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  1. sure bro. do u got Discord? get it if not, and add me: Holland #0142
  2. Under Edit> Map > CHange. you can see the following order: Width, Height, Left Top Under Action Type #40 its in this Order: Bottom, Left RIght, TOp Left = Left Top = Top Bottom = Height Right = Width I'd make a quick trigger and just test to get a hang of it. I also assume you're adjusting the 'visible area' as well, with this. I used this many times in my map "waveloop pyramids": http://mapdb.cncnet.org/ts/6aa193908df8d53738f1f3cfddcaa5b39691d1c4.zip THe triggers are called "CHange 1" , change 2" etc. It just holds a value in memory and can be read by a trigger. Set = on Clear = off , so basically just a switch. You can even Set or Clear a local in in SCripts, which will activate a trigger, i made one in my boat map: http://mapdb.cncnet.org/ts/c595848409b7f07167ee275cb0b18df10f32bcb0.zip Hmm interesting, Are you using from SPecial/ Overay > Veinhole monster? Place a monster, and place veins all the way around them to make them work. Sorry for the wait dude
  3. I will give a full answer on that when i got time! Veinhole monster and veins should be in Special overlay. If final sun glitches for you and you and its all white when using veins its a little trickier uhu, but you can just place the veinhole monster, add veins all around it, save it and test it and it shld be there eventho u cant see it
  4. CNCNET, modding and TibEd. What now?

    Yes. You easily write your own mods and just copy them in every map u want to play them. If u want orca transport buildable, just add [ORCATRAN] TechLevel=1 into your map file. Or make specific buildings capturable, find the building code and add Capturable=yes and whatever u wanna mod. check rules.ini, use ctrl+f to lookup the codes you want. I can give you the codes for paratroopers jumping out with parashute if you want, lol. Anyway look up some tutorials, its pretty easy to mod.
  5. uhmm, no idea man. You can only use that option on PCX files tho, it won't work on anything else. PRetty cool that u found that program tho. YOu can also just use xcc mixer, when u click a map, it will show the map preview. I'd just use print screen, paste on paint, and save image :P. (or greenshot ofc.)
  6. Awesome. YEah i'm happy to tell you how to do it, its just gonna be alot of work and pain lol. So i recommend u not to do it, but i'll tell u how anyway. This is gonna be very tricky, for multiple players can destroy the defences at the same time, and we only have the event "44 Attacked by (house)..." to decide which player is gonna get the house. But here are the steps: First ofcourse, Create a Trigger with event "48 Destroyed by anything" and action "56 Local Set...". Clone the trigger multiplied with the amount of defence buildings, Create the same amount of Locals (Edit > Local Variables), and use those in the trigger actions you just made. Attach the triggers to the defences. (double click on a building and use Attached Tag) Second, Create a new trigger, disable it. lets name it 'player1' ' Event "36 Local is set..." , create same amount of these events as the locals, and pick each local. Action: 14 Change House... Pick SPawn1 (or type 50 if its not in the list) Attach this trigger to all the buildings that will change house. Clone this trigger 7 times so you have for all 8 players (depending on how many players ur map has ofcourse), rename them all and edit the action parameter to all players (Spawn2, spawn3, or type 51, 52, etc) also name them player2, player3, etc. Now go back to trigger "player1", and pick Attached trigger, 'player2' . NOw go to trigger "player2", and pick in attached trigger" "player3", do this for all 8. NOw we have to get a little creative. Lets say only 1 player is attacking the base, Create new trigger, lets name it "decide house1" use Event"44 Attacked by (house)..." and pick spawn1, (or type in 50). Action "53 Enable Trigger", and choose the trigger "player1". Clone this trigger also as many times as the players in your map, change name and change the events to their spawns, same for the action parameters., then use "attached trigger" same way we did before, with all 8 triggers. TO prevent having too much work on this (Which it already is, lol), i would recommend using 1 main building that will decide who's house it will be, and attach "decide house" to that building. Final step you have to take (when u use "Attached triggers"), go to edit > tag editor, and delete all the attached trigger's tags. SO delete player2 to player8, and delete "decide house2" to "decide house 8" SO now, who ever hits that building first, will enable his trigger, and when all the locals are set -so when all defenses are destroyed-, they will all turn that house. ANyway i havn't tried this yet cuz its so much work. Not sure if we also need to disable the other player's triggers, tbh. this can scratch ur brain right? This is some oldskool scripting, lol. but yeah all this work is the dilemma when using different spawn options. Its easier to just create 1 trigger, or just build engies, lol. or only using the first step i mentioned with locals and just a single "player1" trigger. ANyway i wouldnt do it if I were you. We can finally create stuff with different spawns, but its so much freaking work. download TSwavemaker, made by ptapiok to make this stuff easier, u can just use events in ascending order and stuff, and even clone scripts and teams etc. I use it if i wanna make something crazy like this. it just sucks that buildings will lose their triggers when the house is changed. Anyway i'm hoping i at least helped you with something
  7. GDI Buildings and Units

    That Radar is buildable now in cncnet TS!! just copy this code into ur map: [GARADR] Name=GDI Radar Center Image=GACOMM Upgrades=2 [GARADR1] Cost=0 Name=Drop Pod Node Armor=wood Owner=GDI,Nod Power=0 Sight=1 Crewed=no Points=0 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 TechLevel=-1 Capturable=no AIBuildThis=no SuperWeapon=DropPodSpecial ThreatPosed=0 Prerequisite=GARADR PowersUpToLevel=-1 PowersUpBuilding=GARADR [GARADR2] Cost=0 Name=Hunter Seeker Controller Armor=wood Owner=GDI,Nod Power=0 Sight=1 Crewed=no Points=0 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 TechLevel=1 Capturable=no AIBuildThis=no SuperWeapon=HuntSeekSpecial ThreatPosed=0 Prerequisite=GARADR PowersUpToLevel=-1 PowersUpBuilding=GARADR [GARADR3] Cost=0 Name=Ion Cannon uplink Armor=wood Owner=GDI,Nod Power=0 Sight=1 Crewed=no Points=0 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 TechLevel=1 Capturable=no AIBuildThis=no SuperWeapon=IonCannonSpecial ThreatPosed=0 Prerequisite=GARADR PowersUpToLevel=-1 PowersUpBuilding=GARADR [BuildingTypes] 201=GARADR1 202=GARADR2 203=GARADR3 [Animation] 901=GARADR1 902=GARADR2 903=GARADR3
  8. Kinda shamefull of me to reply 2 years later lol, anyway: Good question, well you can swap turrets and give any turret to any structure. u can also give some structures a different Image and alot of them wil mix both images together. U can use almost all animations as projectiles, and even warheads. and u can use projectiles as walking units, lol. There is a whole lot of that, but there is no image editing, you can use all images inside the mix files, but the limit is at the Art.ini, here is where the animation loop count, theaters and coordination of calibrating files meet. And there there is the landscape stuff, inside of temperate.ini. But the magic happends inside the rules, like Is land buildable? or increasing/reducing speed to certain unit types. ANyway, To my understanding there are only 2 veterancys. Veteran and Elite, you can only change the factors in rules. It would be cool to have more, need som hax editing on that one. So really to awnser your question primarily,, You can go REAL far and edit ALL behaviours, but you can not add anything into rules. YOu can edit Armors and Verses, but not take health out completely and only leave armor. But if you combine edting TS with Triggers, you can become real creative. Its just real awesome that all rules are editable in a map, would be cool if it would be the same for the Art.ini! But no the things u stated are not possible unless u edit the exe file yourself, Wow thats a splinter. Damn i would have no idea how to fix that. ill have to really look in to it. Have you tried looking up the error code? No man!! i want to get into it, but im just glued to TS. lol
  9. Did you fix the ion storm and the train with bridge- problem yet?
  10. Request to admins about TS/FinalSun

    @Rampastring @dkeetonSo i'm hoping to resolve the issue with the event "Credits exceed..." it's very buggy. I've been doing tests all day with all kinds of different value's. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. no matter using the "give credits" action, start money,, anything.. its just.. " sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt". Help would be greatly appreciated Anyway, in final sun's FS Data, its listed like this (events): 12=Credits exceed...,0,6,0,0,Triggers when the house (for this trigger) credit total exceeds this specified amount.,1,1,12
  11. Funkyfr3sh, lets update the new TS stuff

  12. Ah thats understandable Grant. Too bad though. .. I'm at 13.000 satoshi now, don't have any referals yet. Anyway i'm planning to donate every 45.000 satoshi ($5,-).. I just need a wallet adress
  13. It does look like a scam right, lol. there are so many out there, its too crazy, but i can tell you this is real stuff. I guess only the people on cncnet that knows me will know its real cuz i will never scam, and i've always been helpful to everyone. ANyway this is the real deal, just need to convince people, i only made 7000 satoshi since wednesday, but its still around 75 cents, i will get more with referals too. just a click between games!, thought it sounds funny too lol. just join dude!!! no scam!!!
  14. You don't have to use my referral link, just go to the site itself, all im giving you is an oppurtunity to give, which i think is a great!! i know i sound like a nasty sales person lol, sorry it did increase value x10000 times, many got really rich, and its still growing, but thats not what im trying to say. To be completely honest, i've seen what the admins can do with RA and TS, and its FREAKING amazing, i mean ts is turning into the most impressive strategy games ever with the new update thats waiting to be uploaded, not that i want to push it or something but I'm just creating an opportunity to show appreciation. what better way is there, if you're not donating money that is, then this is a great way!! Just a click every game. Once again i did this without their permission and they don't ask anything from us, im just a player
  15. I expected some hate, honestly i wouldve said the same thing, chem, if i never got into it. I ignored it many times as a friend wanted me in too, i'm like wtf man come on. Anyway, i'm doing this for cncnet, and its not surveys but i understand u only read the first 3 sentences, i wouldve done the same lol. Its just 1 click, on 1 website, between games. If u play 2 hours every day, u can donate $5 to CnCnet every week to show ur appreciation, which is $250 a year, and tell me chem, how long do play CnCnet already? I mean i work hard for my family and don't think i wouldve ever donated my money to cncnet, but now i found a way i can, so i will.