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  1. Infantry should be in a file called hires.mix and tanks are in a file called conquer.mix (which is inside main.mix). You can open these files with the program XCC Mixer.
  2. Messiah

    New C&C Show!

    So is this remaster a complete new game with modern 3D artwork and engine, where you play a remake of the original campaign etc? Or will this game use the original game files, e.g. the flat 2D .shp images and map files?
  3. South has access to its tech building, but North hasn't, because there is no ramp...
  4. It is getting autumn in Red Alert! autumn.zip
  5. make sure your AI house has a trigger with the actions: production begins autocreate begins AI triggers begin
  6. Nice. This one will work as 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 too, theoretically.
  7. I don't think the remake will have much similarity with the original game, though I have no further informations about it. I actually expect a completely new game using a contemporary game engine and modern 3D graphics, where they remake the original campaign and gameplay and fix some issues like the GDI weapons factory. Remember, the original source code for TD and RA is (most likely) lost.
  8. What is price for the core defender? Even for 10000 the new GDI stuff would't compensate that. I would actually like to see a match, where every player has just 1 core defender, nothing else.
  9. This is not possible with the original game. I guess there is a RA2 mod for RA3 or something like that.
  10. This is possible for offline-games or mods, with limitations. For online games, you have to modify existing units. Iran made a tutorial on this, but I cannot find this thread anymore. You also need a special RA95.exe for this. In the CNCnet version the possibility of adding units is removed because it caused out-of-sync-errors or something like this.
  11. Messiah

    "Useless" units

    Infantry are just too expensive, compared to their power. If their build costs are significant lowered, they could be an option again. 50 for the rifleman, 100 for the grenade thrower, 150 for the rocket soldier. "Cheaper infantry" could be an interesting tickbox for CnCnet actually.
  12. I guess it is this entry: BaseSizeAdd=99 ; computer base size can be no larger than the largest human opponent, plus this quantity Which game?
  13. Chem, try out this 3pl map I made some years ago. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/4208-a-blaze-in-the-northern-sky-3pl/ It is highly asymmetrical, but every player should have same place for its base, same amount of and distance to tiberium and similar pathways to their base. Which player do you think has advantage/disadvantage here?
  14. Messiah

    "Useless" units

    I agree with Q move for the buggy, but it requires a turret, right? This could be easily added to Buggy aswell to the Tick tank. Last one already has artwork for this, I don't know why they didn't use it. I forgot to mention, when changing that HoverMissile warhead, its damage should increased to 45-50 to make it effective. So it can be used for a similar role you suggest for the buggy while far more effective against wood structures and light vehicles. To compensate the nerf against harvesters, OrcaAPs heavy verses could set to 150% while keeping the unit's speed at 20. When I played that game first time, I actually misinterpreted the Hovercraft as a successor to the MLRS from TD, which was an anti-infantry, anti-aircraft and anti-structure weapon comparable to the artillery (The MLRS actually failed because its range was not far enough to snipe Gun Turrets). The wolverine was meant to be a successor to the Jeep, but it just lacks of its speed. At least with your buffs it isn't cut into pieces that easy anymore by bikes and bazookas. GDI already has a good low-tech anti-infantry weapon with the Grenadier, I actually prefer two of them instead of one wolverine. When you change the Subtank's armor to heavy and set its prerequisite to Radar, you either should reduce it strength to 200 or increase its price to at least 1000 or it will be to OP. Note that unit is invincible while digging through earth.
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