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  1. TLDR: If I lose, it was a bug and I automatically win.
  2. I know. I have seen it, read it and linked it to other people more than once. The misinformation about vet still persists.
  3. I have asked for patch notes for changes CNCNET has made, not vet. Also that list shows why Vet and balance patch needs to be split. Way too hard to find the relevant information.
  4. #1: I do like most of the balance changes. Not because it makes the game more fair but because it makes the game less frustrating (a super-unit that needs the highest tech in the game is missing the most basic offensive/defensive unit? LOL?). #2: Balance is highly dependant on the map. Not convinced? Play a 1v1 on FF and then on Terrace (Nod v GDI). Tell me the dynamics are not completely different. #3: That being said, I am convinced that most maps in the current pool are Nod favored, but all Nod players are giga-shit except Mola. #4: I've seen ridiculous claims where people have clicked on the warning label in the lobby, the first thing they saw was ######## POSSIBLE CHEATS ######## The IQ value of GDI has been changed from Unknown to 0 The Edge value of GDI has been changed from Unknown to North The Allies value of GDI has been changed from Unknown to GDI The Credits value of GDI has been changed from Unknown to 0 The NodeCount value of GDI has been changed from Unknown to 0 The TechLevel value of GDI has been changed from Unknown to 0 The PercentBuilt value of GDI has been changed from Unknown to 0 The PlayerControl value of GDI has been changed from Unknown to yes and their reaction was "GDI UNITS HAVE BEEN SECRETLY MADE WEAKER!" (no joke). So where do we go from here? As most of us have taken long breaks of this game, it is sometimes hard for people (including me) to keep track of what caused what. ("Why is my mk walking? Is it because of cncnet? Is it because of the balance patch? Was it always like that?") ("Why are my harvs randomly getting stuck and going afk? That must be new from cncnet"). A lot of dislike that the vet/balance patch gets is totally misplaced and comes from rumours and disinformation. - Do NOT tie Vet & Balance patch to maps. Give us 2 seperate checkboxes for them and have them explained WELL somewhere. - Give us complete and comprehensive patch notes about any change cncnet has made to TS.
  5. There are fixed versions around for these maps. "caseys canyon" and "a river runs near it" both have this problem and I would hate to lose some of these good maps to easily fixable glitches.
  6. It was always my dream to 1. Get rich. 2. Sponsor big TS tournaments 3. ??? 4. PROFIT (watch amazing games.) I've been stuck at step 1 now for a long time and do not have any money, so I cant fund tournaments, otherwise I would. As for the question of Improvement, YES I think there is tons of room for improvement, some of it is a lot of work, but some of it would also be incredibly easy. I barely ever see people adapt to their 2v2 partner. Having a coherent strategy goes a long way.
  7. it works now. deleted everything and reinstalled again. dont know why that didnt work before
  8. Hey. On some maps (2 for now) I get Internal Error during loading screen (right after I hear the ally-beep): Twinside[Ally][Vet.Bal.2.49] : b1ec73f5acb12c7cc626d93eede492cfb2229d74 Westwood's Canyon [2-6][Ally][Vet.Bal.2.49] : cdf31053511ccaa507b2e3d66d40d88493de97b8 I tried deleting the maps, all the renderer options and reinstalling the game. Anyone any ideas?
  9. "Display Capture" works for me. shows everything, also the game. Maybe it captures the wrong display? If you right click it, you can set a source display. What are your TS settings? mine are native reso, automatic renderer, fullscreen. works perfectly
  10. that only works for players
  11. Sol

    Replay support

    you guys are amazing.
  12. Mola is right. The way this vote is set-up makes it impossible for anything but "1 log" to win. The difference between one or more is a question of principle. The difference between two or three (or any other amount) is a question of detail. That being said, it looks like right now even if you add everything up, the "1 log" guys still won
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