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  1. Updated to version 2.47 - final boss (chrono commando) chrono weapon damage increased from 80 to 100 (Normal) 180 to 220 (Elite) - Only 2 chrono legionnaires will spawn at random times on each lane instead of 6 or 8 - Chrono legionnaires HP changed from 12000 to 7000
  2. Updated to version 9.75 Dogs removed from soviet side
  3. Another version of DotF Fortress towers are replaced with battle labs so that the game can end faster. That's it DotF-v9.75.map
  4. Map edited to v9.3 - There was a problem where the elite v3 attack players and then stop attacking [Fixed]
  5. Map changed to v9.2 - Iron Curtain HP increased from 13500 to 15000. This is the last update for this map..... maybe.
  6. Map edited to v8.8 - Changed spawning time for brute waves.
  7. Map edited to v8.7 - Iron prison HP increased from 12000 to 13500. - Changed spawning time for some waves.
  8. Map edited to v8.6 - Changed spawning time for some waves.
  9. Map edited again to v8.5 - Brute HP decreased from 200 to 125.
  10. Map edited again to v8.3 Changes: - Crazy Ivan HP decreased from 150 to 100. - Iron Curtain HP increased from 10000 to 12000. - Added player detection to prevent players from being on start 8 instead of the AI. - Second sniper spawning outside the prison is fixed. - Edited the briefing to explain the rules for the map. - Players will not respawn if they in-game observe or leave the game. I hope no issues comes in this version. If there is tell me.
  11. Iron prison is back! and is even better! I'm very excited to share this Here is the original if you wanna try to beat it solo, here is a video of it. "remember when i said this map was worthless?.... yeah.... lol that was like years ago and no one liked it" but now it's different! --------> Iron prison old version <-------- But aside all that! I've been fixing this map to make it more fun! and it turned out to be better than i expected. I give you "Iron Prison [Final] Revival version!" And yes, from it's name you get REVIVED! Only problem is that the map requires all 8 slots to be full of players or AI, i prefer players because the map is hard to beat with only 4 or 5. Just to be clear guys. I spent hours trying to figure out a way to make the map able to accept less than 8 players while having the revive system but i couldn't, there is probably a way but it just too way too long and i gave up. I'll try to fix it later. Feel free to ignore all the stuff that is in the map if you are in the editor xP those were just attempts to make map accept less than 8 players. What is different in this: Same as the old version but harder and more challenging, also added a revival system where u get revived every 2 minutes when you die. Iron curtain hp is doubled. Objective: Destroy the iron prison. If all conscripts die you will lose the game! At least 1 conscript needs to be alive in the prison. Forced settings are: - Unit count is not allowed! - Crates are disabled! That's pretty much it! I hope you enjoy this map! it could have some issues and imbalances, but i will fix those soon. Any feedback would be nice ":D High Preview for the map is included! IronPrisonRevival.map
  12. Thank you man! i was looking for this. Now i can finally hear the red alert 2 music.
  13. Allies were stronger in the older versions and soviets had a hard time dealing with them. Surprisingly Apocalypse really do deal a good amount of damage to the towers like prism tanks, just need at least 5 to 7 Apocalypse. It' fine to play 2v2 or 3v3. 4v4 is nice tho just to make the game more fun.
  14. Updated to v9.65 - Fixed a problem with Robo Tanks - Fixed a problem where the civilian towers will attack the base at the start.
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