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  1. So to kinda get the idea of whats possible, check out my maps, skylegend and ptapiok's maps. Oil derricks are also possible, other ways to get money is by amount of kills and or buildings, or a 'by map spawned vehicle' that keeps to a script (like the boat in map Harbor wars) Boats are available You can start with any unit Basically anything in rules.ini is editable too, so also take a look in there. Unfortunately we can't create anything on 'when a player dies' (has to be implemented) Just know that there is a lot possible, please just post any idea, let your imagination go wild and I'll let you know of its possible
  2. U have to learn how to mod bro. Its very easy. Its not programming, its editing the rules. Just open rules.ini and look how easy it is
  3. A, easily done with [NAOBEL]Power= B, already done that a while ago C, thats easy, quick [LaserFire] 's color edit D, Volume louder not possible, but can change to any other scream or sound (CHECK TIBSUN.MIX>sounds.mix with xcc mixer to find your sound) You have to put the code edits in a map and play that map lol. And i do agree it'd be cool if its u deployable! Im on my phone rn ask me later if u want me to give u the codes
  4. You can also learn ai triggers and building nodes. Im a noob with those but if you learn you'd master AI's activity
  5. Sucks right. So much potential, deserted too early for profit. Theres still unlimited potential within the limits of final sun tho!! It'd be cool if they make a remaster with a bad-ass editing software
  6. Is it what it is. Why don't u guys do what some of us do and make your own maps with your edits. Thats the beauty of a deserted game like TS. Everything TS based outside of original TS is made by fans like you and me, so rather then to want or demand things, just enjoy whats already there. Fans made alot of stuff. Check ppmsite.com's forum
  7. Holland

    Holland's maps

    Ghost Race First one to finish wins (4 players) ghost race.mpr
  8. Holland

    Holland's maps

    Balloons towerdefense. (sorry too lazy to make better gifs) Single player /map c8b90ccb7b61acfd3b00fb84570015bdebd91d8f balloons towerdefense SINGLEPLAYER v1.1.mpr 2-4 players /map 791cb5c9ced0eba012efa3aace69cfd5e95b2d72 balloons towerdefense three player v1.4.mpr
  9. Holland

    Holland's maps

    Harbor Wars V3 Nod has some cool stuff too /map 6ba472dcf6be061722981dfba1d3b75b8674ceeb or download harbord wars voxels.mpr Also added a buildable shipyard with normalized boats trying to add boats to a normal TS gameplay on these 2 maps: Watered Decay / map 2998dc7cfaee0f5c9e153842a913c6e75e781fb2 watered decay.map Harbor Waters /map 5b9b9af5181da0f3f04a0ea8cf66fb9573a2c5b3 harbor waters.map
  10. Holland

    Holland's maps

    Silly little add-on to Forest fires: battleship reinforcements from upgrade center upgrade center Forest Fires battleships.map
  11. Press compact. Always use compact after making changes to mix files. Also did u add them in the list in sounds.ini? So like, 600=test
  12. I don't think anyone is gonna answer this seriously bro lmao. Good classical music resonates with the eternal void which we are, thats why there is silence in the music. In music of the mind however, it is subject and object, form-based. These meastro's as you call them were clearly saints, and like any saint they bring a gift into this world. I don't see why they should fight lol. Perhaps the noobs should spec the maestro's. There are even great fighters who are so 1 with life, nobody can stop them. They fight with respect and humility, effecting the world and the cheering crowd and even the world without them knowing it. Its hard to keep this ontopic man, it has nothing to do with cnc. Lol. You can always compare bits of it with gaming but lol ima start talking fucking spiritual and shit if i dont look out. I think its against the rules to talk like that eventho i always wanna derail any topic to a topic about mindcontrol, chemtrails, and us appearing as finite entity's. Just cuz i see the delusion of the mind identified state, the little me. You wanna be great like Bach or Monteverdi? Then read the spaces between these letters and listen to the silence between their notes
  13. Its cause lovely people like yourself have an influence, consciously or unconsciously. ❤️
  14. Nice. Hope its good bro
  15. Holland


    Lol. I find it funny. Open for deep dicussions. Also.. religions are the same as gaming. Proof me wrong, and you'll sound religious
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