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  1. 1. Civilization VI (bought it two years ago, still a challenge after many years off...i will not give up) 2. C&C TS (only multiplayer online, the campaigns itself were boring, not compairable to AoE 2) 3. Civilization III (reason formy bad college graduate) 4. Die Siedler III 5. Age of Empires II 6. Die Siedler I 7. Warcraft III 8. Die Siedler IV 9. Civilization II 10. Civilization IV (maybe...bought it, but never played)
  2. Servus TS Players, Some weeks ago i lost unfortunately my TS maps. Now i´m still looking for the orginal Giants of War map - with queue of 5 units only - without cheats - without extra time - without auto ally Can someone provide me this map? Gruß Stukade
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