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  1. cool map, but you should fix the cliff edges. where can I download this?
  2. What will be finished earlier? Dawn of Tomorrow? or BER, Berlin Airport?
  3. In the moment I do a general update for this mission, adding custom attack team types, fixing errors in the landscape, adding some details, etc. I fixed the bridge bug, but what causes the ion storm crash, no idea...
  4. Ah yeah, there was an exploit I forgot to remove.. I did an upgrade, which makes it even harder to knock on Yuri's doors!
  5. Maybe tick "Autocreate". If your team doesn't exist already, tick "Prebuild" (this tag forces the house to build units first) and untick "Recruiter" (this forces to pick up existing units from the map)
  6. TD to RA Map Conversion Project

    I made Sarajevo (3 GDI final missions merged together) as RA multiplayer map: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6614-sarajevo-6-pl/?tab=comments#comment-51218
  7. Cruiser ship - damage spread and auto-shoot

    This is hardcoded too I guess.
  8. get Ares here: https://launchpad.net/ares/+download
  9. I did an update, fixed some minor issues and added some Ares tags to the mission. It still works without Ares, but Ares adds some special features to the game and prevents some cheats, too.
  10. How to make cash come from "Power Plant"

    Why somebody should get cash from a buildable object?
  11. Soviet campaign - level 13, capture chronosphere

    I guess they just forgot to change it. If I remember correctly, the latest RA community patch fixed this issue.
  12. Here are two of my favourite TS single player missions, edited as multiplayer maps. Hammerfest: Starting points located in the west. on the smaller eastern islands, there are trucks which carry crates. Sheep's Clothing: There are three bridges over the river, guarded by mutant forces - the special rules from the mission apply for them. hammerfest.map sheeps.map
  13. I finished the snow theater and added the two remaining ini files into the first post. Two example maps are Aro's Cold War for RA2 and Lake Blitzen for TS. I guess this will cause a flood of new maps for both games.
  14. Here are the codes for the temperate theatre. How to use, see MapTools. They still need some fixes. After conversion of a map, Final Sun/Alert will ask you if you want to repair the map. Press yes. ts_tem2ratem.ini ra2_tem2tstem.ini
  15. Yeah, that depends on the settings in temperat.ini of the game, which are not converted. And vice versa, I've ported Anytown, America into Tiberian Sun. Overlay and Buildings are done by hand, everything else is automatically converted by MapTools. Only some templates needed to be fixed. Next thing will be TS snow -> RA2 snow and vice versa. anytown.map