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  1. It all works Rampastring!!! xme gave me the new ts-spawn.exe sooo awesome!!! I'm very exicited, I made a list of all the stuff thats working: Place ready building HOTKEY build previous structure HOTKEY Request to controll allie's units HOTKEY Enable short game TRIGGER ACTION Give Credits TRIGGER ACTION SPAWN LOCATIONS FOR TRIGGER EVENTS!!! TRIGGERS CAN BE OWNED BY SPAWNS!! Fake Houses 4 to 49 oTHER NEW STUFF: shft+1 will now add units to team no need to hold alt to rally point a building harvesters will harvest when told to guard harvesters will come out of war factory in guard mode info panel can be toggled fully off no more cheating veterancy by killing your own units or allies units you can add an entry under [Options] in SUN.INI that will force you to hold alt to undeploy art/ticks/mcv. [Options] MoveToUndeploy=No double-tap team number to center team All you guys are so amazing to do all of this for us! Can't wait till all of this is being uploaded
  2. You guys have awesome ideas i played alot of Total Annihilation and age of empires. A little starcraft, cnc1 ra and ra2. TS definitly the most :P. being obsessed with the age of empires map maker, same fot final sun. So i love the idea of having a world of creating game rules. I would write a game where you can develop your own God, and could build units that can do rituals to give the god energy for gaining some weapon of some kind. Im all into different densities of reality in real life so i would create more underground/ghost type of house that also work for your God. But then the biggest thing is for units to free themselfs of mental captivity and gain powers the gods have no controll over. Lol
  3. I'm still gonna work on this map. It's been alot of fun but i'm gonna turn the race into a real Multiplayer towerdefense, where instead of destroying eachothers and racing with just 1 buggy, you can build more vehicles, and everytime you get a vehicle over the finish and through your gate, you get more credits, and the way to win is to reach a certain amount of money: For example You can upgrade to First tech when reaching 50.000, second tech 100.000, etc. With alot more text triggers ofcourse. It will be very easy and quick to make, but it is just an idea for now. first need the new trigger "Give Credits" to work, plus the multiplayer spawn houses to work as event, the developers are working on that!!! so awesome! Cant wait!! Somehow I had the mappreview generator working when i deleted the [triggers] section. Version 24 for now. rally race.mpr
  4. Hey Rampastring, I tested these but i can't get them to work. Have you tested it on tiberian sun?
  5. I'd be using it for map named "All vs player 1", Spawn1 gets a massive base after 7 minuts. I've been struggling with finding the right balance for it, but if i can turn on multi factory with a second timer, then it would take out the imbalance! Second I will use it for mission maps and towerdefense maps, together with Give Credits, Multi factory would be a great reward!
  6. Wow Rampastring, you did it! This will make so many maps more interesting. Especially my race map! Get credits for every lap! AMAZING. or with a text trigger on towerdefensive maps: EVERY PLAYER RECEIVED 5000$. i will let my imagination go on the short game trigger. I wonder Rampastring, if you could do the same for Multifactory
  7. Attached a simple test map, Take 'Start 4'. Just drive MCV over line, and Refinery should explode Event 'Entered by ' - Parameter: Spawn4 testspwn.mpr
  8. Hey don't know if this is discussed some other topic yet, but what happened to all the attachments on messages? Was this done on purpose or accident. hopefully this (pretty awesome) theme is able to restore them if it was not on purpose
  9. Awesome dkeeton! Ok, im very happy to test. I get online usually around 7-9 pm, and in the weekends random times (-06:00 Central Time)
  10. paint random cliffs, hmm... do you mean Paint random trees? that one is fixed. The water can be ugly indeed, but there's nothing wrong with it. It is just the graphics of the game. The water got to be made with very square corners, just look at standard maps, the water is very rectangly
  11. BILINGUAL PEOPLE! ENGLISH AND SPANISH! We are gonna create A SPANISH VERSION, of Final Alert and Final Sun. It is alot of work to translate all of it, so please just translate what you want to translate, even if its just a few lines, just reply on this topic with your translated sections, and we will build from there! Thanks! Replace the english words after the = symbol
  12. Final Sun Updates - Fixed Paint random trees - Fixed missing trigger numbers - Fixed Text triggers (Under [Actions], "11,4,1" should be "11,0,1") - Added Text triggers Tutorial & Auto-ally tutorial - Added Marble Mode - Beginners Mode already Disabled - Added all Spawn Locations - Free Radar enabled Utilities MapNameLinker (by ptapiok) A new tool by Ptapiok which allows you to see the real map names instead of the file names. Just Open up your map folder and Put it on alphabetic order by Pressing the 'Map Name' Tab. CnCnet gives all map file names horrible names, so thanks Ptapiok for this amazing time saver! TSWaveMaker (by ptapiok) Another GIANT time saver for if you're into AI mission,compstomp or tower defensive map making. You can organise and clone your teams & scripts, you can multiple select everything and give it ascending orders, plus there are some fixes and better explanations. Make a MASSIVE AI map in Just a FEW Minuts! Read about TSWaveMaker on https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=531511 TibEd Do not allow this software to make changes to your map! Instead, just use it to look up the codes u need. All the codes you need are organised and easy to change, copy and paste into your map! (Install TibEd yourself) SunEdit 2k If you install this, you can open it in final sun, make easy changes to your units, and save it back into your map! it needs a serial after 1 month, but the maker gave us a keygen, which is included. TS & RA2 Tunnel Drawer v1.02 Create a Tunnel in Final Sun, then use this flash file to fix the code, tutorial: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6225.msg45922#msg45922 NOTE: Please check out all the tutorials on ppmsite.com and cncnet.com forum, also use the manual in final sun. DOWNLOAD: Utilities + Fixed Files to replace/add in finalsun folder: mirror 1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6M2MyqeyRCzRjBKRWxVVTFPc2s/view?usp=sharing mirror 2 http://www.filedropper.com/fixutilities All files + Final Sun itself: mirror 1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6M2MyqeyRCzeWVkUGlXMFlUS1E mirror 2 https://ufile.io/0653a I was gonna create an installation file for noobs, with everything installed and included cuz it suprised me how some people don't even know how to replace files. But i guess, suck it up, if you're gonna mod, you gotta know basic stuff. Replacable files mapnamelinker and tutorial.zip
  13. They look pretty cool to me... http://jp3d.net/retro/cnc/maps.shtml Cool1 to Cool7.1 rock garden HyperX
  14. Did you activate the weird symbols mode? Try pressing Ctrl+Shift (both left) or try Ctrl+fn+right Shift Did you press a chat key like F8? (hate when that happends accidently) Does your shift work at all?