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  1. got 35€ on my paypal. i cant spare any more
  2. 1. didnt test but should be fixed. 2. kind of fixed, in most cases at least. 3. "aimable sams" in game options, people usually have it on. gotta control them then
  3. Sol

    Returning player

    yes + most people have aimable sams on (useful but i still dont use it) and as all other RTS games have shared control we usually turn it on as well. you need to bind it on a key though, so you can give control to certain teammates. also look up the other new useful keybindings like PlaceBuilding and RepeatBuilding
  4. It comes down to philosophy. If you are playing to win you should obviously use every (legal) tool available. If you are playing to get better 1refing probably doesnt have the biggest value.
  5. Sol

    mk behavior #3

    weeeeeeeeeeell with the change the mk is brokenly overpowered though, thats why i dont think its a "minor" change
  6. Sol

    mk behavior #3

    I almost expected that... but am I wrong that this behavior does not happen with the patch? That would mean we just got used to it.
  7. Sol

    mk behavior #3

    Yo guys. So as you know I have "initiated" the recent reverse of the patch to units behavior. After a couple of weeks playing with these changes and talking to lots of other people I have realized this MIGHT have been a mistake. From the start I said that I liked the changes to all units except the mk. I still believe the first part, though I am not sure anymore if the mk is any better right now. What bothered me about the patch with mks was: 1. you could "pre-charge" your mk by force firing the ground in your base, so it would target the closest enemy unit when being dropped (not such a big deal, as you could put it on guard mode or shoot one of your own inf from what I've been told) 2. fighting vs titans required significantly less micro. Because as long as the mks last input before being picked up was to shoot something, it will pretty much target the closest titan as soon as being dropped (even with mediocre micro you could easily win vs 5-6 titans) 3. the mk would shoot automatically sometimes and randomly retarget shit, shooting down carries (which still happens as it turns out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2NkaIvEFho) With #3 still happening and #1 not being a big deal (imo), this just leaves #2. It arguably buffs GDI, although those kinds of battles dont really take place as much in GDI vs Nod. It definately makes the mk more valuable and easier to use in GDI v GDI. The problem is that me and other people feel like the mk still doesnt behave like in the original game or at the start of cncnet. Mostly it is walking. All the time. Constantly walking. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW8_PZG-MAk&t=718s I've done some tests, problem is that the tests that required timing have different results in offline mode vs low ping vs high ping. The results are: As long as you fire along the straight edges of the tiles (diagonally on the screen) and the mk is standing on the ground, it can shoot a target that is up to 7 tiles away. If the target is more than 5 tiles away though, after the shot the mk will walk (1-2 tiles) towards it, so that its only 5 tiles away, UNLESS that shot killed whatever you targeted. Meaning that if you told your carry to pick the mk up it just wont do it because the mk moves. In offline mode you could stop the mk from moving if you pressed "S" (stop key) right after shooting, this didnt seem to work reliably at low ping though. On low ping you could stop the mk from walking if you managed to get the shot off very very shortly before the carry picks it up: https://youtu.be/RKliWE8xvUc I personally don't remember the mk walking like this before I quit last time (2015). But I also can't say for sure the mechanics I just tested would be different with the patch that was reversed. SOOOOOOOOO... obviously this is a complicated issue that doesnt have a quick fix. I think most people agree that neither situation is satisfying (mk 2ez with patch, mk 2 stupid without it). My big hope now is that we could somehow get to test not just the current version, but also 1. the original TS, as it was when cncnet came out 2. the version from a couple of weeks ago, with the patch Because with the knowledge I have now I probably would not have advocated for the reversing of the patch, which I am sorry for I really dont want to suggest changes again without knowing all the implications, but the current situation is problematic. GREETINGS. SOL xoxo
  8. Sol


    prove him wrong then. oh wait
  9. so? It can have a big impact, so it takes a lot of time to build (and load) at the most crucial point in the game. In the closest matches, you dont have that time. If my whole team bunks up or we are far ahead, I will always make the Ion cannon to increase our advantage. My point it, the Ion Cannon has its place in the game, it can be especially useful in 1v1 where no ally needs you to attack. 90% of people who play the "original" maps already play GDI, so who do you think needs a buff?
  10. like me? XD from just yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MymDVOyjX8 i realized i dont have many ff games uploaded and i didnt record much in the recent weeks, but found another from a couple of days earlier: https://youtu.be/WlZhgz9WYDw
  11. you for sure havent watched me play ff. i make ion cannon ALL the time
  12. honestly im down for having the ion cannon more accessable, but not without a nod buff. how would that look? no idea. better be really careful with balance changes.
  13. 1. gdi already has an advantage over nod on most maps. 2. you pretty much cannot have an mk with less than 55% hp around anymore, or it just gets instantly killed. 3. pad/emp instant kill without warning
  14. you see them coming and they are slow as hell, meaning you can make a new emp right away, 2 orcas dont oneshot an emp, so you can put an eng in before the 2nd run.
  15. I'm starting to think the 9 in your name is your age.
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