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  1. I turn off music volume, and listen to terence mckenna or freeman fly in the background. Conspiracies are awesome to listen to while playing
  2. Forums have undergone an update

    Any luck on the old attachments from old theme? Would love to retrieve those
  3. Cheat Engine on TS Mission Time?

    Haha ok. I'll work on it when i have time, today or tomorrow hopefully. What about removing the timer? and make it a little harder, u want me to add some crazy attacks every now and then? Or instead of winning after timer, an invasion of massive units will come, whatever you want hihi
  4. Cheat Engine on TS Mission Time?

    tell me which missions and how long u want the timer and i'll send u the missions, download XCC Mixer utilities, open XCC Mixer (with admin rights) and i'll tell you how to replace the files. I'll find out where.
  5. Do you guys think that I look fat?

    Wow it takes courage to post this. Its a real tough journey, but life is tough. being conscious about it is the first step ofcourse. And you just did, now writing things down is the key here. First you gotta have goals, write them down. Really think about your goals, but more importantly why you want to reach them. Make a list and hang it on your fridge. Believe me, a great goal is the most important cuz Its the key to be persistant. Second, Write or track down everything that goes in your mouth. Its hard to keep this habit, i failed, but i am on the paleo diet so i alrdy know what i eat ofcourse there are many ways to lose weight but why you want it is the trigger to all. Life is hard anyway. What u choose to be, Victim or warrior? Pain is inevidable, suffering is optional. learned all this from my martial arts master, and i recommend MA too, to get not only your body, but your mind and spirit in great shape. (Muay thai is great) We learn bad habits from our parents, they did from their parents and so on, the cycle have to break if we want to survive, no joke. And when we learn to be persistant, we could accomplish Anything, truely. Goodluck brother and you dont haVe to do this alone
  6. Neutral Buildings That Can Be Captured By Anyone

    That doesnt work yet. We gotta wait for the new ts-spawn to be uploaded, then we can use spawn locations in events and trigger owners, untill then u gotta use event parameter minus 1 ( -1).. which means 'entered by any', the best thing to do now is to create 8 different triggers with change house 50 to 57. you can also add 50=spawn1 51=spawn2 etc.. under [Houses] in your map file, and then just use change owner in the main left column in final sun, but that triggers at the start of game ofcourse. and it crashes if not all players are there.
  7. Countdown Timer

    Cool! Yes it will! Like magic lol i made some more tutorials if you're interested., https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/4538-final-sun-create-missions-amp-compstomps-gif-tutorials-ts/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6410-final-sun-video-tutorials/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6380-ts-how-to-add-teams-by-spawn-location-in-your-map/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6277-brand-new-tutorial-for-new-map-makers-create-your-own-mods/ lol maybe too much for u right now, anyway, don't be afraid to ask anything u want
  8. Countdown Timer

    for TS, in Final Sun: -Make sure Beginners Mode is turned off (Options > beginners mode) - Go to Edit> Trigger Editor - Click on 'New Trigger' -Select House: Neutral -Click on the tab "Events" and select 'new event' Pick event Type: '8 Any Event' -Click on the tab 'Actions" and select "new action" Select Action type: '27 Timer Set' type in 600 at the Parameter (600=30 minuts) Now you gotta make another one Click on New trigger House Neutral, Event: '14 Mission Timer Expired' Action: '2 Loser is.' with Parameter: Neutral Thats it. You can name your triggers too if you want
  9. Funkyfr3sh, lets update the new TS stuff

    Okidoki! little teasers:
  10. Hey Funky! I know you're working hard on everything, but I just wanna bring up this stuff - no rush though. Just wanna see your thoughts on this First, about the new ts-spawn, its been tested many times and had no problems what so ever. Can't wait for it to be uploaded. Second, we have gathered a bunch of voxels and shp files. (I know dkeeton and you talked about it a bit) Worked really hard on them to make them all work and ask permissions. I uploaded all the stuff for if you wanna look at it, (and for other readers to test it out) It might still need some work but that's no problem, im just throwing it out here already Pack includes: - expand11 (containing a few ecache.mix files with all the files) - Accounting excel sheet with all the information - art.ini - a map to test all of the stuff - and the new ts-spawn (use it to test map) Everything can still be modified ofcourse. We have a google drive with all the files, all seperate rules and art ini files for each new voxel/shp. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6M2MyqeyRCzMlQ3UnNPTHFpTWM/view?usp=sharing
  11. Spectators for 8er games

    Sounds like a major hex project, somebodys gonna have to pay dkeeton for requests like this lol
  12. Nice!! i like a bunch of them. I got some civilian vehicles too, but i will definitly add these. At least, most of them. Its alot of work tho lol These are the ones i added http://oi65.tinypic.com/mt368w.jpg , http://oi68.tinypic.com/2nq9tdt.jpg
  13. So dkeeton and me are gathering new units, buildings, animations, voxels etc toadd into the game for optional use (for map makers). If you already have some cool stuff and we can use it, please post some. You can find hunderds of awesome voxels made by gamers along the years on https://ppmforums.com/index.php?f=49 or if you find other sources to get some, please do so. Find some nice stuff you would like to see in the game, download the shp file(s), and.or vxl and hva files. It would be great if you can find the codes for art.ini and the rules for in the map file for the voxel you like, or please make some yourself if you have experience, because I'm still struggling with the right codes if the maker didnt include them. - Please make sure we are allowed to use the voxel and let us know the name of the creator and his terms of use. - Provide the link/source where u got it from If you found a whole bunch, It would make it easier for me if you would test them yourself in a single map, and just give me your art.ini, map file and ecacheXX.mix If you don't know how to add voxels/shps, download XCC Utilities and have a look on https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=4037 (but for the most part this message is targeted to people who are familar with xcc utilities)
  14. Yuir`s Revenge wonderful moment[Yes vs 3M]

    Awesome. I suck at ra2. Pls make some tuts about what to build and the shortcut keys u use
  15. A new balance: new gameplay

    Ah yeah dude. I guess ur right. But im using this goal to create, dont have to reach it. So you don't wanna participate? I mean just imagine something you would love to play.