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  1. Hello, I am trying to set red alert 2 YR to play on my three computers but all of them when the game starts they dont load to game so each one start alone, I tried to open the firewall but still doesnt work, and when i try to play on lan 2 of them work but one which is origin version crash when i open the lan area.
  2. Yes I tried to play by lan but when my game open the lan screen it crashes and shows KABOOM A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host only in one of the computers this happens
  3. Hi I am trying to set the YR to play in three different computers that i have to play with my family and none of them works, the game is installed correctly i can play offline but then I create a room in YR server online and start the game the three players lost connetcion with each other i have tried to play with other people and still doesnt work and its not the firewall since i tried to play with it disabled it still doesnt work, can someone help me thanks!
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