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  1. It is working, but I'm not fully satisfied yet with it. Maybe I upload a beta version soon.
  2. Messiah


    Yeah, this seems to be a mod map, which will not run without additional .mix files.😣 Holland, what is the name of this mod and where can I find it?
  3. I build RA2 maps since nearly 15 years now, but that is actually new for me. I did an update, first post.
  4. Sometimes I do, but RA2 maps need much more time to complete than RA/TD maps. For this map I needed 3 months, and there are another 3 months of work for the singleplayer mission on it. I'm gonna fix these in the next days. Errors behind cliffs are hard to detect because they are not visible in the editor.
  5. Some people remember my huge landscape map, now I made another detailed landscape map for YR. Every player has two ore fields and one oil derrick, all other resources are scattered on the map. On this map, pathways are more restricted than on the other one. Super weapon recharge times are increased, so players have more time to launch attacks on the super weapon buildings. There are minor INI modifications, most of them for a better performance and a better AI handling of the map. version 1.1; 09.09.2019 hwm8pl2.map
  6. Infantry should be in a file called hires.mix and tanks are in a file called conquer.mix (which is inside main.mix). You can open these files with the program XCC Mixer.
  7. Messiah

    New C&C Show!

    So is this remaster a complete new game with modern 3D artwork and engine, where you play a remake of the original campaign etc? Or will this game use the original game files, e.g. the flat 2D .shp images and map files?
  8. South has access to its tech building, but North hasn't, because there is no ramp...
  9. It is getting autumn in Red Alert! autumn.zip
  10. make sure your AI house has a trigger with the actions: production begins autocreate begins AI triggers begin
  11. Nice. This one will work as 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 too, theoretically.
  12. I don't think the remake will have much similarity with the original game, though I have no further informations about it. I actually expect a completely new game using a contemporary game engine and modern 3D graphics, where they remake the original campaign and gameplay and fix some issues like the GDI weapons factory. Remember, the original source code for TD and RA is (most likely) lost.
  13. What is price for the core defender? Even for 10000 the new GDI stuff would't compensate that. I would actually like to see a match, where every player has just 1 core defender, nothing else.
  14. This is not possible with the original game. I guess there is a RA2 mod for RA3 or something like that.
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