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  1. Unanimous Change

    Not had any. I didnt even play on the last day. You got their easy by playing noobs and ra2 players inexperienced against the YR faction. The only player that finished in the top 10 you even played against was Marsh, again an Ra2 player. Ridiculous to use this as an example. Yuri may tech slightly faster but i dont see why they would have a disk advantage. Siege are cheaper/faster with industry, also by the time he gets disks, a sov will likely have flaks. Also the fact that HV has tech repair shop's means as soon as i get 1-2 siege yuri will lose his oils. On a map like dustbowl/Deadman's it would become impossible for yuri, without mag's yuri cant break a camp, if that camp is along a cliff edge e.g. siege, yuri becomes useless. Leo is correct imo, without being able to lift off cliff's with mag's certain map's will become a walkover for svy/avy that being said it makes a lot more map's playable, SV, Toe etc but then deploy siege/prizim on these cliffs and yuri is done, it tilt's from one extreme to the other if you know what i mean? Tweaking mag's is difficult imo, yea they are the reason yuri comes across as so powerful, but if you change this too much yuri will be very weak.
  2. Unanimous Change

    This is actually a good point, i didnt consider this, on HV or dustbowl it might hurt a yuri badly. On HV you would definetly lose your oils, but i suppose disks or mms would work? On the plus side it would make yuri playable on the vast majority of maps.
  3. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    Whats wrong with it? What glitch?
  4. Yuri's Revenge - January 2018 QM Map List

    Still not heard much on this? P.S ive removed the Alamo and added Cavern's of Siberia and Amazons Delta
  5. how do i play with the disk

    Im assumming you have installed with the disks? Change compatibility mode to win xp sp3. (Right click ra2/yr icon > properties > compatibility) You can download the game with a no CD patch from here www.xwis.net/d You need to download the cncnet client from this site to play online YR. Alternativly you can play ra2 on xwis once you have ra2 up and running and u add your serial at www.xwis.net/ga
  6. Unanimous Change

    Not really siege are too fast. Deploy siege or use v3? So can allies with bf/ggi ifv. For this reason id suggest you dont change the mastermind? Thoughts?
  7. Unanimous Change

    lol im gonna reply to this once. these are some nice suggestion's here some for you. You and your noob mates should learn to play the game, actually get a to a point where your relatively decent then come and debate these thing's when u understand the game. Sit down, your a noob.
  8. Unanimous Change

    The campaign's teach you the effectiveness of different units against the opposing faction's. Im not argueing about the apocs speed, they are designed slow intentionally, making them fire on the move changes the meta and i i disagree completely about the following. a mix of rhinos, flak, apocs, deso, nope apocs are too slow and shitty to micro so just make rhino. Again its all situational.
  9. Unanimous Change

    Its nothing to do with opinion, its about you not having a clue what your talking about, most of the claims (or your inexperienced opinion's) you seem to make i regard as foolish and i amongst the vast majority of other top players dont take anything you say seriously, but you dont see me crying about your foolish claims. its clear to me that you DONT understand how this game works. Not in the slightest. I notice you miss out the parts about the campaign that actually explains these issue's? Have you actually played the campaigns? I believe thats a valid source... The example with the master mind is the exact same as his with apocs vs bf. its situational, you can add bf's into the mix but lets add rhino's into the mix aswell? its all situational. On ra2 against allies apocs where unstoppable, with a deso/apoc push allies have absolutely no chance., its clear when YR came along allies needed something to counter them hence the bf. That doesnt make apocs useless it just means like everything else, they now have an effective counter. Just like the bf is countered by sentry/splitting rhinos, As a tier 3 unit a bf is the only unit in the allied arsenal that stands a chance against apocs. It has to have a counter like everything else. Let's take an example lets say its Sov's vs allies Death Valley girl Superweapons off. A clever allied player will sit in his base untill has a ridiculous amount of mirage, prisim and bf. A clever sov would make a mix of Rhino/Apoc and Siege because these are the only effective counter's. They just don't offer enough benefits to warrant building an army of these. Rhino Tanks, in most scenarios will always be the better tank. You where never supposed to build an army of them! Think about it, by the time you get ur battle lab up in every game you will already have an army, combining them with other unit's e.g. rhino is where they are most effective and where you see the benefits. Anyway im done here, mustache as usual, clearly doesnt have a clue what hes doing or what hes talking about. Just a noob changing the game because he doesnt understand how to play it.
  10. Unanimous Change

    Apocs are tier 3 unit's 'the soviet ultimate tank' 'war in a can' quotes directly from the campaign. if you dont understand the difference between a main unit e.g. rhino, grizzly compared with a heavy unit e.g. apoc, bf then you are more clueless than i believed. This is why your mod sucks, you dont understand the game in the slightest, If they where supposed to be the main unit's you would have them much earlier in game. This isnt an opinion, this is years of experience and basic common sense, i think you should go play the campaign's and actually listen to what it teaches you. You'll probably learn a thing or two. There is no inability to shoot+move it works with ctrl+shift this isnt 'micro-intensive' its holding 2 more buttons while you click. What your trying to do is completely change the purpose/design of these units to suit your desires, comparing there weakness's with a battle fortress/mastermind is ridiculous. a major weakness of a standard bf is a sentry gun, i dont see apocs having that issue? you gonna make them weak vs pillboxes aswell? 4 conscripts beat a mastermind on its own, shall we make 4 conscripts own an apoc? You can also make 10 apoc instead of 20 rhino which will do much more damage vs mirage. We can play scenario's all day, knowing how and when to use a unit comes down to experience.
  11. Unanimous Change

    play me 1v1 sov v sov or sva and ill show you, we can make a video if it makes you happy. Tesla and apocs are not supposed to be main units, they are supposed to incorporated with main units, when this is done they are extremely effective. You seem to think everything needs to be on video for it to true, i think you just lack experience and ability.
  12. Unanimous Change

    Rhino tanks do not outclass apocs. Not a chance in hell. Tesla yes, apocs no. Making them shoot+move seems to me that they become ridiculously o/p, its taking the slower, bulkier element away from them, which is designed that way deliberately. Remember apocs have aa aswell, they are already much better than rhino's. They arent used on mass because they are slow, not because they dont shoot on the move, incorporate some into an army of rhinos and the effect is devestating in both sva and svs Tesla tanks are designed for use when camping or breaking camp, they are already extremely effective at this, place a wall infront of em and watch em go. On a map like Stormy Weather/Hidden Valley tesla tanks are incredible. They could probably use a slight range boost but apart from that their fine. Just because very few players use units the way they are intended doesnt mean the units are weak, it just means the player base is.
  13. Soviet VS Yuri

    So recently ive seen and heard from a lot of player's that just dont understand how to fight the Yuri faction. In this topic im going to give examples and answer any question's regarding this issue, furthermore if any Yuri player's want some game's to help show how the soviet faction can combat yuri feel free to give me a shout. i'll also upload any games i lose and discuss why i lost and what i could have done better to avoid this. Soviet vs Yuri Heartland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y_8QTEu9uc Soviet vs Yuri Paris Revisited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9XveyRfKvg&t=470s Soviet vs Yuri Country Swing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8RadJmFLDA&feature=youtu.be Soviet vs Yuri little Big Bay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWEhhKpsJc4&feature=youtu.be
  14. Unanimous Change

    Aslong as this is simply a mod like the mx map's id say seems reasonable. Dont really see the point of making these units shoot on the move though when u can just force move them.
  15. YR & RA2 mode, what needs updating!

    If drones attack my tanks then i iron curtain my tanks they should no longer be droned, turns out this isnt the case as soon as the ic wears off the tanks start dying.