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  1. Sol

    Building stacking in tiberian sun

    not 100% sure what you mean but the "multiple factory" option should be what you are looking for
  2. Sol

    Mammoth AI changed?

    thank you so much, for everything you're doing. nobody could have anticipated how big the implications of this small change are.
  3. Sol

    Mammoth AI changed?

    Okay, so the question is: Is it possible to reverse these changes just for the mmk but keep them for the rest? Because I haven't talked to anyone yet who prefers the new way the mmks are behaving.
  4. Sol

    Mammoth AI changed?

    yeah, that might actually be the only change, which would make it an easy fix if people agree that the change wasnt good
  5. Sol

    Mammoth AI changed?

    this changed! i had my mmk target his mmk but when it got untargetable because of his carryall landing, my mmk automatically retargeted onto his carryall and shot it down. i am almost certain that was not in the original game. thats extremely frustrating, because to prevent that you have to perfectly predict the delay of your lift off command, which is impossible because its different every game and sometimes might be up to half a second.
  6. Sol

    Mammoth AI changed?

    yo I wouldnt mind some other players confirming my suspicions but I also wouldnt mind some official statement whether you guys actually did what I think you did. THX"!!!!!11
  7. Sol

    Mammoth AI changed?

    Since I came back in december I have noticed the MMk2 AI behaving not as I expected. Maybe it is because I hadn't played for 3 years but I dont think so, I know this game pretty well. I am thankful for everything you guys do for the game, adding features and fixing bugs. ❤️ BUT I think you went too far when you fixed the "mmk walking off service depot and exploding" bug. That bug only happened when it was placed there by a carryall while still having saved an attack command. My guess is that instead of actually fixing the bug you changed the targeting AI, so that when the target is out of reach it looks for a new one instead. Lets say you give a carryall the command to pick your mmk up and before it does you tell your mmk to shoot unit A. You then fly your carry out of range of unit A, but unit B is now in range. What used to happen: After the mmk gets dropped off it remembers the old "shoot unit A" command and it will walk towards unit A to try to shoot it. What is happening now: After the mmk gets dropped off it remembers the old "shoot unit A" command, but because it is out of range, he looks for a new target and shoots unit B instead. I've made a video showing some of that stuff, but because I dont have the old game version I can't confirm how the old AI worked. https://youtu.be/UrcMZIWCw8c All of this might not sound like a big deal, but I think it is. I've witnessed countless mmk fights where a landing mmk instantly shoots down the other guys carryall with no skill involved, just because it got autotargeted. Most of my videos from december are gone, but the next time it happens I will show you.
  8. Sol


    had a ridiculous 56 minute ff game last night LIVING
  9. Sol


    my first 8er FF games since I came back. the rust is not off... 8er FF #1 8er FF #2 8er FF #3 8er FF #4 one nice game on area51: area51 and a game on 3v3 terrace: 3v3 terrace I also watched a couple of good games, I might upload them later
  10. Sol


    had some good ones yesterday: c0rpsmakr(TL)/BACARDI(BL) vs LostSouLs(TR)/Sol(BR) TopRush(TL)/c0rpsmakr(BL) vs en3rgy(TR)/Cambria(BR)
  11. Sol


    thanks mate! had some really good games today. i might upload more of them tomorrow. Sol(TL)/en3rgy(BL) vs Cambria(TR)/Tigerr(BR) Sol vs greyhonda en3rgy(TL)/greyhonda(BL) vs Tigerr(TR)/TopRush(BR) Tigerr(TL)/TopRush(BL) vs greyhonda(TR)/en3rgy(BR) more: cambria greyhonda vs tigerr toprush 1,2,3: https://youtu.be/fh4yKdeAem4 https://youtu.be/RCjGqbJPR34 https://youtu.be/ybawX73suvw
  12. Sol


    guess whos back ladies. powerush vs sol: https://youtu.be/zxDf-n7WuOI forgot to mute teamspeak, but its not much talking anyway
  13. Sol

    Who Wrote These Lies?

    That rumour has been around for a long time. Is it possible to look at the code and confirm that it's actually random?
  14. Sol

    Looking for 2VS2 map ideas

    I think no 1v1/2v2 map should be much bigger than terrace. We don't need another open map without terrain for 1v1/2v2, and if you use cliffs and entry points for a map larger than terrace, then it's gonna end up like FF, which most people don't enjoy with less than 6 players. The problem with most of the original 2-4 player TS/FS maps is that they offer a very poor long game experience. And judging from the fact that nobody seems to play those maps or 8er maps with 2-4 players, we don't need one dimensional maps, where you can only go short or long game. We need maps where everyone can play for their strengths (like terrace), whether it is crazy KO-BOs, mid game domination or long game endurance. Not to demotivate you, but I honestly have no clue how to make a map that people would enjoy as much as terrace without it being almost a copy of it. I think we should look at all the maps out there and make notes what we do and do not like about them. For example, I always enjoyed A river runs near it. While it has horrible terrain in some spots, the small tib fields in the mains made it really interesting. So maybe a map with lots of tib overall, but devided into many small fields (with trees) could be worth thinking about or testing even.
  15. Sol

    Is the CNCnet sever cheat free?

    people just keep telling that story from 10 years ago about the bbg map. nobody on this server has it. probably would only take 5 minutes though, if you know what you are doing