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  1. where the hell did you find this?! I'm looking for set 2 since a while, there is no site to download it.
  2. I should make a tutorial for adding new RA units... Salvation, your questions are answered here:
  3. why do people like these loveless square-shaped maps without any sense for design and detail?
  4. You can consider parameters like - similar amount of "starting tiberium" next to the player - similar build space - numbers and size of base entrances - pathways, distance and access to further tiberium - geographical features like cliff plateaus for artilleries etc
  5. For me there also is an artisan factor in map making, so I make my maps very detailed and natural looking. In my maps, that artisan factor usually leads to more constricted maps which require some micro skills. Too, I usually avoid symmetric and/or square-shaped maps but try to keep it still balanced: for all players, for all sides and to make it suitable for the most unit/infantry/etc types which is the most different point (especially open-roaming maps seem to be tank rush maps where infantry and artillery is just cannon food). In my opinion, a good map maker has to manage these three points to make good maps.
  6. Thank you guys for the feedback and ideas for my map! I did some changes here: I expanded the map and put the airfield to the north, together with an additional ore patch (and another neutral unit guarding it). I guess it is easier to defend for the right player but each side has it specific advantages and disadvantages in this map thoroughly. I removed the possibility to build next to the tech buildings as I don't want the players to block the way by prism towers etc. I guess that will force the player to turtle in too easy.
  7. This time I made a map for Yuri's Revenge. Detailed 2 player map with a lot of narrow paths, which allow a lot of tactical options but big tank rushes aren't a good option due limited money and space. You can turtle in, but you'll run out of money quite soon. Strategical point is the outpost in the south, from where you have control over important ore reserves. reichenbach2b.yrm
  8. You can add these units as reinforce only. But I guess you can force your new unit to come out of the war factory. Just place the WayPoint of the team below the war factory and reinforce the team by a trigger. This is the way the Stealth Tank in one of the aftermath missions is reinforced. Not sure if it will work with more than 1 unit. Make sure the reinforce trigger will stop when the war factory is dead.
  9. Kilkakon, you should use the voices for the japanese faction in your mod!
  10. Maybe you don't understand what Tschokky did here - Desert in RA actually is nothing official from Westwood but a fan-made mod somebody made 5 years ago. Tschokky just did improvements to it to get it closer to the original desert theatre from TD, that's all.
  11. On the map. Usually the game picks that unit most close to the waypoint. You can remove the ...move to waypoint 30 scriptline because your units are already there. How far is waypoint 31 away? It might be a too long distance or complicated way. I remember there was an issue that CellTriggers won't work with Multi houses. I usually avoid these multi houses in SP missions generally, as they don't have a defined side and sometimes have a weird behavior. Use Spain or Special instead.
  12. I also had that idea, but I would go even further: There are some different colors who got the same colour index during conversion of the images from TD to RA palette, e.g. there was a loss of information and quality of the theatre files itself. So it might be necessary to convert all (at least many) theatre files again with an edited palette to get a visible result... Too, I would try to change more colors (as much as possible), e.g. I'd use the whole fire palette (colors #16 - 31 in desert.pal) from TD as some colors are used for terrain too. At all, You have to check how far you can change the palette before you decrease quality other images, e.g. sidebar icons etc.
  13. There are missing tiles because there is no artwork for them. Except ore and terrain objects I took from your cave theater and TS I didn't include new tiles. If yu want me to delete your files.. don't know if PM alreadywork again. Post it here.
  14. It doesn't matter if the trigger is linked to the units. - Make sure, the unit's mode is "guard". everthing else doesn't work. - Entered by "Multi1" may be another reason. I don't know if this trigger event works with multi houses. - Triggers in official RA missions have a maximum of only 4 characters. I never tested if more than 4 work anyway. Are there more than one rangers on the map?
  15. What's the reason there are so few RA maps compared to C&C? elementa.mpr