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  1. void

    Old fan map pack

    ah nice. works ^^
  2. void

    Old fan map pack

    nice.. 266 maps found in ramap1.zip. Sadly not readable with funky's RA. Or is there a way to convert .MPR > .MIX ?
  3. Hi again, i tested your older version of RA1installer (v1.61) / V3.03P2EAM after a full installation with both addons, i replaced the original file HIRES1.MIX with the fixed one for small inf's (size: 462828 byte) i started RA with aftermath.exe and chose the Aftermath mission "Shock Therapy". And what did i see.. small inf's:-) So, the graphics for the 2 new inf's in aftermath seems to be available.
  4. Hi Funky, i enabled in RedAlertConfig the option "small infantry". it works fine but 2 inf's are excepted: the tesla trooper (soviet) and the mechanic (allied). maybe i did something wrong. if yes pls tell me what:-) anyway, big thx to keep this fine game alive. greets.
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