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  1. I guess the pm system is somehow bugged since the board update... maybe that will be fixed in a few days.
  2. I'd like to test too.
  3. Converting existing maps into the dune theatre won't be possible, sadly, for some reasons: - there are no shore/water and no rivers and roads too in D2k theatre. - tile size of cliffs is different - for technical reasons D2k theatre just will replace the existing desert theatre at the moment. Adding the new theatre to the .exe (and to the editors too of course!) is something I don't understand, but maybe Iran or FunkyFresh can do this.
  4. Will there be a support for the classical TD-style theme later?
  5. And it WORKS! Some work is still to do. Some cliffs don't fit together and terrain properties are not set yet. Palette is done!
  6. The tileset is done so far! Cliffs will need more adjustment and I'm still working on a palette, so final result will look more natural. More screenshots when I managed this!
  7. You can put the modified theaters inside the mix file for DO, so if it works they are read with that specific campaign only. Main and redalert mix I use are from irans minimum installer, without any music and videos. Otherwise.... FunkyFresh, maybe you can have a look into my theater files and check if you can use them officially for CNCNet RA. I also see your cave.mix doesn't contain any craters.
  8. The most recent version of DO shouldn't have any mission files in the Expand mixes. I could do some beta testing, but I won't have time to play all RA missions created in the last 20 years I guess. Interior got water tiles and ore. I have to fix another thing in interior: arro0003 doesn't appear ingame (some old bug), I have to change the name of that file and fix the map. temperate has the most new stuff, like railroads, new river/shore pieces and stuff Allen has done before. I don't know if my snow package is already included.
  9. This exe is that one someone made for Tschokkys cave theater, problaby from the most recent stable beta of PortableRA. It has more options than the official CNCNet one and adds the possibility to add new units, weapons and sounds etc, too. My desert has a different tree set, all other theaters only contain additional tiles and sprites. They should be compatible with all other missions. You can do of course, but DO may not work properly as it requires exactly this exe and all other files, so you have to try first if its working anyway. I added some new sounds by rules ini, but I didn't remove or overwrote any. Earlier versions of DO were just a map-pack + mix files, which often crashed the game of some people because they used another version of RA or CncNet overwrote some files. Even the usage of the RedAlertLauncher sometimes caused problems so I had to kick out all unnessesary files and made a standalone configuration which should work for most people.
  10. Another one from the Discovert Ops Collection: Nuclear Warfare is unleashed on land, air, sea and space! The Bio is a tech prerequisite for nuclear technology, and there is far more nuclear weaponry than only the Demo Truck and the a-bomb in this game! nclrd2.mpr
  11. Paranoid=yes forces the remaining AIs to ally to each other if one of them is dead. Ah and set, BaseSizeAdd=99 otherwise he won't build any new structures if he has more than 3 buildings than you. I don't know if that InfantryReserve and InfantryBaseMult has any effect anyway. I changed it sometimes without any (visible) result.
  12. CNCnet's RA should have most of the theaters. Otherwise take the exe I used for Discovert Ops mod, it can read all theaters including Cave. I also have all theaters in that mod, but I modified them for my purposes.
  13. so -1 means unlimited money for AI? If you have too much infantry, set [AI] BarracksLimit=1 WarLimit=3; or more See also: I experimented with the AI and some of the stuff mentioned there also go for skirmish stuff.
  14. Making water movable to units make tanks instantly die when entering water - it's hardcoded... I tried this when I was creating the amphibious tanks. but wait... this is probably only hardcoded to [Water] (or to the 2 water .tems in the game), not to [beach]. So if I set the water tiles to be beach by rtmtype and make the [beach] entry of rules.ini moveable to both ships and units, so the tanks probably won't explode enymore if entering the modified water. So there is a real chance to get working amphibious vehicles in RA! (In a third, worst case this thing is hardcoded to all tiles passable for both ships and vehicles so amphibious would be impossible that way) Nevertheless, you're a genius, man! :yo: So you mean: [Water] Buildable=yes Track=100% Wheel=100% Foot=100% Float=0% ...rename the dune red terrain files to W1 and W2 and also set [Clear] Buildable=no
  15. LOL, what you see is just a gimpage - I made some cliffs with Shai-Hulud (the D2k map editor), made a screenshot and pasted RA stuff into it D2k uses a totally different tileset format - obviously all tiles are put into 4 or 5 big .bmp images and dune exe reads the specific tile out of this. I have to copy all tiles I want to use by hand, cut/resize them to a multiple of 24x24 and name them to the slots of the RA theatre files, e.g. S01... for the cliff set, convert them into RA's .rtm and specify the terrain types for all tiles. As there is no water and no rivers in dune, but 2 cliff sets, already existing temperate/whatever maps probably won't be convertible into a hypothetical RA-dune theatre. Does ore grow on beach? no. I don't know if it's possible to make a tile in RA, which can ore but can't be buildable as both is controlled by the buildable= tag in rules.ini