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  1. Hi all, I would be interested in the Global Conquest feature when you attack or defend with your strike forces in Tib wars. I was wondering if something like that exist already? or if someone would want to make that mod for the game. When playing Global conquest in Tib wars, I really liked when you entered a fight and the map would be random and your unit strike forces can make some really interesting conflicts, major disadvantages you have to over come, and some overpowered strike forces losing to map location and tactics. And is there any tower defense maps for tib wars or tib sun? Thank you all...
  2. Hi, Can I play single player? And are you making any single player maps? Thank you.
  3. I installed this and everything works perfect. One thing, when i windows down or press windows key i can't get the game to pop back up. There's a black bar top left and i can hear the sound but i can't get the game to show. And how do i change my name? Thank you for this, i love going back and playing this old game that i have a lot of memories with...
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