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  1. BEST GIANTS BO 2K18: pp, barracks, ref, surrender and go play a decent map
  2. Thanks for making the forums more sexy !
  3. More Gdi propaganda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aybLTTRuLGA
  4. I only play drunk with using a ball mouse on 640 x 480 resolution while using no monitor and jacking off and smoking 6 cigarettes so if u beat me that's why
  5. what are you talking about ore_truck this is raw footage from CNN
  6. When the disc bounces one time too many
  7. Vote: What Tiberian Sun song is the most lit ?
  8. if you come to Queensland Australia i will let you pat my pet kangaroo and give you some basic nod tips because you really need them
  9. so what doctors prescribe and recommend drugs all the time was just sharing my personal experience with crack cocaine and its excellent pharmaceutical benefits !
  10. just start smoking crack ! it worked for me i don't need no food when i have these rocksss
  11. since when is ts not a worthy install ?!?!?!
  12. did you accidentally click on one of your allies units and press "A" that would declare war on them i don't think ais have the capability to declare war on other players.
  13. no this is a new setting it probably wont be in the configs
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