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  1. Man.. guy was a legend. He was fun to play with, him and wuss always made me laugh.. he would play a strong 1v1 (i remember one game he outplayed me from tr) and the other game, get dominated from br... he didnt care. In xwis, i remember he had some rivalry with kapa. I guess in the last months he started to tyyyype like thiiiiiis and it became his signature. Its sad that both mammies are dead now.
  2. keyboard... category: interface - toggle infoPanel... sign a key for it and use it ingame...
  3. Yea... the q point of the topic i wanted to point is: do you think the best players atm can get better ? Game has been released in 99, is there any skill that can be reached by the best players ? I think i agree with u, Humble.. its not possible without changes like clanners / more elite players active... I see games that got "professional" like cs:go and pro players have stablished their function in every game, every map... its 5x5 matches and everyone has their role... Imagine a 4v4 where nobody can start the map without knowing their role in the game.. (im not talking about FF tm tl bridge ... im talking about deeper strategies
  4. I was talkin to Sol a few weeks ago about it.. i watch games from 4~5 years ago from the top players playing and I dont see games right now being more skilled than those games. Actually its the opposite..
  5. Yo. Do you guys think TS still have room for improvement in skills? Also, I know xwis was slower and gameplay was "different", but do you think the old elite players would be able to adapt and dominate TS again?
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