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  1. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Im sorry but i disgaree with so much of this. 'The allies have no rush threat' - utter nonsense. GI ifv's/quick seal/rockies/planes 'Sov scout faster' - Completely depends on the map. Does a sov scout quicker on artic cricle? Probably not. 'Are better at / vs laming' - This i disagree with completely, the allied factions with its versatility and speed makes it much more effective for laming. ' 1. The sov timing pushes (2, 3, 4 war) are enhanced in strength and duration. So can allies. 3. 'The allies have no tier 2 push of their own, they are still bleeding from loss of time' - Rockies/planes/para or depending on faction eagle/TD/Cannon/Sniper. Good allied players will slow a down sov players considerably at this point.
  2. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    say what? YR is far more balanced AvS than ra2 imo.
  3. Favorite Maps?

    Heartland in my experience has always been a strong map for Soviet and a difficult map for allies.
  4. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    nonsense. lol
  5. Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    i believe its 10.
  6. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Actually No we arent. Yuri's revenge always had spawn previews even on xwis.
  7. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    As i stated id have the following setting's Short Game = ONMCV Repacks = ONDestroyable Bridges = ONSuperweapons = Dependent on FactionsSpawn Previews = (you should see your enemys location on loading screen.)Game Speed = MAXCredits = 10,000Starting Units = 0 Crates = OFF Id start with something like this. All Matchups. Country Swing Offense defense Golden state fwy Montana DMZ Hidden Valley Dustbowl Dry heat Heartland Dune Patrol Blood Feud SvA, MIRROR (SvS,AvA,YvY) Deadmans Ridge Heck freezes Over Tsunami Alaskan Oil Spill New Height's Official Tournament Map B Pirate Bay Divide and Conquer Tour of Egypt Jungle of Vietnam Face Down Roundhouse Kick Snow Valley Paris Revisited Depth Charge That's 25 Map's Giving 10 maps of Allies/Sov vs Yuri, and 15 maps of mirror/SvA. I personally do not Support a veto function, i think its an overall bad idea.
  8. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    That map pool was a last ditch attempt to throw some life into a pretty much dead ladder. i would suggest reverting to an earlier pool and making some addition's/changes. This is probably a good topic to look at. http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/55636-yr-qm-renovation-proposal/ I agree with Prep completely. Start with 20 maps or so, this way players will learn and this is key to making and maintaining a competitive ladder. I would suggest a a seperate topic where players can submit proposals and then after discussions can be voted upon. Short Game = ON MCV Repacks = ON Destroyable Bridges = ON Superweapons = ON (but preferably RANDOM if possible) No Spawn Previews = ON Game Speed = MAX Credits = 10,000 Starting Units = 0 These should be the exact setting's apart from the Superweapons which have to be dealt with by scenario. SvY for example must always have supers on, i dont know if it can be incorporated or not but having supers always on on certain maps would be nice to prevent long campfest games. ( Death Valley Girl in SvS springs to mind.) Also Sedonna pass is a terrible map to 1v1 on, especially for inexperienced players. Your map list looks more like ra2 than yr.
  9. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Short Game - Sovs > Allies Long Game (w/o superweapons) - Allies > Sovs Long Game with Super's - Depends on map. All if this obviously depends on player it's a mistake to compare the likes of harriers with kirovs. Also if you try kill an mcv early game with harriers rhinos will overpower u. If u try it late game the Soviet will have flak. 4 flak tracks with good control will shoot all them down before they get near. In the event they don't 1 well timed click to move the mcv dodges all the missiles. Allies do have better vision especially in large maps but a few dogs and even a flak track if necessary sorts that out. 3. - So can sovs 4. Not really 5. Siege choppers > prisims Apocalypse and kirovs aren't used that much rhinos get around the map just fine.
  10. Real Allied Skills

    for me XWIS > WOL > NOW. By 2006/2007 YR was dead on XWIS very few players and even fewer good players its no wonder you made it to the top 5 so easily, on wol there was plenty of good players, however by the time of XWIS, come 2004-2006 all these older players that reapeared i generally got the better of with relative ease. The game and players adapt as time goes on. The only reason imo, that the player base now isnt as good as XWIS was when YR was active is the lack of competition.

    Im in. Let's do this.
  12. Why doesnt Cnc support the real red alert 2 ?

    Well Said.
  13. Best Current Allied Player on CNCNet?

    Desrlator* was Kris's nick and the miner glitch (when it first appeared) had nothing to do with sunny, he didnt do it untill years later.
  14. Adding more Colours

    I have played an online game vs a white opponent once. Not entirely sure what happened but it was a qm on XWIS years ago vs tim on dune patrol, he randomly started the game with a white mcv.