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  1. Updated maps with CnCNet supported preview images.
  2. Can't believe that no one recognizes the situation. If other AI players attacks you after one is dead you have set [AI] Paranoid=yes. And yes, it is set to be that by default. This is what rules.ini says about that key: So basically just set it to no if you want to reserve allies after one AI is dead or some of ally relationships change (basically ally/unally in multiplayer).
  3. Just wondering that why no1 has changed TUTORIAL.INI string to spawnmap.ini string in ts-spawn.exe. So it reads [Tutorial] texts directly from current map. Seemed to work well with fast testing...
  4. FunkyFr3sh told me that they removed all singleplayer stuff from TS multiplayer installation. I think that includes 'tutorial.ini' so there's not any texts to show anymore. I just don't understand why they had to remove stuff that ppl used in multiplayer missions. So I suggest to return at least 'tutorial.ini' to TS multiplayer installation. I know that not many ppl would use it but it's nice to have sometimes. Of course it would be more useful way to add custom texts support such as adding them directly to map file.
  5. Updated maps. They should now work after FunkyFresh disabled units, buildings and triggers for GDI and Nod houses.
  6. Seems like I have to post all my maps here Actually here's not all maps made by me. Many of those maps have been lost. Including singleplayer missions, non-serious wave comp stomps and some of my human vs human multiplayer maps. However here are still some very old maps I still have. And of course there's not unfinished maps.. (yeah there's still some to be made) The package contains only the best versions of maps. Multiplayer missions are also included here even if they have their own topic (because I love them so much). Attached package includes following maps: Rescue North-Map [6+2] [V. 2.1] Attacks On The Middle [6+2][V. 3.5] AI Labyrinth [6+2][V. 2.1] Tower Defence [6+2][V. 3.0] - 3 lanes version Tower Defence [4+2][V. 3.0] - 2 lanes version Tower Defence [3+2][V. 3.0] - 1 lane version Mutant Attack [6+2][V. 5.0] AI Builds Attacks [6+2][V. 4.3] Last Stand (Defense) [4+1][V. 2.0] - Made by me and atord Rescue Tratos! [3+1][V. 7.2] Capture Mutant Pyramid! [3+1][V. 7.3] Destroy ICBM Launchers! [2+1][V. 5.0] Tower Defence II [V. 3.0] Another Visc Comp Stomp [6+2][V. 2.5] Free Slavick & Tratos And Kill Oxanna - Multiplayer mission by me and baas28 Kill Oxanna - Sequel for 'Free Slavick & Tratos And Kill Oxanna' by me and baas28 Mammoth Tank Battle {V2} By PTapioK Mammoth Tank Battle [4vs4][EvsW] By PTapioK Mammoth Tank Battle II By PTapioK City Rally {3} Fast -AI- By PTapioK Fast -AI- 2 By PTapioK Hourglass [4 vs 4][N vs S] The Little Islands [4] The Little Islands [4][Transport] Snow Map By PTapioK [8] Random Map with Mods [8] [Prelocated Spawns] Random Visc Map with Mods [8] [Prelocated Spawns] Random Map 2 with Mods [6] Attacks From The Human [V. 1.3] Human Labyrinth [V. 1.1] Tower Defence III [V. 3.5] Changelog: - Updated missions with CnCNet supported previews. Some fixes to old maps. Added random maps, all vs human maps and Tower Defence III. (14.4.2018) - Updated my missions to have some fancy text triggers. Replaced two Hourglasses with one better version. (15.7.2016) - Maps should now work after FunkyPatches + some fixes. (7.6.2016) - Updated Rescue Tratos!, Capture Mutant Pyramid! and Destroy ICBM Launchers! (9.4.2016) - Updated Attacks On The Middle (20.06.2015) PTapioKs_maps.zip
  7. Multiplayer missions by me: My first mission (Rescue Tratos!) [2-3 players] At this map your mission is to rescue Tratos from North Pyramid and fight until you get Orca Transport to move Tratos to safe place. How to play? First player: Start 1 Second player: Start 2 Third player: Start 3 + 1 AI player Second mission (Capture The Mutant Pyramid!) [2-3 players] Mission of this map is simple: Destroy everything but capture the pyramid! How to play? First player: Start 1 Second player: Start 2 Third player: Start 3 + 1 AI player Third mission (Destroy ICBM Launchers!) [2 players] There are two missions in this map. 1.: Destroy Neutral's allie at North East. 2.: Destroy ICBM Launchers! How to play? First player: Start 1, Color Gold, Side GDI Second player: Start 2, Color Red, Side Nod + 1 AI player What to do? Go to revealed areas (and almost always destroy everything). If theres none then just go. Follow fancy texts that triggers are spamming. Options: - Bases off - Short game off Bugs? Yeah many. Briefing? No. 70802.mpr 70903.mpr 5100.mpr
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