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  1. Posting an update since I been getting allot of messages from people asking me about this subject. Phenomena did respond to me in private confirming that he indeed would like me to stay with him. He told me on bringing that Donald J T. costume for some role playing in the bedroom. I will be the big spoon and he will be the smaller spoon that is for sure. He also was looking forward on that eating allot of wieners thing... Anyway we got nothing to hide no more., "We are officially a couple now!" Maybe the first TS couple in real life.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGXLs8j4D64
  3. " And vice versa...I live in Ottawa, Ontario, if anyone wants to travel here i can house you " Thank you for the invitation Phenomena and I gladly accept it. I am happy to be your "TS Bitch" So when is it convenient for you that I visit and stay with you? I need to book a flight from Europe to Ottawa, Ontario,Canada. The airline will most likely charge me for two seats since I am a big boy. Would you consider to pay for one seat and I will pay for the other one? When I arrive we could play TS on LAN all night and talk dirty to each other if you like to.. Also we could use costumes for some potential bed time action if you are into that kind of thing?. I can use a Donald costume and if you dress up like a huge cookie or a hot dog then I will be happy too. Sorry to hear about you breaking up with your girlfriend but I am sure that I can make you forget about her in no time if you know what I mean.. Please make sure to fill your fridge and freezer with allot of food since I do eat allot. No sugar and no fat though since I am trying to improve my diet lately. I had to cut out all the juicy wieners out of my diet even though I luv them so much. You will have to arrange a special transportation when you pick me up at the airport since I will not fit in a normal car. Send me a pm and we will work out the details. Hope to see you soon and I will for sure return the favor when you visit Europe some day.
  4. I am getting fat taxed where ever I go in society. DAFUQ yo what happen to the rights of us bigger people. X3M, Thank you! I will really try to follow your great advice bro. timmay you are a moron for recommending some one to take drugs, I wish you well though and hope you manage to overcome your severe drug addiction some day. Marsh, troll or no troll the reality is still the same that I am at 370 pounds at the moment which have massive complications on my health and daily life. And the weight will still be there unless I start using willpower and follow the actions people here kindly recommended me to do . Well the problem is that sugar and fat food got this unwanted effect on me where I almost turn into some kind of Hulk as soon as I get the taste of it I just vacuum clean all the food that is within range without any hesitation. And the thing is that when I am at it I am like possessed but right after I am done I feel ashamed and have regrets putting all those stuff in my mouth, I am not always being able to control all my urges yo. Mr Holland. You are da man and I appreciate your random act of kindness. I will surely do my best to try implement your wise guidance. For a long time I was not noticing my escalating gain of weight but what wake me up was the following things. Realizing that I have to sidestep when going through many doors and entrances to be able to fit through.. Rupturing the back of most of my pants exposing my naked Butt.. Breaking chairs and other things on a daily basis when I sit down.. My local doctor forbidding me to sleep on my back since the sheer weight on my belly could crush and damage some of my organs.. Having to wear this strange mechanical device on my legs and waist to help me take some pressure of the tremendous weight of of my upper body.. Being charged for two seat when flying on an airplane.. Not being able to fit in normal cars and only being able to be transported in a Van or a Bus.. Realizing that I am no Alpha male no more and that my body got more in common with a fully grown rhino or a hippo then an average human being. The encouragement and non judging sincere and kind advice that I have been given since I wrote my story have inspired me to make an big effort to change. Less of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKnGFuthtFM And more of this from now on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lAtn7rsToY I am gonna try change and I can do it with enough willpower put into it! Thank you all for the support. Peace out.
  5. "370 pounds.. " Yes Ezer I weight 370 in the mornings and probably around 385 in the evening before going to bed.. This one is for you Mr Ezer_2000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifXPqF9T20I
  6. lol Ezer, I understand that it is not okey to be heavy overweight and I will try to stay away from the fast food. Last time I was in McDonald's I ordered like 4-5 different big burgers together with the usual extra fries and big sodas with all of them,added few portions of onion rings, a couple of chicken wings and ended it all with 4 or 5 portions of icecream with topping on it. I remember that the waiter or what ever you call them had a funny look on his asking me "Your'e ordering for your friends too right?"I simply answered "No! this is just for me." There where an short awkward pause and then I payed for my food. It took a while but I finished it all and to be honest I was feeling hungry again within an hour. Since that incident I decided not to go to the restaurant no more, I just order home delivery now days. Cheers Owlbear, thanks for the great advise. I will consider it, good suggestion to consult a professional about what type of exercise that can help me and that I am physically able to do. But things usually break down when I try to sit on them so I rather go with what Chem suggested about getting few weights or some gear for exercising in the basement. I once crushed like 3 chairs and one sofa in one week by being in public and it is getting a bit expensive so I try to stay more at home, also I keep getting banned from places for accidentally breaking their entrances. Another obstacle is that I have issues finding cloths suiting me. I mostly wear very lose robes when at home and a one piece jumpsuit that I found at Walmart in the biggest size they had, I guess I could wear the jumpsuit at the gym though but the color of it is peach though. I will have to start paying attention to my diet more as you say cause sugar is probably a big factor since I am drinking about a gallon of soda drinks every day. Haha Chem good idea, you are right I am not always able to control my urges. It is a struggle for sure. I am gonna start with stop using frying oil as gravy together with most of my meals and then try cut down from 4 packages of Bacon with my breakfast to maybe only two or three.
  7. Thank you sir! I appreciate your advise and the encouraging words. You are a really nice guy mr Myg. That airline representative was really rude to me for no other reason then that my weight might be slightly over the male average. But I am gonna try to work on my physical appearance in the near future. Also guys since my legs can´t support my whole weight when I am walking around anymore I am having this special mechanical device on my legs helping me carrying the weight of my upper body. You know it is similar to what Forest Gump used during his childhood. This mechanical leg device does not make me a freak guys.. It really does not..
  8. So recently I was flying between Europe and Asia and to my big surprise the airline charged me for two seats when I was buying my ticket instead of the usual one seat. DAFUQ!?!? And when I challenged them on that the airline representative looked down on me with a strange look on her face and told me that I am lucky that they did not make me buy a whole raw of 3 seats.. What happen to the old saying "that the customer is always right"?? I mean I know that I am a big boy.. but I am no more then 370 pounds.. WTF yo?!?! just gimmie a break! FFS that interaction with the airline really made me lose my confidence. You know, I used to be an Alpha male back in the day guys.. I mean I know that I sometimes go a bit heavy with them potato crisp and bags of donuts but I recently cut that down from 10 bags a day to around five. I also stopped using frying oil as a dip sauce after cooking food or drinking it after it cooled down like I used to in the past. Don´t judge me yo I could not resist my urges.. Lately I have noticed that have to sidestep when I go through entrances and doors to be able to fit through so I might have gained a few pounds but I am determined to get back in shape though. Another complication I am having is that the back part of all my pants have ruptured which exposes a little bit of my Butt. Any one have any good advice for me to improve my condition? Spare me any mean jokes please only encouraging words please. Ps. You all are lucky I am not playing TS anymore thought since my 11 ref massive pure JJ-build is very deadly..
  9. Hmmmmmm DAFUQ?!?!?, O_o you have to have the studio version of that song or something.. Cause when I saw that band perform live in Baden-Würtemberg in 1999 then they sound very different.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87cUqFA3mnw They where one of my favorite boy bands during my teen years but I think I like them even more now with their new "studio sound" Keep me updated Junior if they release any new songs..
  10. I appreciate your offer but sorry can not do that Junior.. It will be way to dangerous. Have you seen what f*cked up countries we will have to cross to reach to South Korea by foot from Europe. It will not be pretty I can promise you that. You will only become a liability for me and I will be struggling already to keep my dear stubborn donkey safe from gangs and wreckers. I can pass on a message for you to the great kapa371 when I find him if you want me to though..
  11. Tomorrow me and my donkey will start our pilgrim trip east, trying to track down the famous kapa371 :reporting: in Asia. I am packing a large amount of provisions for me and my donkey right as I am writing this. If we manage to find this kapa who´m everybody is speaking so highly of we will try to convince him to come back to TS again and also maybe challenge him to a few 1vs1 games on LAN in a cybercafe in central Soul, South Korea. Wish me good luck and a safe trip guys, I will either be blogging or maybe even vloging my progress. I am expecting the trip taking me and my donkey around 6-9 months two ways though.. :yo:
  12. DAFUQ! does "...." mean? Speak up hillbillyboy! If I ever see you online Phenomena then you better watch out cause I am gonna completely surprise and crush you with my famous 1 ref evil wolverines rush.. O_o And I will do it from TL or TR as an insult to injury..
  13. DAFUQ!!!!! IS THIIIIS?!?!?!?! O_o get out of my topic biatch! No one wanna hear about your pathetic dating life during the 90´s..
  14. Guys can some one please tell me if some of my old elite strategies are still used in high level games today and if they would still dominate all opposition like they used to? The evil 1 ref Wolverines rush that went something like ref war - pumping pure wolverines no extra harv and then when cash is out then selling CY to be able to pump out few extra wolves and set alt rally point from war to enemy base so them wolverines keep constant pressure on the opponent not letting him breath even for a second. I know that some of you out there might think that this building order is a little bit unorthodox but when executed right it is very deadly. The 7 ref HUGE cyborgs rush, where the player don´t go any bio and builds huge pure synthetic army rushing his opponent. bo: pp hand ref ref ref ref ref ref ref, alting hand of nod to middle of the map so that steady stream of Cyborgs systematic destroy the player that is lined up with him. Hmmmmmm... let´s see what else is there.. The 1 ref Medic rush where you fill two full apc´s with only Medics and quickly drive them to opponents base and then unload them in middle of his base and use the hot key for auto healing so that they annoy your opponents tremendously when he can´t kill them until that point that the opponents starts to rage and finally surrenders from frustration. I know this is a bit of a lame strategy but any thing goes in a clan game as long as it is not cheating and if the opponent surrenders you still get the + points on the ladder. I think that bo went something like pp bar - medic x10 ref war - apc apc and then sell war for cash so that you can get next ref quicker. Can any one please tell me if these strategies would stand their ground against players like Trz and Ollie? I got even more elite strategies that I was co-creator of back in da days.. Maybe I do a follow post to this topic when I manage to remember them all.. It was so long time ago though, I know one involved only mass Hover MLRS´s. Don´t remember the exact bo at the moment but with the right execution I am sure that strat would crush player like Trz and Carna.. :yo:
  15. Quite impossible. There is literally no C&C team employed at EA anymore since Generals 2 got canned. "Games staff member posted on the official forums, in the area reserved for players with access to the alpha builds, and stated that the reason for the game's cancellation was "corporate shenanigans" and not negative reception. The staff member also claimed that the official cancellation announcement was pre-written by higher-level staff at Electronic Arts" Mr Nyerguds you should offer your services to EA Games convincing them to outsource the development of the next Command & Conquer sequel to you. And as long as you reintroduce base building, tiberium harvesting and limit the restrictions you put on unit production then I will fully support you in your effort. By this time next year and absolutely no later then 2018 I am expecting a new great C&C sequel being released. Now get to work m8 & good luck!
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