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  1. I wish people would actually play these maps. Every time I try, they enter the room, see it is a mission map and promptly leave. So sad
  2. Never done this before, so should I just copy this into the RA2 folder or the maps folder inside that?
  3. Now it's not launching at all. Yay!
  4. Whenever I want to play Red Alert 2 singleplayer (the campaign) even with bibber's fixed launchers, the game insists on launching Origin first, then only when origin is running can I play it. Is there any way to completely disconnect the link TUC games have with origin? It's so frustrating having to wait for Origin to start up cause I never have it running in the first place.
  5. Ah sorry guys, I just used DDWrapper instead like Nyerguds has mentioned here: http://answers.ea.com/t5/C-C-The-Ultimate-Collection/Red-alert-2-black-screen-with-sound-and-mouse/td-p/4287286 Wonder why I didn't just use it in the first place XD Only thing now is that if I Alt-Tab the exact opposite happens to when I use DxWnd. I can't get back into the game hahaha But obviously that's perfectly fine lol
  6. So no Campaign fixes? I wanted to play the campaign and so I pasted the DwWnd dll into the game folder to fix the black screen. And it works. Kinda Every 10 seconds or so (I think, I didn't count) the game will freeze and stays that way until I alt-tab out and then back in. So it's still pretty much impossible to play. Anyway to fix this maybe?
  7. Awesome! Thanks Oh my gosh why did I only learn of this now!!! Now I'll have to uninstall it and install it all over again... :mad:
  8. So unrelated to CnCNet itself. I just downloaded Red Alert 2 again onto my new SSD. I have the Ultimate Collection on Origin Installs fine but when I actually launch the game, either RA2 or YR, I just get a blank screen with the music and the mouse pointer. If I click in the correct places I can hear the menus being opened, but obviously the game is unplayable. I remember solving this problem pretty easy the last time I played using some compatibility fix or the like, but it's been a long time and I no longer remember. So I would really appreciate it if some kind soul could help me out a bit Also, I was wondering whether I need the Ultimate Collection fixed launchers before I could start installing CnCNet? Or does CnCNet work regardless? And also is there a way to play the game without constantly requiring Origin? And for it not to give me a UAC warning everytime I start the game up? It's really annoying having to click "Yes" every single time... :ranting:
  9. and a week later I reply... I simply can not get it working guys, and couldn't be bothered to try anything more... Thanks for all the help. You guys simply are the best! But I guess I just gotta keep playing counter strike and halo...
  10. "open" it as in open launch xcc mixer, go to the directory where the XWIS RA2 is installed and find the mix files, and then double click on them? that extracts them... I'm either blind or really dumb cause I don't see an open... Actually give me an hour I'll get back home and try it on my laptop. Also I tried to just the disable blowfish.dll line in the .ini files under options but for the RA2 launchers all I get is a weird error saying: "TXT_PREPARECOM_FAILED" in a dialog box which title says: "TXT_SHORT_TITLE" and the usual FATAL string manager error for the YR launcher...
  11. ok so I'm kinda confused... the option in xcc mixer to compact the .mix files is blanked out... what am I doing wrong here? what does compacting them even do...? WAIT!!! do you mean I have to extract each file then compact them?
  12. Wait so those this work for the ra2.ini as well? or only ra2md.ini? I kinda prefer RA2 to YR... Will try this though and tell ya guys whether it works...
  13. Oh so it WILL require admin rights each time to even launch the game? Ah man... Well would you know the other tool's name or developer? ppm is really a rather large forum and I'm not exactly sure what to search for and the search isn't especially helpful either... Surely it can't be hard to run RA2 on a limited account windows 7 without getting Fatal String Manager errors and all that nonsense... Shouldn't there have been thousands of people over the years who would have tried this at one point and figured out a way eventually, right...? I've tried googling but the results are all bout how to play RA2 on win 7/8/10 (must have admin or you're screwed :mad:) or that red alert 2 is now free on Origin On The House (like we didn't know that already!!! :ranting:)
  14. Is it this: http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/files/TiberianSunDllFix.exe ? It seems to me that you made this... hehehe XD I've found some success stories with it so am gonna give it a try... will report back soon! No, this is something different, it needs admin rights Oh... So what does this do then?
  15. hahaha! I know, I'm weird right! Well when I last checked vmwares require admin rights to install in the first place let alone a virtual copy of windows on a lab computer in a school...
  16. Is it this: http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/files/TiberianSunDllFix.exe ? It seems to me that you made this... hehehe XD I've found some success stories with it so am gonna give it a try... will report back soon!
  17. Yep! But like I said I realised that almost immediately after I first posted this thread... So I'm trying now with the XWIS version of RA2... That works fine, but still requires Admin privileges to run properly which I cannot do...
  18. Oh come on guys!! Is there any way? Or will I have to sneak an admin password from somewhere...?
  19. Hehe gotta obey some rules! XD But yes Nyerguds is right I can't install the Origin version... It can't run on computers with limited accounts... So I figured I would use the XWIS version, where you just need a key for online play... But now I have the obvious problem of trying to run the game without all the Admin privileges needed to fix all the String Manager errors and the black screens and lag and all that... Is there any way of fixing those problems without having an admin account?
  20. Yes I realised this just bout a minute after I posted this thread... But it will only be used for LAN play between friends... Is that okay? or is it still grey?
  21. I've been wondering... I want to install RA2 on my uni computer lab server cause I've got bored of CS and don't know whether the On The House freeness would still apply... I mean if it never appeared On The House I would have pirated it anyway but now I'm wondering if I were to download RA2 and install it on the server would it be breaking some terms of agreement or something?
  22. Is there any such difference? Or like Generals and ZH from the Humble Bundle is it just the game kinda ripped outa the UC with the same launcher and everything?
  23. hahaha!!! Origin is so stupid it will let you add a game which you already have, to your library, AGAIN! XD Now I have 2 Generals and 2 RA2s!! :laugh:
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