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  1. Just going to make a new post to make it less confusing. So, I've found good solution now, it seems, at least. The solution is to use TS-DDraw and force vsync off in the Nvidia control panel. This makes the game run at the original? 62 frames instead of 60 frames - and for whatever reason, this makes the in-game menu completely responsive again. So, no input latency, no disappearing/laggy in-game menu, no flickering mouse cursor, good performance (though not extensively tested to be true).
  2. So now I got around to trying this, but I found I already had the option on, and so it doesn't fix it. Maybe it's just not possible.
  3. Hi, Tore. Windows is 7 SP1 64-bit and fully updated. I downloaded TS from cncnet.org today. Anyhow, I did some troubleshooting, and I found that the issue is related to 'no video memory' with Nvidia cards (at least my own cards/drivers) Default render = mouse flicker, the menu doesn't work TS-DDraw = issue is fixed, however, heavy input latency on mouse Edit: menus works but are very slow to respond! IE-ddraw = mouse flicker, the menu doesn't work ddwrapper (with no video memory set to 'on') = issue is fixed, however, heavy input latency on mouse and also very low game performance. I would like to use 'TS-DDraw' expect for dealing with the input latency, but I noticed that there's no ddraw.ini in the TS folder. So how do I switch vsync off? Can you help with this? Thank you! Edit: I thought TS was synced directly to the frame rate, but it seems not to. The point being, I can lower the input latency created by TS-DDraw by forcing the game to run at 58 frames instead of 60 (less CPU overhead) while still running the game at the same game speed. Hopefully this doesn't create sync issues between other PCs running at 60 frames, though. However, I still like to know how to turn vsync off with TS-DDraw. It's good to have options. Edit2: So now it gets more messy, while TS-DDraw fixes the flickering mouse, it makes the menus very slow to respond. I just didn't notice this at first. Why can't the default render not just work properly. :puppydog:
  4. Ahhhh, I found out that I also have this issue with Tiberian Sun. In TS the cursor will flicker constantly, and if I try to open the menu in-game then the game will seem to freeze, however, I can hear that the menu is actually open, but I'm stuck at the frozen screen of the game then I have to kill the process. This happens with two different PCs of mine, and both are using nvidia cards (630GT and 560TI). Again, my PC with an AMD card has no such issues at all. What do to, what to do. :ranting:
  5. Great, thanks for the reply, Tore!
  6. I tried starting a local game of YR between two PCs that's connected on a local LAN, but when I unplugged my network cable (for testing purpose) to the internet - not to the switch actually connecting the PCs - the game clients lost connection to each others. I know CnCNet5 requires an internet connection, but didn't know that the game clients themselves would lose connection. So what I just want to know is if the network performance is lowered when using CnCNet5 compared to playing without CnCNet5 and instead using the LAN patch instead? Or are the local PCs actually still talking directly between them even though an internet connection is required? I mean, solely this must still be the case as the game is peer to peer, right?
  7. When I'm playing RA2 YR, and I'm moving the cursor to the sides or top/bottom to scroll then the cursor will blink in and out of existence. It's quite annoying. I've tried changing all of the settings available in CnCNet5, but it doesn't help. I have this issue on my PC with a Nvidia 630GT card, however, on my PC with an AMD HD 4980 the cursor is always solid/proper. Is this a known issue?
  8. The screen tearing in RA2 is very bad, but is there any solutions, or is it just impossible? Summery: -There isn't a game option for vertical sync -Forcing vertical sync through graphics drivers doesn't work -RA2 can run in window mode, however, as the colour mode is limited to 16-bit then this will effectively disable the built-in tearing control in Windows (W7+). Request, if it's possible, somehow, to launch RA2 and YR in 32-bit mode then you could use the built-in tearing control of Windows (W7+). This might be impossible, but I have no idea.
  9. Hi. I'm using CnCNet5. The graphics patches is set to 'disabled', however, I tried all of the others and it's the same thing. Small clarification, when I say that right-click scrolling without Scroll Coasting on jumps a lot of pixels on the first initial movement then we're talking about something like 200 pixels give or take, I think. It actually also seems that edge scrolling (with mouse) is slightly faster moving to the east than vest. So, fastest and equal speed = north and south. Second fastest speed = east. Slowest speed = vest. Edit: A low resolution makes the scroll jump a lot more noticeable, because I just now tried a much higher resolution of 1680x1050 versus 840x525 before - and the '200 pixel jumps' becomes something like 20 pixels. It's still there, but hardly has noticeable at all. Also, the edge scrolling issue is likewise also less noticeable at 1680x1050.
  10. There's a couple of technical things that makes TS very annoying for me to play. First, edge scrolling north and south is noticeable faster then scrolling vest or east. How can I make the directional scrolling the same? I find it very irritating that it's not the same speed. Secondly, the two options for right-click scrolling is both faulty. Method 1 is too hard to control when trying to make a circle, only straight direction scrolling works well. Method 2 is much more precise, however, even if you only move a single pixel to any direction then the camera will 'jump' half my screen on the initially command. I use a lower resolution, which makes it very noticeable. After the camera has initially 'jumped' a lot pixels, I can then control the scrolling without issue until I let go of the camera grip. :ranting: I really like TS, but the control input is not great at all, and it really should be made better if it's achievable. Let me know if you don't understand what I'm saying.
  11. Thank you for supporting RA2 ! Great work
  12. When I first heard about OpenRA I was just hoping for the ability to just play the classic C&C games remade 100% faithfully on a open source engine with all the technical possibilities this would allow. Like, you shouldn't even be able to tell visually or feel that the classic C&C games were running on another engine. After they had achieved this then they could have gone crazy by making alternative versions, new interfaces, new feature, new units and so on. I guess they just didn't see a point is remaking the classics faithfully, but I disagree. Personally, I would just like to see FoW working in Tiberian Sun, bigger maps for Tiberian Dawn and better performance for Red Alert 2 with many units. Purely technical then I like to see vsync and borderness windowed fullscreen working. But that's about it. Maybe not worth rewriting a whole new engine for, but otherwise the point would just be to do what they have already done or are correctly during. Anyhow, OpenRA is open source and so maybe we'll live to see successful ports of the classic C&C games made 100% faithfully (as close as you can come). Yes, CnCNet5 is strong and playing the classic has never been has good as now, so I'm very happy. CnCNet5 is the flavour I like.
  13. hippox89

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy jul to everybody at cnc-comm !
  14. I'm using the CnCNet Gruntmods Studios version. Test results (starting these executables directly and not through CnCNet5) With Gruntmods Studios own 'ddraw.dll' dune2000-spawn.exe = 23-24 FPS dune2000-NoFix = 23-24 FPS dune2000-win8-test.exe = 60 FPS, however, it then drops to exactly 16 FPS after a few seconds. An observation, initially upon starting the game, I cannot see the FPS counter, however, when it drops to 16 FPS, it shows up. Now, same deal, but with using 'DDRAW.dll' instead (W8+8.1 DirectDraw fix) dune2000-spawn.exe = 60 FPS, however, the FPS also seems to drop after a few seconds, however, I cannot see the actual FPS without Gruntmods Studios own 'ddraw.dll'. I can feel the FPS drop from 60 to something much lower, though. So, it seems that my initial testing might not have been entirely correct. It seems that the fix only works momentarily for Dune 2000. Edit: More test results: -with Gruntmods Studios own 'ddraw.dll' and starting Dune 2000 via CnCNet5: 60 FPS itinially, but it then drops to 16 FPS. This is interresting because this is with Gruntmods Studios 'ddraw.dll' and no altered executable. -with Gruntmods Studios own 'ddraw.dll' and starting Dune 2000 via CnCNet5, but with the box 'Force DirectDraw Emulation' switched on. The game speed starts slow, but then the game speed turns really fast after a few seconds. The FPS says about ~180 the entire time, however, it might actually jump from a lower FPS, I'm not sure. I'm quite confused about all of this right now.
  15. Hi, I have just found a solution for running Dune 2000 on Window 8+8.1 with good FPS. From what I know, Windows 8+8.1 emulates DDraw, but not without issues. There seems to be a compatibility flag which casues many games to get locked to about 33.5 FPS. I've even experienced drops down to about 8 FPS in Dune 2000 myself. Anyhow, the simplest fix is to drop a modified DDraw.dll in your root Dune 2000 folder. You'll find more info about the root cause and the DDraw.dll fix (there's some other alternative ways, too) at this link: http://www.blitzbasic.com/Community/post.php?topic=99477&post=1202630 This dll has fixed Genesis emulation, Nerf Blast Arena and Dune 2000 for me so far. These games/emulators was locked to 33.5 FPS in full screen mode before. I've only just found the fix, so this is my initial feedback.
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