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  1. Grant, can you check to see if my twitch is added to cnc, I just checked and it doesn't show up on cnc. It's twitch.tv/chadderboxt and i'm playing yuri's revenge. Thanks, Chad
  2. We got it Guys, it was resolution and had to enable TS-DDRAW. Thanks for the help. Now I know max resolution.
  3. Grant, his monitor is 3840x2160 but client is 2560x1440
  4. I know it's a higher resolution, maybe even 4k but I will find out and let you know. Thanks again Grant
  5. Grant, I have another one. Noob_Saibot can not download custom maps since update, it says The host has to select a map published with the game or you will be unable to participate in this match. He was able to download maps before the most recent update. He is running windows 7. Also when he makes a game he is able to select custom maps already in his custom map folder, just not able to download new ones. Any suggestions? Thanks, Chad
  6. Grant, I logged into his computer and checked everything I know. It does not work on skirmish , game loads and as soon as you go to deploy the mcv he gets the main exe. He had origin copy so I installed the xwis version with the windows 10 fix and same issue. I have also tried the compatibility modes on different settings, ran as administrator, and even turned off his anti virus. Not sure where to go from here, know you have been around forever and might have seen a similar issue. Any suggestion's and i'll try with him. Thanks, Chad
  7. Link to Buffalo vs matt vwwwwwww 5-0 Buffalo https://www.twitch.tv/videos/121218686
  8. chadderboxt

    New update issue

    Grant, i've been working on FIDO'S computer which is running windows vista and since the update he can not log into cnc. I have narrowed it down to the resources folder, it worked fine before the update, so what I did was replace the new resources folder with the old one from before the update. I can get it so he can log into cnc and says it's up to date but when he joins a game it says modified files detected and he is not able to play a game. As usual I have checked .netframework and he is running most recent video drivers. Can you tell me what files exactly were updated in the resources folder so I can narrow it down to the exact file causing the issue. Also the client log only says checkboxchecked.png failed.
  9. Grant, can you u add Joe's twitch stream please. It's twitch.tv/aufruler. Thanks
  10. Results of naWb vs [Auf]Mindwar naWb 5-4 winner. Here is link https://www.twitch.tv/chadderboxt/v/108130931
  11. Looks like kaboom after loading custom maps. I told him to remove all custom maps. Also the game freezes and kicks him just sitting in lobby and after playing a game, and the cncmaprenderer is using almost all of his cpu usage. Thanks for the help. ‮‏‍‏‬‭‬‌‮.‏
  12. Grant, can you please add the feature back that when you click on someone's nic it shows if they are in a game or not Thanks, and thank you for all your hard work.
  13. Grant, add my stream 2 cnc please https://www.twitch.tv/chadderboxt
  14. Hi, my m8s and I play a lot of survival's and noticed that the maximum money amount is now $40,000. Anyway it can be changed back to $100k.
  15. I stumbled across this on youtube, it's couple months old but thought I should bring it to everyone's attention. If last update fixed this then great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMppyUJ8nhs
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