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  1. People these days cry everything is lame. A few weeks ago some guy drove his mcv past my drone and called me lame for droning him. I've been called lame for using ivan, drones,v3 and boris lol, basically anything that isn't a complete rhino spam. I kinda get what your saying Ronnie as in that case EvB is over and I wouldn't do it in a ffg with friends, however if it was 3v3 cm or something then dont see why not.
  2. I had the exact same thing done to me on hammer about 6 months ago, if you open the map in final alert they have like 20 mcvs outside the map aswell.
  3. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    I support Random supers(dependent on map/faction)Multi engi is imo a terrible idea if you cant deal with 1 engi go play custom match or ra1. Destroyable bridges bieng random seems pointless.
  4. So does Soviet. Siege should be your main arsenal, and in long game sov>yuri at sea. Also awarn1gga. Radar before war is a terrible idea. Rarely works out to ur advantage. On a small map like blood/dune maybe but 1 well placed bunker n it's a waste of time. Always make warfac first imo.
  5. Probably take more than that. Against Yuri in naval situations I only make 1-2 squid and it's merely to locate the boomers quickly. Then use subs/siege or if close to the shore deploy a deso.
  6. Allies can fight Yuri head on. a Soviet cannot. Early game grizz are fast enough to reach magnetrons, late game u can take on yuris army just like you would a sov. Allied Navy is better equipped at dealing with boomers. Sov is all hit+run, go for eco, and camp with supers
  7. 'Beating yuri with Soviets is easier than beating them with allies?' Not sure I agree with that Ronnie.
  8. Deso/drone/siege/rhino IC+Nuke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9XveyRfKvg I will do some videos vs yuri this week hopefully.
  9. I disagree with this. I think the random supers factor made the game much more interesting and competitive, with random supers it would depend on the map and situation to try and tech up. With supers always on It's just a race for the IC.
  10. You normally play ra2 so not sure why your debating how to play on YR Now I'm not claiming to be a strong allied player, but I've played long enough to know enough.. like you said earlier I'm just saying what works in my experience. From a sov perspective on YR if an allied enemy's techs they have much more chance of winning against me. I do agree there is a 4-5 minute window where they are vulnerable once they tech. I agree it depends on the situation but I find it difficult to think of a map where an allied player could multi war without a lab and be successful on YR. Grizzly just don't hold up like in ra2. I think you are underestimating the difference between RA2/YR. Grizzly don't build faster here so you have even less plastic tanks than usual. Ask Marsh or tej they are probably at ur level if not better than you with allies? like I said we did loads of games on YR QM for a long time and mass war without lab as allies doesn't work vs a good Soviet on YR. It's been a common mistake by Ra2 players on YR for years.
  11. This is why I like the idea of random supers for AvA, SvA and SvS in qm. I think it would be a nice option for ffg's aswell. XWIS qm had a function in these scenarios so that you didn't know if supers where on untill you built your battle lab. I agree with you late game sovs are just as powerful as allies if used correctly. A large enough army of siege can take on any army in the game.
  12. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    lies. it takes 2 shots to kill 1 deso on YR with a mirage. thats 4 shots before i can press 'd' good luck lol
  13. If u justin or marsh goes mutli war vs me as allies rather than tech i will run through you, i will have as many tanks and mine are almost x2 as strong. i have no doubts about this whatsoever. When Marsh first came to YR we did a lot of qm's we would play both Ra2 and YR. He would ussually win the series ra2 and me on YR. He played YR like it was ra2 mass grizz/mass war etc, he failed time and time against me untill he learnt to adapt and tech first. The best Allied players i knew on YR always teched first. Most didnt even have to make a 2nd warfac. (e.g. dean/brett).
  14. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Xe3 is clearly a troll with limited to no understanding of the game. If u can kill 2 of my deso with 1 mirage I'll pay you £500.
  15. I Think this is very good advice for ra2. But mass war as allies vs Soviet is a disaster on YR. Grizzly don't produce faster like ra2 and a sov will roll through you even if they teched for IC on 1 war. On YR you should always tech asap vs Sov imo.