens when people's connection goes- which might not be their fault. Just saying...
  6. For ease of use. If it is available then more people can try it easily. You could never play an aftermath game before cncnet 5 even if you wanted to. These two units were created by Westwood themselves so I would see it more as enabling a feature rather than a mod. I thought that as cncnet 5 gets past the rules compatibility barrier for aftermath it could be cool to make further use of that. So you could even go much further and have a box for custom rules files with previews of the differences. Or have a 5 slot rules edit box. So if someone just felt like altering one unit for one game for fun, then it could just be not too big a deal to do it and it wouldn't have to be a big deeply thought-out complete mod for people to be prepared to try it and know what was going on. But I don't know- maybe I don't get it...
  7. Ok maybe ants would be useful in combination with units that can damage walls... Only ever played ai ants... I still think it would be fun- pros don't seem to play aftermath much anyway. I'm not suggesting to make it compulsory so why would it piss people off? Less annoying than finding you're on a modded map and nobody knew IMO... Everyone can see the check boxes before the game starts. For the sake of completeness?? Covering what can be done? But ok- maybe I just need to know how to mod a map... Other ideas: indicators next to the map preview that show if the map is rules modified and if it has automatic gps-things like that.
  8. Ok, so according to http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Phase_transport sensors aren't a problem. I don't agree that it would be like adding ants. Ants would be pretty useless anyway and what would build them? I think that as allies don't have the chinook and their aftermath units are not so great it is not so unfair that they get a better chance to sneak into the enemy base. I also think that helicarriers could improve the allies air power balance as they can take 5 helis each. (In the demo video i saw they were an allied unit- maybe they could be both factions...) But even then it would only be an option... So I hope that this might be considered- I can't believe it would be so difficult to implement as the files to do it are already there- they would just have to be included in the client like aftermath was. Or perhaps that is something one does not simply do- I am not a programmer... (I just want to try out helicarriers!!) So does hifi like any of my suggestions? I would be very happy if they got into the list! :roll: Thanks for all of the responses!
  9. Make it an option to have helicarriers and phase tank, like the choice of aftermath or not!
  10. That should have read "even if the letters are really small"
  11. Hi, I have three suggestions for making game setup quicker. 1) when people choose teams and positions this is represented on the map preview- ie if three people from team a are on position 5 there are three A's displayed next to that position on the preview- maybe "stuck" to the number. I think this would be useful even if the numbers are really small. 2) have an option so that the host can disable team-position combinations that are wrong for that game- so if it is north versus south with two teams, a and b are limited to selecting only the appropriate positions to allow that. 3)have a host option to say that players can't share a position- so they only have what is left available to them. I hope these are useful/ make sense!
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