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  1. Korc you dcd and we got a fourth who didnt lag. I dont really care about winning or losing, but im sure the others noticed the speed difference after u dcd aswell. Fix your lag. Matt, I only ban you when u get all up on your period and start flaming everyone, Clearly the pill is keeping those mood swings in check as you've been alright as of late.
  2. yea it would and in the original version it would probably also make gameplay a little more even i thought, i like the changes though, looking foward to trying it out
  3. Download XCC mixer and use it to select the individual audio files from the files theme.mix (Ra2) and thememd.mix (YR)
  4. Can we please remove tej from the testers group. I feel threatened.
  5. That 4k Video is sick haha id like to try and play a game on this reso id imagine clicking drones would be rather difficult though.
  6. Pretty much my thought's. I really like the design and layout but it looks like the distance from each spawn to the southern island and dog luck will decide who wins. Id advise a large concentrated patch of ore behind each spawn. In its current format i can see this map bieng all about dog luck and with the limited resources, once you lose that southern middle area you will probably lose. With a bit more resources near each each spawn i reckon the southern part while still highly advantageous would be less of a game decider. I would also remove the tech power plant on the top left, i feel that if the left side wins the middle it will be far too easy to camp defending both top and bottom. Right side wont be able to do anything from the ground.
  7. Id argue about your comment's...but its probably true.
  8. For 1v1? Sinkhole - Its Crazy, random and results in some completely mental strategies. For 2v2 Face down - small area, high eco, constant warfare and some rather unexpected strategies 3v3. - Tripple Crossed - Simple fun map which ussually results in pretty good games. 4v4 - Territorial Imperative - Completly chaotic map with so many strategies and possible ways of playing it. FFA - Heck Freezes Over (In land rush mode)
  9. Heck Freezes Over - Consistently overated and overplayed since wol, ive always found the heck fanatics generally sucked on most other maps. Never been a fan, easily my least favourite map.
  10. He666l - mainly plays survival but can compete at a pretty high level in 1v1 or team games.
  11. Mabye true but i wouldnt say hes 'trash' he knows the game and can compete at a decent level. Near 20 years experience gives him an edge over most of the current players. Especially on cncnet.
  12. Sunny's level of experience allows him to play any faction at a decent level. How you can call any player who has competed at the top for years 'TRASH' is beyond me.
  13. So are you gonna train people or are you the one needing traning? Sure i joined you the other week and we where playing some mod 8 player version of sedonna pass, i also seem to remember you consistently having 'sov-war' styled games with no v3's, no chopper's and boris only on defense on Sedonna 3v3 for months on end and those are some pretty rigid rules.. Hypocrisy at its finest albert.
  14. Id probly say tej, justin or ico. Thanks for the mention Blazer but im not really an allied player, experience allows me to play at a decent level but compared to some of these guys id be a walkover.