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  1. Awesome! I currently work on an update, featuring: - 2 new missions - New Artwork - Naval battles and finally, a huge volcanic eruption!
  2. If I remember right, it can be done in maps by creating a TeamType. Iran figured this out long ago:
  3. I think there are 2-3 images for one slope tile, which are used randomly by the game and the editor. can you post a screenshot in marble mode?
  4. Have a look into my old campaign I built around 1999-2000. I still work on an upgrade, which will fix several bugs and other issues.
  5. place a shock trooper next to it. Otherwise, add this to your map: [CAPARS01] Primary=EiffelBolt Overpowerable=false make sure, the owner's house has enough power plants to power the tower.
  6. It still looks quite skinny. I added some part of the construction yard, the power station and the radar to the building: Though, the refinery-style look is rather accidently. I suggest to do some 2D post-editing anyway to remove some of the pixellation, e.g. like this:
  7. I built some high-detailed maps, though these are derived from a single player campaign I made some years ago, so balance is not fully achieved.
  8. I like that windmill, awesome! Does it rotate? This Redoubt building looks quite blank. I would add some more detail to the surface, e.g. by adding a texture to the 3D render model, or adding the faction logo on one of the surfaces. Generally, your shapes have a weird pixellation. I guess the reason is either an insufficient algorithm for the conversion into a palette image, or the colors of the images itself do not really fit into the C&C1 palette. Latter issue can be fixed by shifting the colors of your image more close to those colors used in the C&C palette by using brightness/hue/saturation tools. The outpost building has 3x2 foundation, right? It looks quite small, you should make sure your building fills the whole 72x48. What do you think of this building? There are more of my artwork here in this thread, you can use any of them.
  9. 🤣🤣🤣 The lava eruption. Awesome!
  10. Why that? A high level of detail is part of any good map. I don't agree, restricted maps are interesting, because these put the emphasis on micro-management instead of tank rushes. But both players should have the same amount of tiberium and the same distance to tiberium fields (south has longer ways to tiberium?) and base access (south has more freedom of movement). You either can restrict the map for south by connecting the southeastern river with the lake (add 1-2 bridges) or placing some additional trees. Otherwise you can expand the access for north by adding another bridge/ford. Seems that the ford between the north player and the large tiberium field is blocked by a tree. There are no blossom trees at all? Generally, I would advice to put the player start locations at the east-/west edges in 1 vs 1 matches to avoid the weapon range advantage for the southern player.
  11. expandmd06.mix is that file which I have linked above, containing the art files which are used in the terrain expansion, e.g. new terrain surfaces like concrete cliffs in a winter map, etc. If this file is not placed whithin the game folder, my mission will crash upon start.
  12. It's problematic to play these missions from skirmish, as I would have to reset all houses etc and, if I remember right, cell triggers and NodeCounts don't work too. Which game version do you use? Did you place the expandmd06.mix in your folder?
  13. 2-8 player. terrain: extreme restricted ressources: medium Asymmetric, but all players have about the same amount of ore and access to oil derricks. Ingame map preview is rescaled to keep map file size small. hwm8pl2.map
  14. 2-8 player. 200x200 cells. terrain: restricted, heterogenous ressources: low to medium Asymmetric, but all player have about the same amount of ore and access to oil derricks. Ingame preview size is rescaled to keep map file small. do14wo.map
  15. My second large-scale YR mission, again on a detailed 200x200 map. The mission itself is finished, but string-tables (ingame mission briefing) are not implemented, so follow the briefing in the readme file. Play it by starting the soviet campaign. Playthrough time is roundabout 3-4 hrs. I added some Ares tags. Although this mission works without Ares, but it adds some additional features. Download link is below the pictures. Einstein was captured and is now forced to work for the soviets. We sent a special ops team to free him, but due bad weather the team was dropped at the wrong place. Go out and find your way back. When you got Einstein, you have to destroy the research he has done for the soviets: Destroy the red tech centre. There are a few AI bugs I didn't managed yet: - AI sometimes places buildings somewhere in the map - AI doesn't repair any newly placed buildings (both bugs apply only to buildings placed from the AutoBaseBuilding trigger action) Screenshots: Einsteins prison is heavy guarded Yuri made Boris angry Soviet helicopter assault Download: yr_mission68.zip Terrain expansion is not included and has to be downloaded separately, e.g. here: https://www.file-upload.net/download-13780677/expandmd06.mix.html Without expandmd06.mix placed in your game folder, the missions will crash. Ares can be downloaded here: https://launchpad.net/ares/2.0/2.0p1
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