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  1. Allies were stronger in the older versions and soviets had a hard time dealing with them. Surprisingly Apocalypse really do deal a good amount of damage to the towers like prism tanks, just need at least 5 to 7 Apocalypse. It' fine to play 2v2 or 3v3. 4v4 is nice tho just to make the game more fun.
  2. Updated to v9.65 - Fixed a problem with Robo Tanks - Fixed a problem where the civilian towers will attack the base at the start.
  3. Map updated to v9.58. - Spy and Engineer can not be mind controlled anymore.
  4. Updated from v9.34 to v9.36. Older version had problems. This one will work.
  5. nonName

    Lightning Gun

    Yo that looks pretty dope lol
  6. This version is probably the best one so far. It's different than [Version 1], and i say this version is way better than the [version 1] Look at the War Factories in the image and u will see. Want to make a note about something: Spy can only enter the Yuri War Factory because the other war factories are being ironed during the game. IT IS BEST TO PLAY THIS MAP 4 vs 4 ONLY! Video [Allies Side] : https://youtu.be/4CmShXhGucc Video [Soviet Side] : https://youtu.be/8djsEHvalnE DotF-v9.65 [Version 2].zip
  7. Updated to DotF v9.34 [Version 1] Just some cost changes and stuff.
  8. Another version 😮 I'm trying to make map faster and better and more balanced, so expect more versions. CHANGES: 1- Added Howitzers and Cosmonauts to Soviets. 2- Fortress is now a civilian building and can't be owned. 3- Dogs removed. 4- Demo truck removed. DotF-v9.65 [Version 1].zip
  9. So i updated this map and fixed some stuff in it. I hope you all like it now x) Old map info here: CHANGES: 1- Build Speed is changed from 0.7 (normal) to 0.6 (A little faster) meaning you will make units a little quicker now. 2- Psychic Reveal is changed from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. 3- Player 1 and 5 can now make 4 Magnetrons instead of 3. Master Mind is still limited to 3. 4- Warfactories, Barracks and Power can now be spied. 5- After 30 minutes Player 1 and 5 will get to control a Nuke (5 minutes recharge time) and a Chronosphere (7 minutes recharge time). 6- Fixed "Reconnection Error" after someone leaves. 7- Day Time and Night Time switch is now faster. 8- Since people were able to spy their own allies civilian factories in 2v2 or 3v3, now every civilian factory will automatically be destroyed. 9- First Mayan tower cannot be powered down by a spy. ENJOY! REMOVED! CHECK THE NEWER VERSIONS! Here: Version 1 Here: Version 2
  10. I removed all previous versions of this map on the forums. This is the final best version.
  11. Map edited to [Extra Final version] ROBO Tanks don't require power anymore Removed Cloning Vats Cosmonauts price increased from 400 to 500
  12. EDITED! Removed old file. Added [Fixed Robo Tanks] version as the final version In this version Robo Tanks no longer need power buildings.
  13. Edited! Changed file to [Fixed] version because the spysat top right wasn't revealed.
  14. Wanted to edit some things in the map to make it more fair *even tho its not that fair but that what makes it fun* What is changed : Added both the Allied Battle Lab and Soviet Battle Lab in each of the 4 rooms. No Spy! Now each player has a shipyard near his base instead of the 3 shipyard that were on each side. Added tougher defences for some rooms including Yuri's Shipyard. Added 4 Prism Towers defence for the Weather Storm and 2 Tesla Coils for the Nuclear MSilo. Added Genetic Mutator. Removed Cloning Vats. Robo Tank no longer need power. Cosmonauts price increased from 400 to 500 Note: Also grand cannon range in these maps is heavily reduced. That's all! Hope you enjoy this version! Whowilltakeovertheisland[Extra][Fixed Final version].zip
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